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Marketing Services for Small Business Growth

For small businesses to amplify visibility and drive growth in a fiercely competitive market they need expert marketing services.

Effective marketing sets your brand apart, attracting and retaining customers. It builds credibility, trust, and brand recognition, essential for long-term success. With professional marketing, businesses can navigate digital platforms, target the right audience, and craft compelling campaigns that maximize ROI.In fact, studies show that small businesses with robust marketing strategies are 3.3 times more likely to expand.

A small business marketing agency will empower small businesses to thrive, ensuring they don’t just survive but flourish in a crowded marketplace.

Marketing Services for Small Business Growth
Improve Visibility
Drive Sales Qualified Leads
Reduce Acquisition Costs
Our Promise
Our Promise

We Help Small Businesses since 2008

*Average results generated for our clients

Our Small Business Marketing Services

Comrade is an agency with almost two decades of experience that has a diverse team of preofessionals that can help your small business grow, get new leads and enjoy high ROI while you focus on what's important: delivering great product to your customers.

Our small business digital marketing service is your growth catalyst. We craft tailored strategies that boost your online presence, engage your target audience, and drive tangible results. From SEO optimization to social media management, we’ve got you covered.

Elevate your brand, expand your reach, and outshine the competition with our expert digital marketing solutions.

If you want to find more clients and close more leads your small business needs a solid SEO strategy. It will help you reach the top of search engines and get on the client’s radar long before your competitors do.

If you want to get the best value and result then Comrade is your choice. Our experts will help you optimize your website to drive more traffic and earn more qualified leads.

PPC can give the small business the boost needed to get started. Although it loses to SEO in the long term, online ads are still a crucial part of maximizing a digital marketing strategy for small businesses.

Comrade can create clickable ads, that are guaranteed to drive traffic. Our PPC services are cost-efficient, bring good results in a short time, and have good click-through rates.

Websites are companies’ storefronts. The importance of keeping it clean and appealing cannot be overstated. If web design is your small business’s front door, web development is its backyard. You must ensure that your website is technically sound in order to create the best possible user experience.

The team at Comrade can help you build a new, custom site or refresh your existing one. You can create an exclusive and unique audience experience for your audience by working with our award-winning team of designers.

If your business is niche-specific, you can offer services as well as blog and video content. Using this technique, you will appear higher in search engine results and improve your SEO.

Create compelling, informative content that your audience wants with content marketing services to help your small business establish itself as an authority. Comrade’s team of experienced content marketers will create user-friendly content for you.

By optimizing conversion rates, you can increase the percentage of people who take the desired action based on your business objectives which result in more sales. The goal is to use existing resources more efficiently through a series of tests and research.

Are you looking for ways to improve conversions for your small business? We can help your business increase traffic, page views, and conversions with our CRO services. With Comrade’s help, you can optimize your site to earn more sales with a conversion-focused strategy.

Get A Free Digital Marketing Growth Plan for a Small Business

Let’s discuss your business objectives and, if we can help, our experts will create a internet marketing growth plan specifically for your business.

Achieve Your Goals with a Small Business Marketing Agency

If you’re counting on repeat customers and referrals, you’re missing out on most opportunities. There are thousands of people looking for your products or services online, and those are the customers you need to attract for your business to grow.

Before you spend a penny on marketing services, we research how much online demand there is for your products or services, and outline a plan that documents how we’ll accomplish your goals. Only once a clear path is established will we propose our services. Soon after, your website will start to work for your business, generating qualified traffic and conversions at a rate you’d not thought possible.

Let’s grow your business together.

