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What Does a CRO Agency Do?

Encouraging people to visit your website is one part of successful digital marketing; the other is converting them into loyal customers. A conversion rate optimization company focuses on increasing the percentage of visitors who perform the desired action on a web page, with the end goal of improving customer acquisition and supercharging business growth.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) provides a better understanding of your customers, lowers customer acquisition costs, and boosts SEO efforts and customer lifetime value. It is a cost-effective strategy that leverages website traffic to increase profits.

A conversion rate optimization agency systematically applies best practices and proven tactics to increase the effectiveness of calls to action buttons, form fills, purchases, click-throughs, and sign-ups across website and marketing assets. This results in highly qualified leads and better ROI.

What Does a CRO Agency Do?
Better Customer Aquisition
Improved Sales Funnel
Reduce Acquisition Costs

Since 2006, we’ve successfully provided SEO services in Chicago. Through our experience, we know the value of thorough research when embarking on a new project. Due to this, we are very selective and always verify with concrete data how we can deliver results before taking on a new project. Our clients appreciate it, as they know that if they choose us, we will deliver the results they are looking for  .”

Marketing Strategist, Partner

Conversion Optimization Metrics

Measuring conversion rates help determine if your business is achieving its goals. It's crucial for sustainability and preserving cash flow. Conversion optimization services compare and contrast your company's website and marketing performance across multiple advertising channels, revealing which optimization tactics offer the highest revenue increase. As the maxim goes: “You can't improve what you don't measure.” These metrics offer more in-depth insights into how to improve customer engagement and drive sales.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of site visitors who leave a webpage without acting, such as filling out a form, clicking on a link or making a purchase. A lack of relevant content, slow load times and confusing page layout are common culprits of high bounce rates are easily fixed with the right optimizations.



Entrances reveal the first page a user lands on when arriving at your site after clicking on an external source, such as a paid campaign, organic search result, or social media post. This metric helps you see which pages are ranking the best and worst and encourages improvements to boost traffic.


Click-Through Rate (CTR)

A measure of how successful paid ads and SEO have been in capturing the interest of website visitors. This conversion metric shows how many users saw your online content and clicked on your website link. It is used to gauge how well your keywords, ads, and free listings are performing.


Pages Per Visit

A high pages per visit number indicates qualified visitors have good reason to explore your website beyond the initial page they land on. Keeping site visitors engaged, nurturing their interest and getting them to convert is always the goal. The more pages they visit, the more opportunities you have to nudge them further along your sales funnel.


Return On Investment (ROI)

By understanding the impact of online marketing campaigns on overall revenue growth, you can better identify the right mix of tactics to reach conversion goals. Measuring ROI prevents you from pursuing vanity metrics and helps you make measurable improvements that maximize conversion rates.


Website Traffic

Website traffic refers to the number of visits a website receives. These visits present the number of opportunities your business has for generating qualified leads and building relationships with potential customers. Tracking traffic leads to the creation of more effective content creation and delivery across marketing channels.


Leads Generated

Measuring the number of new leads acquired determines how effective your conversion rates are. A high-converting lead generation process brings in a set number of qualified leads per month and gives you the confidence to try new initiatives, supported by data-driven metrics and a well-planned budget.


Cost Per Conversion (CPC)

CPC is the easiest way to determine how much it costs to obtain qualified customers, and how well your ad campaigns are performing. A high CPC stops you from achieving a decent ROI. Knowing your CPC affords greater control over advertising costs for specific marketing objectives and helps produces paid campaigns that deliver results.


Exit Rate

Calculating exit rate is critical for identifying issues on web pages. It measures how many visitors leave your website from a particular page. A high exit rate indicates poor page conversion well and room for improvement through better copy, compelling calls to action and user-friendly design.

