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Local SEO is the Key to Attracting Real-World Customers

With approximately 93% of consumers in the U.S. utilizing search engines to find local businesses online, a strong digital presence in your region is key. Our local SEO company will help your local business show up first on more of those searches. Whether you’re a coffee shop or an air duct repair service, local SEO is key to growing your business.

Local SEO is the Key to Attracting Real-World Customers
Our Promise
Our Promise

Providing Local SEO services to businesses and eCommerce stores since 2008

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Our Approach to Local SEO Solutions

Comrade is a local SEO company, and we include a number of services that can help your campaign, including:

Creating and Maintaining Local Citations

We at Comrade understand that local listing citations are one of the crucial elements that can make or break a business’s online presence.

To maximize your local exposure our local search expert will audit citations across all relevant categories, edit current citations to accurately display your current Name-Address-Phone Number (NAP) and, of course, create new citations!


Local Content Creation

Content is king. We understand it extremely well. Our team of in-house content writers can create the content that will put you at the top of search engines.

With will help your website will reach the top of local search rankings, create landing pages relevant to local searches and write blogs and specialized articles to improve your overall SEO.

Google My Business

Optimizing Your Google Business Profile Account

Google Business Profile is a great tool and it can help you tremendously when working on your local outreach.

It doesn’t look like a tremendous task: claim your GBP map listings, update all of your information, and make sure your GBPB page is ready for backlinks. But it takes time. And our local SEO experts here can help you with exactly that – saving that precious time by doing it ourselves.

Optimizing Website

Optimizing Your Website

Website is the face of your business. It drives sales and attracts new customers. If you want to be successful you need a good website.

Our in-house experts at Comrade can help you with that. They will perform local SEO maintenance to help with local rankings, get your reviews on search results, and design high quality, relevant landing pages


Building Local Links

Link building helps you build online authority. google stats to see your website as more important and as a result, you get better rankings.

Here at Comrade, we know exactly how to connect with you with local platforms and business listing to get high quality, relevant links, maintain link health to ensure maximum SEO boost, prune old links and build new ones

Optimizing for Maps and Mobile

Optimizing for Maps and Mobile

A lot of local searches come from people looking for goods and services on the map, via apps like Google maps. So you need to pay special attention to your map information

Comrade can make sure your Google Maps (and local diretories) information is accurate, your business shows up on mobile searches and maximize your website traffic through all local channels.

Get a Complementary Local SEO Audit

Our SEO professionals will look at where your website can improve local search results and provide a detailed report.
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Results Achieved by Our Local SEO Agency

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After we kicked off the marketing & consulting initiative with Comrade, we saw an immediate 308% growth in our lead flow. Their Account Manager went above and beyond to meet all our needs, while their high level of expertise clearly shows their true level of professionalism. It is hard to find a true marketing partner that does it all: digital marketing, local SEO, website work, etc. I’m happy to call Comrade our true partner that cares about our business and results. Highly recommend them to any company that is looking to grow!
Sergey Bogomolov
Founder / Solve It Strategies

We are a Trusted Local SEO Agency

Cost of Local SEO Services

For many businesses local SEO is a core component of their overall digital marketing campaigns. We begin with a complete industry and local market analysis to create a local SEO strategy that will be effective for your business.

Typically our clients invest anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 per month on their SEO campaigns. We also offer packages and custom pricing for larger or more complex projects.

Cost of Local SEO Services

What Does Local Search Mean for Your Business?

As you can imagine, millions of customers at any given moment are using local search to find nearby businesses- and your business can benefit from this. As 84 percent of prospects need digital marketing capabilities to facilitate brand transactions, it’s essential that you aren’t missing out on valuable leads, traffic, and sales opportunities, which can be provided by local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO services consist of optimizing websites in order to increase traffic, leads, and overall brand awareness for a local business. Tasks that are commonly associated with the best local SEO companies include tapping into local keywords, optimizing a company’s Google My Business profile, and building “NAP” citations.

Will Local SEO Work for My Business?

With the right agency at your side, absolutely! Finding a reputable local SEO company can be challenging but it’s worth it because you’ll find local customers who might be searching for your product or service and get their business.

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As local SEO is less competitive than traditional SEO, it is easier for a local business to find success in this arena. For example, larger cities house a great volume of clients who are in need of services such as a dentist, lawyers, plumbers, etc. Local businesses such as restaurants, gift shops, coffee shops, etc. can also benefit from local SEO by focusing on search engine optimization. When a search engine receives a request, it uses local SEO tools to help match “near me” searches in your city or your district.

