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Custom Web Development Services in Chicago and Nationwide

Looking for Custom Website Development?

Comrade Digital Marketing has proven processes and talent to deliver sophisticated custom web development solutions to meet the market’s evolving demands. We start by understanding your business goals and align our solutions with your marketing objectives to ensure success. While Chicago-based, Comrade truly delivers world-class solutions to clients around the globe. From custom code and seamless integrations to portal functionalities that revolutionize your offering, our team of web developers has the experience to take your website to the next level—and the portfolio to prove it.

Looking for Custom Website Development?

Comrade Custom Website Development Offers:

Dynamic, engaging web solutions to optimize your work and enhance your customers’ experience.

Custom WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most popular content management platform in the world and for good reason. It’s fully customizable and scalable for any type of content your website needs.

Custom WordPress Website development is streamlined with a functional admin panel and access to thousands of plugins and pre-developed solutions.

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Custom WordPress Websites

How Much Does Custom Web Development Cost?

Quality high-performance web development website design is critical to your website’s success. Using your unique specifications, we will structure your web development project to fit within your budget while delivering on your key business objectives. Overall, web development and web design solutions start at $10,000 for simpler projects and increase for eCommerce or highly customized websites. The benefit of a properly designed and developed website is that the results will ensure you reap a genuine return on your website investment.

High-Performance Custom E-Commerce Sites

Comrade is more than a web development firm, it is a true partner, skilled in developing solutions to empower your ecommerce business. Our team has worked with brick-and-mortar stores and online brands of all types and sizes to build a seamless digital bridge between products and consumers on platforms from Magento and Shopify to WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

Your website can completely transform the brand experience for your customers. Each Comrade website defines and executes a robust e-commerce web development strategy unique to your project.

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High-Performance Custom E-Commerce Sites

Our E-Commerce Platforms of Choice

You can securely process transactions on this platform designed to start, grow and manage e-commerce businesses
You can increase sales with enhanced web development tools for unique design and a flexible shopping cart system
This WordPress plugin turns informational WordPress sites into e-commerce solutions, increasing your user reach

Custom Website Development Services in Chicago

Our web development team has worked with hundreds of clients around the world to build custom websites as unique as their individual brands.  Our custom sites deliver efficiency and beauty, optimization and results.

In Chicago, web developers seem to be around every corner. Comrade strives to stand apart, offering world-class custom websites and web design services that leverage technology to meet your business goals.

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Custom Website Development Services in Chicago

Featured Case Studies

Kruger, Inc.
Major Canadian Corporation Trusts Comrade to Deliver New Website
Kruger, Inc., also known as Canada’s “Tissue King'' trusted Comrade with its most valuable branding tool -- its website. One of our main website development projects. Implemented full-scale web development and web design solutions for mobile and desktop, one of Canada’s leading manufacturers has a new website that is second-to-none.
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ThinkPiece Partners
Qualitative Consultants Trust Comrade Quality
A leading technology B2B consulting firm, ThinkPiece Partners has enjoyed stellar results from its newly built high-caliber website replete with enhanced user experience, live videos and a range of intuitive functionality.
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Our Web Development Process

  • Information gathering (including objectives and target audience)
    We work together to identify your goals and target audience, using them as the North Star that guides your project.
  • Industry and competitive analysis
    We research your industry landscape and direct competitors to identify key trends and the kind of web presence similar organizations have. This in turn helps us position your website to stand apart from the rest.
  • Build the project architecture and sitemap
    With your target audience in mind, we map out your complete website architecture including its sitemap, which serves as the framework for all design and content elements.
  • Create your high-fidelity wireframes
    With the sitemap completed, we turn your working idea into a tangible, high-fidelity wireframe to showcase how all content, functionality and project elements are interconnected.
  • Design your project's style guide
    One of the first steps is to identify your business' overarching style. Special branding, logos, graphic elements, fonts and colors will all be included. These details are essential to giving your website a cohesive and immediately identifiable look.
  • Design your website pages
    Your website pages are then designed for both desktop and mobile devices and submitted to you for approval.
  • Design any additional or supporting graphic elements needed
    If, after reviewing, we find that additional graphic or supporting elements are needed, our team will design those unique elements.
  • Build your website architecture
    With your design ready, your site infrastructure is then built. Your sitemap now becomes a working frame ready to be filled in.
  • Frontend coding
    At this stage, we develop the front, or, client-facing side of your website, including all elements with which they'll interact.
  • Backend coding
    As you probably guessed, this is the other side of your website, or the "backend." The backend includes the server and acts as the engine for the frontend's functionality—it's what makes your website work.
  • Develop project features
    At this stage, specific functionality and features unique to your website are built both on the frontend and backend.
  • Website integrations
    We build out any integrations (like third-party tools, APIs or other applications) your project may require.
  • Test for functionality and performance
    Once your website has been completely designed and built, our team conducts a final screening of every page and every element to test all functionalities, compatibilities and full performance.
  • Test function on all devices
    Part of our screening process includes ensuring your website performs perfectly across all devices—including desktop, mobile and tablet. Our final assessment is then presented to you, the client, for review.
  • Approval
    At this stage you provide feedback, if any, and give us the green light.
  • Launch your website and track initial performance
    With your final approval, your website goes live. The project, however, isn't completed yet. After your website launches and is fully indexed by Google, we monitor initial performance to ensure its functionalities are delivering the expected results.
  • Training for you and your stakeholders
    But wait, there's more! We wouldn't just leave you with a brand new website that you and your team don't know how to operate! At this stage, we train you and your team on how to manage and maintain your now fully-operational website. We provide an overview of your monitoring tools and show you how to get the most out of the data on display.
  • Ongoing support (as-needed)
    We remain at the ready to answer your questions and provide ongoing support as needed.
  • Discuss maintenance and future stages of development
    Websites have the advantage of being incredibly dynamic but that entails maintaining and periodically updating your website for optimal performance. We're in this for the long-haul and conclude this phase of your project with a discussion about how to keep your website healthy for years to come.