Complimentary SEO Audit

Our SEO experts will analyze your website's SEO and provide a comprehensive report with issues, opportunities and tips for improvement.
Our Work

Providing SEO Solutions to Solve Your Problems

Kraff Eye Institute
Increase in qualified leads
Increase in site visitors
Kraff Eye Institute
Founded by a world-renowned ophthalmologist and LASIK pioneer Dr. Coleman Kraff, the Kraff Eye Institute is a leading center for LASIK, PRK, and other advanced vision correction procedures. They have achieved astounding results. Kraff Eye Institute gained a 45% increase in qualified leads in less than a year (and in spite of much of 2020 stymying medical practices in particular), along with a 163% increase in traffic.
American Tent
Increase in qualified leads & sales
Increase in targeted traffic from SEO
American Tent
Founded in Milwaukee, American Tent manufactures and supplies high-quality tents for recreational and commercial use. The company primarily focuses on B2B, but it also offers services to consumers. Despite an extensive marketing campaign and relaunch of the company's website, American Tent's results have been anything but impressive. This client's qualified leads have increased by 177% in just 6 months by using 181 keywords. The client has reported record-breaking sales week after week and is thrilled with the results.
Lice Doctors
Increase in organic website traffic YOY
Increase in site visitors
Lice Doctors
The Lice Doctors provide safe, discrete expert lice treatment in the comfort of parents' homes for children and their parents. An expert lice treatment center has entrusted Comrade with a custom digital marketing strategy. In addition to this robust plan, Comrade has developed a brand-new, comprehensive website with a robust SEO structure that helped the company grow. Lice Doctors has regained its position as a leading child wellness company.
Granite Selection
increase in website visitors
Home Improvements
Granite Selection
Stone fabricator Granite Selection in Chicago distributes, designs, fabricates, and installs fine custom granite and marble countertops, shower walls, and fireplace surrounds. Through Comrade's guidance, Granite Selection has refined its business model and is now an established market leader with a high level of customer demand. The website we created is the most high-performance custom website in the industry.
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Comrade Digital Marketing Agency has been working with Gillespie Productions since 2019. During the relaunch of our website, they optimized SEO of our new website. Definitely recommend them.
John Gillespie
Gillespie Productions
My site was completely ignored by Google crawlers prior to working with Comrade. The first two months I ranked on page 3, and by the end of month 3 I was #1 in my category on Google!!! You guys did a great job!
Kristina G.
Professionalism and enthusiasm go hand in hand at this SEO company. If you need assistance creating a website or searching for SEO services, I strongly recommend this company. Their talent and creativity are amazing. On top of that, they take a personal approach to each client. I’m sure you won’t regret choosing them!
Alicia Peterson

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How Much Does CRO Services Cost?

The price of conversion rate optimization services depends on your company size, its current website performance and your business goals. It’s not enough to attract website traffic; you have to find a way to sustain it and transform it into sales, yet not all businesses have the know-how or time.

This is where a conversion optimization agency’s expertise becomes invaluable. We have the marketing acumen and manpower to maximize your digital marketing efforts. At Comrade Digital Marketing, we offer a range of customizable service packages to suit various needs and budgets.

We’re 100% transparent about our pricing; there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs. You get exactly what you pay for; service of the highest quality, that increases conversions. Regardless of whether you’re a start-up or a global company, our actionable insights always convert visitors.

How Much Does CRO Services Cost?

What Is the Difference Between CTR and CR?

Differences between CTR and CR

Click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of individuals who clicked on a specific link or call to action to visit a website or landing page versus the number of times it has been viewed (impressions).

It’s used by marketers to measure the effectiveness of paid marketing campaigns and reveals the effectiveness of ad copy, subject lines and metadata. Improving CTR is the fastest way to boost conversions and sales.

CTR is calculated by dividing the number of total impressions by the number of clicks and multiplying by 100. For example, if an advertisement for sneakers generated 200 clicks and 1,000 impressions, the CTR is 20%.

Average click-through rates vary by industry and ad position. Generally, a good Google Ads click-through rate is 4-5% on search networks and 0.5-1% on display networks.

Conversion rate is also shown as a percentage. It reveals how many website visitors complete an action out of the total number of visitors.

This metric doesn’t just include sales—it’s any desired action that brings visitors closer to making a sale. For marketers, it is one of the most essential KPIs to track because it directly impacts revenue.

Conversion rates are calculated by dividing the total number of visitors to your website or landing pages by the number of goals completed. For example, if you had 30 conversions from 300 interactions, your conversion rate would be 3% (multiplying by 100 translates the figure into a percentage.)

A good conversion rate is between 2% to 5%, but again, this varies between industries. For instance, retail eCommerce typically has a higher conversion rate than the legal industry because it constantly attracts buyers. Consumers mainly tend to buy more retail items than higher legal expertise.

