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Loren Barr / Barr & Young Attorneys
Over the lapse of the year, leads have significantly increased thus increasing the amount of work and revenue generated, leading to the expansion of our team. Comrade provided excellent service; they've been on time, remained within budget, and provided a great ROI.
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Why Lawyers Choose Our Legal Marketing Services

Lawyers choose to work with Comrade for our unwavering commitment to their success. With a deep understanding of the legal industry, we craft tailored marketing solutions that resonate with their target audience. Our results-driven approach, ethical practices, and transparent communication build trust, ensuring their legal practice thrives in the digital landscape.

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We have over 12 years of SEO experience in addition to 100+ successful projects in our portfolio

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We’re committed to working side-by-side with you to help you achieve long-term business success

🔥100+ successful projects

We have an impressive portfolio of law firms that have grown substantially with our campaigns
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Comrade Can Help Your Law Firm Grow Today!
Comrade Can Help Your Law Firm Grow Today!
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Digital Marketing for Lawyers

A lot of companies don’t find it necessary to look for a professional when it comes to digital marketing services for law firms. After all, how hard can it be? You just go online, get a website, jam it with keywords, and voila – you are on top of the world (of search engines). But the reality it’s not so easy. A lot of new lawyers and law firms face similar challenges when starting an online marketing campaign.

Comrade, a law firm marketing agency, can help you:
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Curate a website that brings results

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Create both short- and long-term digital marketing strategies

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Get more leads and build your online presence

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Provide you with consistent data and progress reports

Digital Marketing for Lawyers
Drive Sales Qualified Leads
Drive Sales Qualified Leads
Improve Visibility
Improve Visibility
Reduce Acquisition Costs
Reduce Acquisition Costs

Pricing of Digital Marketing Services

Most of our legal clients spend $2,500 to $5,000+ per month on their campaigns, so our solutions can be affordable for a range of budgets. How much you spend on marketing depends on a few factors, such as:

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Your ideal development pace
Slow and steady or aggressive and fast?

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Level of competition in your industry
Are you facing a saturated market?

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Website expectations
Do you want to grow a small website, have an outdated website in need of an upgrade or have no website at all?

We offer one of the best law firm digital marketing services in the industry, and our clients often find that our marketing solutions don’t cost them anything at all, since the increased revenue we generate pays for all of our services.

Get a Marketing Solution Tailored For Your Law Firm!
Get a Marketing Solution Tailored For Your Law Firm!
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Pricing of Digital Marketing Services

Our Legal Marketing Services

Comrade Digital Marketing provides a wide range of internet marketing services for your law firm that will increase your client list and your revenue. Below is our approach to every aspect of lawyer digital marketing for your law firm.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Lawyers

Digital Marketing Strategy for Lawyers

The benefits of using a digital marketing strategy for lawyers include the ability to target specific audiences and continuous updates for your campaign.

While it’s easy to rely on old marketing strategies, you won’t be able to reach all of your business goals without constant iteration and keeping up with new trends and changes. Comrade has the expertise to take advantage of modern law firms digital marketing strategies.

SEO That Generates Legal Leads

SEO That Generates Legal Leads

Search Engine Optimization serves one purpose – to get you as high as possible on search engine rankings. If you are on top of the search results, your chances to get new leads increase dramatically: the first page captures more than 70% of clicks and it’s growing yearly. A result-oriented approach to SEO is vital for the success of your law firm online. Finding a competent SEO consultant is the first thing you should do when starting to work on your online presence.

PPC for Law Firms That Brings Result

PPC for Law Firms That Brings Result

PPC campaigns for law firms have a lot of advantages, like bringing good results fast, being cost-efficient and having good click-through rates

Pay-per-click marketing, when done right, can bring a lot of new clients to a business in a short amount of time. It loses to SEO in the long run, but with a full-service digital marketing agency for lawyers, you can reap all of the benefits with minimal losses.

Lawyer Web Design for High Performance

Lawyer Web Design for High Performance

The website is the face of any company. So, you need to keep it clean and appealing. Why, do you ask? Well, it’s all because a well-designed website can increase client conversions, build trust and credibility and demonstrate your expertise.

Nowadays all law firms have a website. To get ahead of the competition you need to work with a professional that knows all nooks and crannies of legal web design.

Local SEO Services for Attorneys

Local SEO Services for Attorneys

A local search typically returns results that reflect a “near me” search intent, i.e., the user is looking for “lawyers in Houston”. Local SEO is crucial for the legal industry, especially because attorneys operate in physical locations and usually provide services locally. This makes your business information available to local searchers so that you can get more high-quality leads and better online standing in your area.