“For each web development project, we bring a combination of design, brand positioning, communication, and management skills… not to mention 30 highly-trained team members, each one an expert in their respective disciplines. Branding, visual design, UX methodology, custom web development technologies, SEO, analytics, and digital marketing is all executed right here, in-house.”

Senior Account Executive
Why Choose us as your Web Development Agency

Why Choose us as your Web Development Agency

We have experience building sites of all kinds — from eCommerce websites on world-class platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce to informational websites on sites such as WordPress, Webflow and Drupal.


  • Voted among the top custom website development companies in Chicago, year after year
  • Experts in front-end and back-end design, UX, design, database, and digital marketing
  • One of the most high reviewed and trusted agencies in Chicagoland and nationally
  • Experts in web design and development for every type of site in nearly any business sector
  • We deliver high-performance websites that are proven to drive revenue
Custom Web Development services in Chicago

Comrade was able to step up to the plate with a fast and quality website development and design. We had insane timelines, but they stayed on top of things send got it published in phases so our immediate needs were met while they worked in additional content. Great work!

Savarra C.
Custom Web Development services in Chicago

I worked with Comrade on a few brands and every single time they have exceeded expectations. They did a website development service for us that looked 1000 years more modern than others of our competitors’. The team was always efficient and productive with their work. Communication was always on top. They took a comprehensive approach to understand our business and ensure that our goals were met.
Definitely would recommend! A+

Alex F.

If you’re interested in receiving a free, no-obligation audit from us, we’re happy to provide a web development audit of your current website (or what’s needed for a successful brand new website).

We will evaluate:

  • Page load speed
  • Google Analytics data
  • Functionality needs
  • Content
  • User Experience
  • Revenue goals
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Services Beyond Our Web Development

Web Design & Ux Digital Marketing
Comrade provides a combination of Web Development Services geared towards achieving the best meaningful results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Development

What is the cost of a web development project?

The cost of professional web design services may vary a lot. Providing an accurate quote for your web development project starts with assessing your goals and requirements. Our web designers outline this information in a Specifications Document, which is used not only to structure your budget but to keep our team accountable to your objectives. For more complex projects without a defined Specifications Document, it may make sense to apply the "time and material" approach. This allows greater flexibility to rapidly develop your website according to each set of objectives provided and implement iterations as needed, to completion.

Can an existing website be enhanced or supported?

Your existing website can potentially be enhanced or supported depending on the technology with which it was created. If this is an option you would like to explore, we begin with an assessment of your current website to determine the viability of potential enhancements. Sometimes, it makes sense to keep the foundation of an existing website and if feasible, optimize its performance. Other times, however, it is more cost-effective to start from scratch. After an assessment, we'll provide you with all of your options.

What is your development stack and what other technology capabilities does Comrade have?

Comrade uses the LAMP stack for websites and web applications that are more dynamic in nature. Informational websites are usually built on WordPress. For e-commerce sites, we work with the most popular platforms like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. We also have experienced web developers who build more complex websites using Laravel (for the backend) and frontend frameworks like Vue.js, React, etc.

What's the right way to choose the best web development company?

The first thing to verify is whether the web development company you're considering has created similar projects in the past. Peruse the company's website for a portfolio and case studies. Are current/previous clients successful with their websites? Does the web development agency have the assets (manpower, technological resources, skillset and support staff) to properly support and scale your project in the future?

How is an idea turned into a website prototype?

Even the biggest businesses started with an idea. The same applies to their websites. Success usually comes later, thanks to the desire to turn that idea into a concept and then into reality. We start the same way. Our web designers discuss your idea and build out your concept, in as much detail as possible, in the form of a prototype. Getting started is as simple as scheduling a whiteboard session with one of our specialists. We'll discuss your product or services, explore conceptual themes, and provide our feedback.

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