At Comrade Web Digital Marketing Agency, we always find out what the ideal conversion rate and click-through rate are for your industry, and implement appropriate conversion rate optimization measures to achieve it.

Good CRO Example:

A good CRO example

A roofing company sets up a lead capture form in exchange for an eBook on DIY roof repairs. In the first week after launching the form, the company gains 1000 home page views and 50 new email addresses.

This means the conversion rate is 5%, which is decent according to the average conversion rate.

However, lower conversion rates are not always the result of poor conversion rate optimization. Factors like offer and revenue generation are also important. A luxury brand, for instance, might have a lower conversion rate, but then needs to sell fewer products to make a profit, whereas a store selling cheaper goods has to sell much more to attain high-profit margins.

What Do CRO Services Include?

Our conversion rate optimization services aim to provide value to every interaction your potential customers have with your businesses online. This includes everything from internet marketing analysis to website design.

UX/UI Analysis

We start by measuring how user-friendly your web design, and whether it’s designed with the buyer’s journey in mind. A/B testing and heat mapping inform us which elements encourage users to spend more time on your web pages, and which areas they avoid.

Once we know what works and what doesn’t we can tweak your website to keep more visitors on more pages for longer and provide a more satisfying user experience. This ultimately improves online engagement and leads to higher conversion rates.

Internet Marketing Conversion Analysis

Besides paid advertising, the only other way to attract your target audience to your website is through strategic content marketing. An in-depth analysis will help you understand what website content draws the most user engagement.

We’ll look at the types of content you’re creating, keyword usage, copy, and design to determine how successful they are in getting your target audience to act. Based on the results, our team will develop and implement a content strategy that attracts more qualified visitors.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Conversion funnels typically flow from the awareness stage of a product or service, all the way to purchasing. An analysis maps the flow of website visitors through a specific set of steps that results in conversion.

It helps us understand where leads are dropping off their path to conversion and what percentage of website traffic makes it all the way through.

We use this analysis to find out your most valuable traffic sources and improve non-converting spots to ensure you’re investing your marketing spend in the right CRO efforts.

CTR Analytics

Click-through rates are highly variable across industries, businesses and marketing campaigns. Because they’re highly contextual, our internal team takes great care to analyze them in the context of your industry and advise action based on your niche.

With our detailed approach to CRO services, we can even analyze CTR in the context of your site’s conversion funnel, and narrow focus onto each stage of the buyer’s journey. Whether it’s paid advertising, social media activity, organic search results or email marketing campaigns, we’ll get to grips with how effective, clear and relevant your marketing is.

Lead Generation Form Audit

Lead generation forms are vital to customer acquisition and sales. Effectively capturing website visitor information and following up with drip marketing campaigns helps build a database of qualified leads that eventually become customers.

Our lead generation form audits review a range of factors from web design to value proposition, form fields, question relevance, personalization, and more, to measure how persuasive your lead capture forms are and where they need better conversion tactics.

A/B Testing

A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) involves comparing two versions of a web page to see which one is the better performer. Two web pages are shown to similar visitors at the same time.

Every business website wants visitors to convert from being mere visitors to something else. For e-commerce sites, this conversion is almost always a consumer making a purchase. The rate at which a website is able to do this is known as its “conversion rate”. Measuring the performance of a variation (A or B) means measuring the rate at which it converts visitors to goal achievers.

A/B testing enables an online business to make the most of its existing traffic. While the cost of acquiring paid traffic can be significant, the cost of increasing conversions is minimal. The return on investment of A/B testing can be massive because even minor changes made to a landing page or website can result in major increases in leads generated, and thus higher sales and greater revenue.

Our A/B testing service offers all this and more. We are committed to improving your ability to generate income by discovering how and why people are or are not converting from mere visitors to full customers. And we promise results.

How Long Do CRO Consulting Services Take?

True conversion rate optimization, like SEO, is never done because there are always improvements that can drive growth and improve ROI. Algorithms and consumer behaviour are forever changing, and so conversion rate optimization is continuously tweaked to meet the fluctuating demands of online environments.

As a professional CRO company, our preferred approach is a few months to a year or more. After comprehensive auditing, we conduct A/B testing, also known as split testing, to determine which combination of variables works best. Needless to say, it takes time to gather feedback and determine the marketing tactics that achieve optimal results.