Lawyer Content Marketing

Lawyer Content Marketing

As an attorney, you can provide not only legal services but blog and video content, depending on your niche. Creating a content marketing strategy, researching the right keywords, narrowing down your buyer’s persona, getting more site visitors, conversion optimization, and creating unique high-quality content optimized for search engines is exactly what a good digital marketing company can help you with.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Expand your legal practice’s online presence with our expert social media marketing services. Engage potential clients through targeted content, captivating visuals, and strategic campaigns on popular platforms. Strengthen your firm’s credibility, foster connections, and reach a wider audience, all while staying compliant with legal advertising regulations. Let us help you elevate your legal brand in the digital landscape.

Email Marketing for Law Firms

Email Marketing for Law Firms

Unlock the power of personalized communication with our tailored email marketing solutions. Stay connected with your existing clients and cultivate new leads through engaging newsletters, legal updates, and thought-provoking content. Our email campaigns are designed to bolster client loyalty, drive engagement, and foster long-term relationships. Trust us to manage your email marketing efficiently and effectively.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Gain a competitive edge in the online legal realm with our targeted search engine marketing strategies. Through optimized ads and strategic keyword targeting, we ensure your legal services appear prominently in search engine results. Generate quality leads, increase website traffic, and boost your firm’s visibility with our data-driven approach. Partner with us to harness the true potential of search engine marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Maximize the potential of your law firm’s website with our conversion rate optimization services. Our team of experts meticulously analyzes user behavior, conducts A/B testing, and implements cutting-edge techniques to enhance your website’s performance. Convert visitors into loyal clients with improved user experience, persuasive call-to-actions, and a seamless navigation system. Elevate your online success and enhance your firm’s growth with our optimization expertise.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Lawyers
Digital Marketing Strategy for Lawyers
SEO That Generates Legal Leads
SEO That Generates Legal Leads
PPC for Law Firms That Brings Result
PPC for Law Firms That Brings Result
Lawyer Web Design for High Performance
Lawyer Web Design for High Performance
Local SEO Services for Attorneys
Local SEO Services for Attorneys
Lawyer Content Marketing
Lawyer Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing for Law Firms
Email Marketing for Law Firms
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
Our Work

Proven Lawyer Marketing Results

Barr & Young Attorneys
Barr & Young Attorneys
Stracci Law Group
Stracci Law Group
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Brooks & Radchenko
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Sequoia Legal
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Kenneth J. Allen Law Group
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Andrew Tkacs
Andrew Tkacs

I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to build a website. Our Law Firm has used them twice now and they have delivered each time. Comrade is easy to work with; prompt, and delivers on their promises. Great company for web design & SEO.

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Daniel Hinich
Daniel Hinich

I’ve been using Comrade for a short time now and I’m already seeing results. An energetic and knowledgeable team; they put my site together using their expertise and listening to my concerns. Reed Adler is my point man. He first listens to you and gets to know what you are trying to accomplish then gives you options. Julia expertly manages my account. I highly recommend them.

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Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez

I run a business law firm in Denver. Hired Comrade to build a website and market our firm. They have a great team. I am thrilled with the new website. Moreover, I got a ton of positive feedback on it. And, since they started advertising my firm, lead flow is now better than ever before.

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Case Study: How Law Firm Digital Marketing Solutions Can Increase Leads by Nearly 200%

Comrade increases leads

Many of our current and prospective clients ask how we deliver results for our clients. The best way to answer this very fair question is to provide a real-life example of our work in the form of case studies. It’s the best way to outline all that goes into a given marketing and/or web development project and show how that work directly impacts traffic, qualified leads, conversions, and of course, revenue. No matter what form of marketing avenue you’re considering for your business; no matter what type of agency you’re looking to hire, be sure to ask for case studies.

Read More

In this case study, we’ll outline how Comrade Digital Marketing, being one of the Top Law Firm Marketing Agency, helped a law firm in San Francisco Bay Area overcome stiff competition in a localized online search. We’ll examine the problems the company experienced advertising online, many of which are precisely the same problems experienced by other smaller companies across the country, and how our full-service marketing agency helped to overcome them.

How to Get More Clients For Your Law Firm
2023 edition

How to Get More Clients For Your Law Firm

Download the report

We’ll also explore everything Comrade Digital Marketing does differently, and how we set ourselves apart from other attorney internet marketing agencies.