Local SEO vs. Traditional SEO

Though both are essential elements of any effective online marketing strategy, local and traditional SEO are not exactly the same. When it comes to local versus traditional SEO, there are some basic differences to keep in mind.

Local SEO is all about building content and optimizing your website around keywords that appeal to local searchers. Traditional SEO is more focused on generic keywords and less on local services. Rather than focusing on local SEO terms, traditional SEO is in competition with businesses across the globe. While both can be beneficial, it’s important to understand when to use each type of SEO strategy.

While local SEO is part of traditional SEO, it has its own ranking factors that must be implemented. These ranking factors include:

  • Google Maps and Google My Business Profile optimization: Make sure that you have an accurate and updated Google My Business profile complete with a Google Maps location. This makes it easier for customers to find you.
  • Name, address, and phone number (NAP) consistency in local business citations: The more consistent you are across review sites, the more trust you build with your customers and with search engines.
  • Local keywords optimization: Appeal to those in your area by incorporating local “near me” keywords into your content to drive rankings and results.
  • Locally oriented content: Produce content that will appeal to your target audience and that’s designed to drive local traffic from searchers.
  • Local citations: Mentioning your business’s NAP on websites that aren’t your own is a simple way to drive traffic and build a better relationship with Google.
  • Number of business locations: If you have more than one location, make sure this is noted on your website, on your Google My Business profile, etc.
  • User experience: Is your website updated and easy to navigate? Is the content quality? How good your user experience is directly corresponds to how much time customers spend interacting with your brand.

How Does a Local SEO Agency Work?

An experienced local SEO agency assembles a comprehensive plan to address local search engine optimization, complete with intensive research, content creation, audits, and more.

Below are some of the most vital aspects of our local SEO packages:

  • Local SEO audit

Before we begin, it’s important for our team to have a thorough understanding of how your business is currently performing. We conduct a full-scale audit to determine how your website is doing in your area, covering a wide range of factors. We check your visibility, brand awareness, traffic, structure and keyword content, links, and more as part of our initial audit.

  • Local keyword research

The best local SEO solutions include keyword research specific to local searches, one of the best ways to increase your business visibility and appeal to potential customers’ needs. Local keywords focus on both area and intent, like someone searching “security companies Chicago” or “Tampa business consultants.” We complete extensive research to ensure that your website will include highly relevant keywords on the right pages, increasing your traffic and leads.

  • Content plan creation

The next part of any local SEO strategy is organizing a content plan. Content is a crucial element of local SEO, as search engines won’t list your website high in local rankings if your content has not been written or rewritten to be SEO-friendly. From keyword usage and SEO structure to relevancy and expert knowledge, content creation must be carefully mapped out in advance. The local search result page typically show above traditional SEO results and many local shoppers will utilize terms such as “near me” when conducting local searches. Marketing your local services is easier through local SEO as it is less competitive compared with traditional SEO.

  • Google My Business optimization

Local search optimization isn’t complete without an extensive and accurate Google Business profile. That’s why the best local SEO agencies will prioritize keeping your profile up to date. Google My Business must have completed data- everything from your verified location to business and service descriptions and operating hours. When someone uses a search engine to find your product or service, they will likely rely on a complete Google My Business profile to obtain basic information in a straightforward way. Not to mention, your Google My Business listing will perform better with good reviews that have been respectfully answered, as well as high quality photos. Use your Google My Business profile as a way to showcase positive reviews, updated office images, images of your products, etc.

  • Local-oriented content creation and implementation

Don’t overlook the importance of local SEO content that is tailored to the inquiries of your current and potential customers. As mentioned, content needs to be created with local search intent in mind. This includes website content such as service pages and blogs in addition to social media posts that can appeal to local searches. Our affordable local SEO services include sales copywriting that is written by experts for experts, so you can be sure the content is both high-quality and relevant to your business. Our local SEO service provider understands the technicalities of SEO and can help you with strategies such as interlinking, keyword research and tracking on search engines, content creation, and more. All of this copy is structured to be SEO-friendly, with structure and keywords picked to drive local traffic and conversions to your business.

  • Collect relevant business listings

Put simply, local business listings outline the information and contact details of your business. The best local SEO companies know that Google My Business profiles should be prioritized, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore other business listings. The more business listings that your business is included in, the easier it will be for potential local customers to find your business and your locations.

This also makes it easier for your potential customers to find the information they need such as your name, phone number, hours, address, etc. Don’t overlook the importance of images on your business listings as well. One study shows that adding visual content to your online listings can help increase interaction by up to 416% from your targeted online customers. Accurate and consistent business listing information can give you confidence that various search engines will display your website when a local search keyword is relevant to your company.