Achieve Your Goals with a Small Business Marketing Agency
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5 starts aka Excellent service! Comrade Digital Marketing Agency took over Social Media work for both of my businesses and conducted basic SEO work for one of the sites. I had a pleasure dealing with these very knowledgeable SEO specialists! Will continue working with you guys!
Alex Gerber
The Comrade staff was attentive and provided great service. They performed the tasks required without problems and completed them quickly. Thanks, and Good Job!
Lisa Legner Saul
Marketing Director / Masonry Advisory Council
Comrade has been a pleasure to work with! After working with a few other “SEO” companies, they do not come close in comparison with Comrade’s talented staff and quality content. No matter your industry, Comrade puts in the time and energy to understand your business so they can help optimize and grow your online presence. Pricing is also very reasonable for the great work this team does. We found cheaper options out there, but you know what they say, “you get what you pay for”. Highly recommend them to anyone I know!
Anant Derhgawen
Co-Founder / Green Caviar Club

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Why Small Businesses Choose Our Digital Marketing Agency

Comrade started out as a small business of just two founding team members and went through all of the same struggles, triumphs, frustrations and learning curves as you likely have.

  • 12+ years growing our business as well as hundreds of clients’ business through expert campaigns.
  • We’re creative and have worked with numerous small to midsize businesses, knowing how to deliver results.
  • We always start with a personalized business growth plan produced by an expert strategist.
  • We’re experts in local SEO to deliver substantial ROI for our clients.
  • We work as your strategic marketing partner and you benefit from having a team of no less than 8-10 experts, for a fraction of a cost.

Who We Help

For over a decade, Comrade has been helping small B2B and B2C businesses in Chicago and nationwide increase revenue and scale their companies. Please view our portfolio to see how we’ve helped businesses just like yours grow substantially.

5 Ways to Market Your Small Business Website

Every small business has its own set of challenges and indeed, internet marketing is very broad, but if you focus on these core marketing strategies, you will generate tangible results for your business.

1. Online Marketing Strategy Tailored for Small Businesses

It stands to reason that no two businesses are identical and a properly devised digital marketing strategy tailored to your specific budget and growth goals is crucial.

Each of our small business online marketing campaigns starts with a full analysis of your market landscape and a personalized growth plan to map out how we plan to grow your revenue and scale your small business. We recommend this as a critical first step for any small business looking to launch a digital marketing campaign.

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As a small business digital marketing agency, we’ve been perfecting the art of online marketing for over 12 years across a wide range of industries. We get where you’re coming from. We, too, are small business owners who’ve experienced the same challenges and growing pains you have. And that’s how we approach all of our digital marketing strategies for small businesses: as business owners first and foremost. We know what it takes to grow your business and treat your company as if it’s our own.

2. High-Powered Website Development

A properly built website is the backbone of your business and key to driving customers and clients through your doors. Of course, it’s lovely to have a beautiful, modern website, but first and foremost it’s the staging ground from which all of your online marketing campaigns stem. That’s why it’s so critical to have a high-performance website from the start. It will support your sales efforts, serve as the basis for SEO campaigns, and help you rank highly on Google and other search engines.

Since 2008, we have worked with small B2B and B2C businesses in many sectors, developing scalable websites that generate clients, qualified traffic and leads, enhanced user experience, greater conversions, and increased revenue.

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3. Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

When prospective customers search for products and services on Google and other search engines, they gravitate to the highest-ranked listings. Search engine optimization enables a business to rank highly on search engines and not be overshadowed by larger companies. When executed right, SEO for small businesses will help your company rank higher on search engines and allow prospects to find your business rather than your competitor’s.

That said, with so many businesses competing online, it has become increasingly challenging to get ranked on Google. With 12-years of experience implementing successful SEO campaigns as a part of overall digital marketing strategy, our team knows how to deliver clients top-ranking positions on Google for relevant search terms. In many cases, we even guarantee our work. Our search engine optimization for small businesses, which includes local SEO, is tailored to keep your budget and growth goals in mind while achieving a steady increase in qualified leads, increased revenue, and best of all, high return on investment.

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4. Content Marketing for Small Business

Content marketing for small businesses is another crucial tool in your online marketing arsenal. Content marketing entails web pages, landing pages associated with special promotions you may be offering, PPC and social media ads, blogs, expert guides, email campaigns, and more.