What You Can Learn Here

  • Website design methods that improve conversations for the legal industry.
  • Effective long-term digital marketing strategies, and how they work.
  • Law firm SEO tactics.
  • Best pay-per-click (PPC) marketing methods.
  • Analytics and how to read them.

Digital Marketing Challenges for Lawyers

However, before we delve into the case study, we would like to address some of the challenges lawyers commonly encounter when initiating a digital marketing campaign on their own or when collaborating with a law firm marketing services agency for the first time.

1. Not Tracking or Understanding Law Firm Marketing Goals and Numbers

Having step-by-step short and long-term marketing plans is crucial for lawyers because your digital marketing won’t be productive without a clear direction. Moreover, with the assistance of lawyer marketing services, you should be able to obtain and evaluate monthly ROI, LTV, CPC (clicks), CAC (client acquisition cost), and website traffic data, as these metrics are key to the successful development of your digital marketing campaign.

2. Lawyer Websites Look Good but Are Not Converting Clients

We all know how important it is to have a website. It’s even more important to have a good-looking and fast website. But it’s most important to have a website that can convert your visitors into leads and clients. A lot of good law firms struggle with that part. Engaging a proficient digital marketing agency for law firms can make all the difference. With expert assistance, your website can not only be visually appealing and responsive but also optimized to effectively transform visitors into potential leads and, ultimately, loyal clients. This is where the right digital marketing agency’s expertise proves invaluable, helping law firms overcome these challenges and achieve their conversion goals.

3. Not Doing Lawyer SEO Properly

Finding a good SEO consultant is tough. Really tough. Many consultants just can’t do basic things, like quality backlinking, keyword research, and producing high-quality content. Most likely, they will just overwhelm you with data without explanation in order to hide that no real progress has been made in the first 3 or 4 months.

4. Wasting Money on Attorney PPC

Clicks are expensive. We know it, you know, everyone knows it. But a lot of attorneys still try to get a lot of expensive keywords that don’t really convert into leads for them. In a rush to gain more clients, you will miss cheaper keywords that, when used properly, could achieve greater results for your firm.

5. Not Keeping Up With Social Media for Law Firms

Social Media Marketing for lawyers may seem like a waste of time. But if a law firm were to at least keep accounts updated, cross-post their content, give some advice and try to interact with other users, they would build confidence in your prospective clients and attract more people to seek legal help from them instead of their competitors.

About the Law Firm

Our client is a Northern California legal practice that manages estate planning, trust litigation, securities arbitration, and litigation, and oversees elder abuse and neglect cases, will contests, and all other probate matters.

Despite 20 years of experience, the firm faced competition from other practices and required a professional online presence that helped maintain a consistent flow of new customers looking for assistance with probate matters.

The law firm started with an average lifetime value for each client of $5,000, which rose to $30,000 within six months of implementing our new strategy.

Before Our Digital Marketing Plan

Before Comrade took control of the client’s online presence, there were various problems with the content on the website and its original digital marketing strategy.

Poor Law Firm Website

The law firm’s digital footprint went back to 2002 when it launched its very first website. Visually, it was very dated and did not take advantage of modern website features and functionality.

old website's blog

They paid a lot of money for the website, and it was re-designed several times, but in the end, got very few pages with an unprofessional, clunky design and a bad user experience with digital marketing strategy and their SEO efforts left much to be desired.

Wasting Money on Lawyer PPC Ads

Our client-first company launched a paid advertising campaign back in September 2011. Before we engaged with the client, they had spent more than $19,386 on PPC advertising, with 292 conversions. That offered a Cost Per Lead of $66, with most new leads being estate planning cases with low LTV. That was a fairly average rate in California for that kind of service.

Comrade Web Agency's client-first company results on Google Analytics graph

Ineffective Law Firm SEO Strategy

For over five years, our client invested large sums of money into a law firm’s SEO marketing strategy. As you can see below, our client saw only 88 leads from Organic Search results over that time.

Goal completions of Comrade's client

What’s more, we can see there was a very low number of keywords and top local ranking results on Google, meaning the efforts they paid large sums for didn’t work out. The client, despite offering a fantastic local service, was losing out to other companies because of flawed digital marketing efforts.

SEO Keywords Trend

No Online Lawyer Reputation Management

The client had a great reputation throughout the community, with new customers often referred via word of mouth. But at the same time, they had virtually no online reputation at all. While listed in some popular law directories, there were no public reviews or testimonials from satisfied clients at all.

New positive reviews about client results

Attorney Content Issues

Our clients had virtually no content or resources for potential clients, other than a small blog. Potential customers had very little reason to visit the website, other than finding out the key services the law firm offered and finding their contact details.