  • Set up NAPs in local listings

Our best local SEO company can also assist you with setting up NAPs or name, address, and phone number. Having NAP is an integral part of local SEO services as it provides consistency for various search engines and can increase your sales. For example, with an accurate name, address, and phone number on your Google My Business profile, you help to build trust with both Google and your potential customers. The more business listings that you can include with this same information, the better your local business will perform in rankings.

  • Audit performance and improve it

The best local SEO services are a revolving door; rather than focusing on local SEO once, setting the strategy, and waiting for results, there needs to be constant evaluation of how various tactics are performing. The top local SEO service provider knows that data is king when it comes to improving performance, so they should always determine what techniques are driving the most success and which can be tabled for the time being.

Local SEO Companies Should Possess the Following Qualities

As local SEO expert, we have a solid understanding of what it takes to be successful in this area of business.

  • They have clients with businesses ranked locally that are relevant to your own

Climbing your local rankings means you need to partner with an agency with businesses similar to your own that also have high local positions. The best local SEO results are shown as the Local Pack which appears at the top of search engine results pages. Being featured in a Local Pack can help significantly boost your rankings.

Add here screenshot with our position from local pack

  • You understand their process

Your local SEO company should be communicating with you in a way that makes sense. It’s important that you have a clear understanding of the efforts being made behind the scenes to improve your search engine optimization results. A straightforward and optimized process helps to build trust between you and your provider of local SEO services.

  • You see the results of their efforts

Regardless of the type of business that you’re operating, it’s all about leads. It’s essential that you’re able to closely track and monitor results delivered by the SEO company, such as the number of leads that have been generated or how many incoming requests you’ve received from local customers.

Why Work With Comrade Digital Marketing for Local SEO Services?

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency has over a decade of relevant experience and we are known as a top provider of local SEO services. We’re incredibly passionate about helping a range of businesses with their marketing needs and we have the results to back it up. With over 300 clients and 160 reviews from our satisfied customers, we know what it takes to offer effective yet affordable local search engine optimization.

Why Choose Comrade as Your Local SEO Partner?

Comrade Digital Marketing has the strategies, SEO experts, and software solutions to impact and reach your local community. We help businesses create better customer engagement opportunities through our custom local SEO services.

Our local SEO and search experts have helped many businesses, and multi-location brands meet their marketing and business goals by improving their brand reputation and digital presence.

Comrade’s SEO services offer the best insights and solutions to get you seen when your customers need you most, whether on mobile or the web. It doesn’t matter how niche or competitive your business is; we welcome the opportunity to improve your local SEO.

Increase Your Digital Presence for Local Customers

Most searches for local businesses lead to a sale. By optimizing your business for local search, you ensure that you’re showing up on page 1 of search results and pulling in real customers.

Local SEO Increases Traffic and Sales

Getting web traffic from local consumers has a much higher potential of resulting in a sale than from broad consumers. Local SEO services will help bring in those local leads to boost your bottom line.

Focus Your Campaigns Close to Home

Local search is about more than including your address on your web page. By tailoring content, keywords, and web design to your business’s geographic location, we run a precise campaign for your business.

Stand out from Your Competition

Local search engine optimization is a new development in the digital marketing space, so you can come out ahead of your competitors by adopting a concise strategy now.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Local SEO Services

What Is Local SEO & How Is It Different from Regular Website SEO?

Local SEO focuses on optimizing a website to be found in local search results. Unlike regular SEO, it targets geographical keywords and includes managing online reviews and local business listings. It's crucial for businesses serving specific towns or regions.

How Do You Force Google to Display Business Results?

To make Google display your business results, ensure your Google My Business profile is complete and accurate. Regularly update it with posts, respond to reviews, and optimize your website with relevant local keywords.

Why does Google My Business matter?

Google My Business is vital for Local SEO because it helps your business appear in local search results and Google Maps. It provides potential customers with important information like your hours, location, and reviews at a glance.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit from Local SEO?

Any business with a physical location or serving a specific geographic area can benefit from Local SEO. This includes local businesses like restaurants, dentists, and retail stores, which can attract more customers by appearing in local search results.

We usually deliver a 4.5x ROI for our clients
Get in touch with us today to talk about your local SEO project.

We’re happy to provide you with a completely free, no-obligation local SEO evaluation of your existing site. During this evaluation, we will look at:

    Your page load speed

  • A comprehensive 20-point SEO overview
  • Google Analytics data
  • Website UX/UI
  • A heatmap evaluating different website elements

Our team at Comrade will provide you with a unique SEO strategy for sustained growth.

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