Small business owners often don’t have the internal staff resources required to successfully implement a content strategy on their own. And that’s OK. You are focused on performing all of the vital day to day operations that go into running and growing a small business. For a content marketing campaign to be successful, it has to be consistent and expertly crafted. That’s where we come in as your marketing agency focused on growth for your type of business. Our content marketing plans are designed with you in mind. With expert copywriters, editors, and SEO experts on our team involved in the creation of your campaign, you’ll be sure to achieve measurable ROI with the right content strategy.

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5. Digital Advertising for Small Business

Pay Per Click, or PPC advertising is a powerful, fast-acting avenue for generating revenue dollars. PPC is proven to generate great results. In fact, research indicates that a properly crafted PPC campaign yields a 200 percent ROI. And retargeting ads are even more effective. As a business only pays when its ad is “clicked-through,” PPC is a very cost-effective channel for marketing for small businesses. Fast results, great return on investment: that’s what optimized digital ads for small businesses can bring. Maximize results by increasing your website’s visibility and reaching more people ready to buy.

Looking for help with Digital Advertising? Comrade Digital Marketing Agency specializes in PPC, social media, and retargeting strategies specially designed for small businesses.

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Reputation Management

Online reviews can make or break a small business. Positive reviews engender trust among your prospective customers while negative reviews can push them to your competitors. We help a wide range of small businesses manage their online reputations, ensuring them a high level of positive customer feedback. Our reputational management strategies are cost-effective, fast-acting, and best of all, are proven to increase traffic and revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Today, some 3.6 billion people around the world use social media platforms and research indicates that number will increase to 4.41 billion by 2025. Needless to say, social media marketing is a powerful way for small businesses to connect with their target audience. Our social media marketing campaigns factor your industry, market segment, competitive landscape, and more to deliver a highly cost-effective campaign with the highest ROI available.

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Want to Know How Small Business Marketing Agency Can Help You?

Reach out to us for a full digital marketing audit and growth plan for your businesses.

Call (312) 265-0580 or contact our office to schedule your free assessment.

Want to Know How Small Business Marketing Agency Can Help You?

Learn More About Small Business Growth


Here's What Our Small Business Clients Want to Know

What kind of small businesses are your services geared towards?

We work with B2C and B2B small businesses across many different types of industries including but not limited to eCommerce, healthcare and medical, real estate, legal, manufacturing, finance, home improvement, professional services, and more.

How is your digital marketing agency different from your competition?

There are some good marketing agencies out there for sure, but there are a few things we do differently here. First, we offer a guarantee on our work unheard of in the industry; we do every aspect of marketing in-house; we have a long portfolio of successful clients.

How will I know if my small business website needs to be redesigned?

Our first step is to analyze your current website's performance. Is it loading quickly enough? Is it build on a robust SEO framework? How's the user experience (UX)? We will go over our findings with you and give you an honest answer on whether we recommend that your website be redesigned to optimize its performance and your marketing campaign.

How much does digital marketing for small business typically cost?

Usually, internet marketing services for small businesses range from $1,800 - $4,000+ monthly. While much depends on your budget and growth goals, all of our campaigns are specifically designed to deliver a high return on investment for our small business clients.

Does your digital marketing for small businesses come with a guarantee?

We offer a guarantee on our work unheard of in the internet marketing industry. The best thing to do is schedule a call so we can discuss our special packages where we'll work for 50% of your contracted budget (not including advertising) until we deliver the results promised in our contract. Once we do, we'll scale up to your full monthly retainer. Simply put, we want your business to grow and will put our money where our mouth is.

How long does it take to see marketing results for small businesses?

As with anything, it depends on the specifics of your online marketing campaign and how optimized your website is for performance (if we did not build or re-design your website). We typically like to implement both short-acting and long-term strategies at once, to yield sustained, maximum results. Generally speaking, however, we tend to see substantial results from around the 90-day mark onwards, and even sooner when it comes to PPC campaigns.

Average clients see a 4.5x ROI
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During our audit we’ll look at:

  • Website load speed
  • Backlink quality
  • SEO for your niche market
  • Website UX
  • Conversion rate

From there, we’ll deliver a complimentary digital marketing plan that’s tailored for your unique business, free of charge. No curveballs. Straightforward results.

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