An All-Round Ineffective Digital Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

By the end of a five-year engagement with another legal SEO company, our client was enjoying a few decent online leads per month. However, they were still not fulfilling their potential and their website needed a lot of work to begin attracting new customers who were actively searching for a reliable firm.

Law Firm Marketing Challenges

Before embarking on this project, we identified a number of challenges that would take some time and effort to overcome. These were:

  1. Our client had limited time to produce website content and multimedia that would engage and attract readers and potential customers.
  2. Our client required all content to be approved first, meaning we could not write any copy for the website on our own.
  3. We were asked to show SEO results and leads within the first six months, to demonstrate we had fundamentally improved their digital marketing strategy over previous efforts.
Want to speak with an expert?
Want to speak with an expert?
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Law Firm Marketing Solutions

We worked to overcome these three challenges with a team of dedicated specialists who knew all the latest effective SEO for lawyers and PPC marketing methods.

New and Improved Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Comrade Web Agency Law Firm Marketing Strategy Plan

We agreed on a 12-month internet legal marketing plan with a KPI table and set about reviewing their competition.

After much deliberation, and discussion with our client, we agreed on a plan that focused on the following:

  • Designing a new, fast-loading functional website with modern graphics to significantly improve their branding, conversion rate, and SEO through better and improved UX.
  • Performing a keyword-specific onsite SEO campaign that directed searchers straight to the client’s website.
  • Through improved content, we would attract high-quality backlinks from trusted sources, ensuring Google (and prospective clients) knew other high-profile sources trusted/recommended their website.
  • Building on and improving their PPC campaign without increasing their budget.

New High-Quality Law Firm Website

trust litigation law firm new website

A new website was our first port of call. We knew that the client needed a new, user-oriented website with modern graphics and a professional feel. The year previous, they had a fresh redesign, but our legal SEO agency came up with a new version of the site that fine-tuned the new features and ensured prospective clients had a reason to browse or even return to the site.

With a fresh look and new features, the user-focused design attracted thousands of new visitors very quickly. We built the website using WordPress, which is a versatile platform that allows users to easily add new content, blog posts, and pages once the website is built.

Here are just a few of the things we implemented on the new website:

  • Buyer Personas Research, an Online Marketing-Oriented Buyer’s Journey and Content Architecture Integration

We analyzed the buyer personas of the law firm’s clients and found that focusing on trust litigation services with a higher LTV would be more beneficial than estate planning.

  • Professional Design and UX

The more user-friendly a website is, the more likely it is that visitors will stick around, engage with the content, and learn.

Fast-loading websites also rank higher in search results, making this a two-pronged approach.

Our designers created an authentic wireframe that was implemented by our dev team, ultimately making a website that felt fluid and interactive.

user friendly fluid and interactive design

  • Calls-to-Action

A good call to action (CTA) turns visitors into qualified leads. With clear call-to-action buttons throughout the site, users are directed to the quickest and easiest ways to make a transaction or contact the company directly.

We, therefore, implemented a CTA button that directed people to seek free consultations with the firm, meaning more potential leads came their way.

trust litigation firm website call-to-action banner

  • Badges from Directories

It’s important that visitors and prospective clients see that a company is listed in popular legal-specific directories, and is recognized in the form of awards, badges, and reviews.

We, therefore, submitted our client’s account in more than 50 online directors, including FindLaw and Avvo, and established a better online presence for this popular northern Californian law firm.

law directory badges

  • Attorney Pictures, Quotes, and Bios

People like to see who they’re working with and connect better with other people over brands. That’s why we thought it important to include detailed biographies of the attorneys working at the client’s firm.

We also demonstrated the specific field that every attorney specializes in, giving prospective clients an idea of who they might work with if they brought their case to the client.

By introducing these biographies, we created a personal connection between attorneys and prospective clients, giving people the confidence to click a CTA button.

law firm attorney bios

  • Services and FAQs

law firm services and faqs

We expanded on the details of each practice area, laying out precisely what services our client offered, and their expertise in each field. We also provided answers to the most popular questions that our clients received from their prospective clients, allowing us to minimize the time they spend answering questions over the phone or via email.

By answering frequently asked questions, our client increased the chances of every phone call or email becoming a paying client.

Introducing these service and FAQ pages were also fantastic search engine marketing solutions for law firms boost, helping them to rise in search results for every legal service they offer.

  • Why Choose Us Section

We think businesses should do everything they can to gain the trust of prospective clients, right from the moment they access a company website. The best way to do that is to demonstrate why other businesses trust them already, and the services they offer that make them the best option.