Comrade Web Digital Marketing Agency doesn’t consider conversion rate optimization to be a once-off exercise. We’re committed to providing marketing services for the long haul, helping our clients to harness a fast-changing world and stay ahead of the competition.

Are You Ready to Maximize Your Conversions?

If you’re ready to work with a team of top-rated CRO consultants in Chicago, give us a call. Before you even have to make a commitment, you’ll receive a custom-tailored Conversion Rate Optimization strategy for your business.

Are You Ready to Maximize Your Conversions?

Why Comrade is the right CRO Company for you

Through carefully analyzing your data our CRO experts create a clear CRO growth plan to help you capture the most amount of clients and dominate your market with complete CRO services from our company.

  • The only digital marketing and CRO company in Chicago to guarantee its results
  • Proven results in increasing sales for our clients
  • We have over a decade of marketing experience and have delivered results for 100+ clients
  • Progress is transparent and tracked against our own CRO plan for target numbers and revenue goals
  • We’ll work by your side to prove that we’ll be your long-term outsourced marketing team who will provide you not only the result but also consultation services

Customer Centric Team

Businesses are all unique. As a result, we customize each of our solutions specifically for your company and revenue goals. To align our KPIs with our customers’ needs, we place ourselves in their shoes. We provide monthly SEO reports that are packed with information, so that clients can track our progress. Our decisions are always guided by the wishes of our customers, and we are always completely transparent. 

ROI-Driven Services

Here at Comrade we understand that clients are always looking for tangible results. People want to grow and see their businesses expand. However, we also understand that no one would want to waste their money. Return on investment is a particularly important factor to consider when evaluating the work done by marketing agencies. Among the services we offer are SEO, PPC, email marketing, and content marketing, as well as high ROI solutions. This will allow your company to grow significantly with impressive returns.  

Team of Experts

The team at Comrade is vast and diverse, including many industry veterans and online marketing experts. We have specialists from all fields of digital marketing. Need a search engine optimization expert? No problem. How about a writer? Definitely! Looking for someone to design a great website for you that is optimized for search engines? Look no further! Multiple awards for excellence have been won by our team from companies such as clutch, UpCity, FWA, and others. Any digital marketing issue you may have can be handled by our team.  

Advanced and Detailed Reporting

Each campaign is based on a detailed analysis and research. Every time we take over an existing campaign or start a new one, we make sure to thoroughly understand your industry, your competitors, and your customers.

Using analytics and data, we are always looking for new ways to innovate your campaigns. We never stop improving until the campaign has been completed in order to maximize exposure, lead generation, CRO and ROI.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our SEO Services

How do you price SEO optimization?

We calculate a monthly retainer fee based off of the hours required for your project. Once the total number of hours for the lifetime of your campaign is calculated, our search engine optimization agency converts them into a retainer fee. Fees are due at the beginning of the month.

When do I see results from your SEO services?

SEO is a long-term strategy, and can take anywhere from 3-4 months before you start to see real results. But the growth is durable, sustainable, and cost effective, ensuring that your business is being shown to your customers first.

Does your SEO agency guarantee results?

We make sure that all clients we work with see the growth that their business deserves. Through our web SEO company's smart strategies, it’s our goal to see your business rise to the top of Google’ search results.

What do your SEO services include?

For our clients, we provide a full set of SEO optimization services. From the initial SEO audit to ongoing support, we handle it all. Besides providing a detailed strategy for SEO both on and off page, we also create compelling and engaging content.

How can an SEO firm help my business?

There are many facets to SEO, and it constantly changes. The highest quality and most current SEO services are available when you work with SEO consultants such as ours. Our guaranteed SEO services help customers grow over the long haul as well as save money by avoiding in-house campaigns that aren't optimized for search engines.

Can you help me with local SEO?

The Majority of small businesses aren’t optimized for local SEO. We not only provide broad organic SEO services, national SEO campaigns but also offer local SEO services. This means that even brick-and-mortar businesses can see real growth from our SEO consulting company services.

We usually deliver a 4.5x ROI for our clients
Request your no-strings-attached SEO audit
  • Check of your website load speed
  • An audit of your backlinks to ensure they are high quality
  • A 20-point SEO performance evaluation
  • Backlink review
  • A website SEO content strategy and suggestions
  • Your overall conversion rate to help pinpoint areas where you can improve

In addition, you’ll receive a high-level SEO strategy tailored to your business completely free of charge.

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