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Updated: April 05, 2021

The Definitive Guide to Increasing Sales on Your eCommerce Website

eCommerce store owners and marketing managers often ask how our agency can help them increase their rate of sales and overall growth.

How to increase sales on an eCommerce site? We always begin by examining where the business stands today; what their current revenue is, and what their goals are for growth.

Now let’s say the company would like to grow its eCommerce website capabilities and revenue from $3 million to $10 million. First, we’d investigate the feasibility of growing the company to $10 million in revenue and then deliver a plan of execution.

Of course, you should have a well-developed site build by one of the top eCommerce Development Agencies. The second important thing is your marketing strategy.

The best eCommerce marketing strategy focuses on three important goals, and many eCommerce Marketing Agencies know what these goals are:

  • Get more customers
  • Get customers to spend money more often
  • Get customers to spend more on each transaction

Today we are going to talk about how to increase sales in the eCommerce business working with their clients, not only product.

How do we help eCommerce stores get more customers?

Our approach (and this is the right online marketing strategy for eCommerce websites) is to direct marketing efforts to the places prospective customers are focusing their attention – in other words, wherever prospective customers are searching for products or services (or information) like the ones your eCommerce store sells.

Typically, prospects channel the majority of their attention on Google and Amazon. We assess how much demand there is for the products in your category and figure out a competitive strategy to divert that attention to your eCommerce store instead.

This involves competitively positioning your products so that customers will actually find you instead of your competition.

Once a prospect is on your landing or product page, our goal is to make sure that every product page is optimized to the hilt so it has the highest probability of converting.

Increase eCommerce sales making upsells with current clients

The next strategy we implement is to increase the number of transactions with the same customer.  Typically, our clients achieve 20% to 40% in repeat business. The same customers who bought once will probably buy products in that same category again.

As long as the eCommerce store is providing great service and delivering great products, the marketing strategy has the desired outcome. But this part falls in the hands of the business owner and/or management team and not the eCommerce marketing agency.

What we, the agency, does control, however, is the channel of communications between the eCommerce business and its customer. We make sure that we communicate with those customers as frequently as necessary without pushing the boundary of being annoying.

How do we communicate with the customers?

Marketing for eCommerce websites

The primary mode of communication is email. We do follow-up with existing customers when it makes sense and deliver them promotional emails, encouraging them to do more business with the eCommerce store.

Increase eCommerce sales working with abandoned shopping carts

We also focus on abandoned shopping carts because we know that people who have visited your website once and put something in the shopping cart, have a very high probability of converting at a later date. And we make sure that we follow up with those prospects, usually with promotional offers, even when they don’t provide an email address.

Why are we so adamant about converting these customers? Because our approach is to make a sale to acquire a long-term customer, not acquire a customer to make a single sale.

Our goal is to generate as much repeat business as the market will bear by intelligently following up with existing customers to assure that when the timing is right, they buy more products from our clients.

The third important way in which we help eCommerce stores generate more revenue is by increasing the amount of each transaction.

How do you increase the value of each transaction?

Some ways are simple and straightforward like suggesting complementary products or other add-ons, sending follow-up emails after the customer already made a purchase, and so on. But for more expensive, complex products and services, we even train our clients to follow up with customers by phone and ask them whether the product fits, if they are satisfied, etc. This all builds trust and a solid relationship between our client and their customer to assure that in the future, this customer buys more and more from the same place.

How to get more customers for an eCommerce website

Once again, follow-up is incredibly important in building a loyal customer base that keeps on giving you more and more business. So to sum this up again, the primary aims are to:

  • Drive more customers to, and convert them on, your eCommerce website
  • Maximize the number of times customers actually engage in repeat business
  • Maximize transaction value

After one of the Top eCommerce Web Design Companies builds you a high-performance website, enlist an expert digital marketing agency to implement the above-mentioned strategies successfully, and your business will grow. It is possible to double or even triple your eCommerce business in a very cost-effective way.

20 best ecommerce development companies

While you might be deciding which eCommerce web development company to choose, we are happy to announce that Comrade has been ranked among the Top 20 Shopify development companies so if you work with us, you can be sure that your eCommerce website will actually bring in more business.

Schedule a consultation where we’ll assess your current situation and your revenue goals and devise a plan of attack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my online sales quickly?

If you want to boost revenue from your e-commerce business, you can do it using one of these 4 methods: increase the average transaction size, increase the frequency of transactions per customer, increase the number of customers, and raise your prices.

How do I get customers to my e-commerce store?

There are many methods to attract customers to your e-commerce store. Still, the most effective ones include making your website more user-friendly, keeping your customers engaged on social media, and running an e-mail marketing campaign to keep your customers informed about your products, discounts, special offers, etc.

Why is my e-commerce site not selling?

Your e-commerce store may not be selling for many reasons, but most likely because you have either traffic or conversion problems. You may be getting irrelevant traffic, that is, users not interested in your products, or your website is missing crucial user experience elements. The way to fix that is to improve your online store design and optimize your website content or paid ads for the right keywords to get better SEO and PPC results and more conversions.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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[…] Aumentare il valore di ogni singola transazione è di fondamentale importanza per la vita di un’e-commerce. Per farlo ci sono metodi piuttosto semplici ed efficaci: suggerire prodotti correlati a quello che l’utente sta acquistando, inviare un’email di follow-up dopo che il cliente ha effettuato un acquisto e via dicendo.  […]

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