We used our client’s website to give clear explanations for why they trump their competitors and boasted a few reasons why clients should choose them over other law firms. It’s a simple yet extremely effective method of encouraging prospective clients to get in touch.

law firm why choose us section

  • Professional Blog

We built on our client’s professional blog, producing long-form blogs that contained genuinely useful information. These blogs gave people a reason to stick around on the website, continue browsing other posts, and even come back in the future.

Every blog post was designed to promote certain keywords, too. By carefully maintaining this balance, we produced regular content that kept our client high up in the search engines rankings, while ensuring people kept coming back to the site or spent more time browsing once finding the site.

law firm professional blog

New Attorney PPC Campaign

With pay-per-click advertising, we split our approach into three. We tackled optimized keywords, specific campaigns, and ad optimization.

  • Optimized Keywords and Bidding Strategy

Starting with keywords, we analyzed our client’s current target keywords and then created a large list of long-tail keywords. We then divided the long-tail keywords into groups, allowing us to focus specific pages on certain keywords.

This helped with competition but also ensured that individual pages were targeted towards specific search queries.

  • Integrated Separate Campaigns for Different Locations and Services

With a better grip on keywords, we found that certain locations and services produced better performance. We directed more financial resources towards those pages and services, building on the demand for specific legal services in certain parts of California.

  • Optimized Ad Extensions, Negative Keywords, and Re-marketing Campaigns

When it came to optimizing advertisements, we found that remarketing was our most effective method.

Despite most legal problems requiring urgent service, we discovered that most prospective clients are still not ready to commit to contacting a lawyer immediately. Remarketing solved that problem.

Improving the Law Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Long-Form Blogs Helped Site a Lot

Our decision to introduce long-form blogs really worked. Each blog post covered industry-related topics, using keywords with the highest search volume.

It was a two-pronged approach that prospective customers loved, and dramatically improved traffic to the website.

law firm blog long-form content

SEO Content with Keywords Still Matters

SEO content was key to increasing search engine rankings and traffic. We researched and implemented keywords that prospective clients were searching into all service-specific landing pages and tags.

We performed cross-linking and other proven SEO tactics, establishing our client’s website as a trusted source for information and industry-related news, moving it up the Google search rankings, and creating an online presence as good as their reputation in the local community.

Off-page SEO Is Important Too

As well as improving the content on our client’s site, we attracted backlinks from other popular industry-specific guest blogs. We wrote our own guest blogs for other popular law-focused platforms and also implemented backlinks on more than 50 popular legal directories.

This firmly established our client’s website as a trusted source.

Reputation Management is Crucial for Lawyers

We updated our client’s profile on popular legal directors and reached out to existing clients to get new, positive reviews to publish on various online platforms.

law firm client reviews

law firm yelp reviews

Legal Marketing Results After Two Years:

After two years, we saw fantastic results for our client. Their new website delivered increased traffic, improved sales, and allowed their business to grow.

  • Since the engagement, our client’s staff grew more than 200% thanks to increased case volume and revenue.
  • Overall ROI increased.
  • The lifetime value of each client increased by 500%, thanks to a new focus on litigation cases.
  • A 95% increase in total leads after just one year.
  • A 188% increase in qualified leads from SEO after only two years.
  • Overall Cost Per Lead: $66 (with the lifetime value of a client: $5K) when we began our work.
  • $33 (with the lifetime value of a client: $30K) after two years of our digital marketing services.

Let’s Talk Specific Law Firm Marketing Results

During the first year, we built a new SEO base and acquired new referring domains. We also optimized keywords, performed link building, and created a solid base on which we could build with new content in the following year.

During the second year, we gained considerable traffic and a large increase in conversions.

Law Firm’s Website Started Generating More Leads

The new website looked professional, was easy to use, and answered all likely questions from potential clients. It provided information about key services and biographies of attorneys at the law firm. It performed much better than the previous website, with a conversion rate of 6.66% in the first year, and 8.66% in the second year.

That’s one of the best conversion rates in the industry and meant that out of every 12 visits, there was one lead.

conversion rate in the first two years

Digital Advertising Lifetime Value Grew

We increased the lifetime value of clients through PPC by 500% by targeting potential clients seeking trust litigation assistance.

In the snapshot below, you can see the increase in “trust litigation” clicks, which led to an increase in the LTV of clients compared to the old approach of targeting estate planning clients.

trust litigation clicks increase in 2016-2017

Organic Search Improvements

Our SEO experts managed to achieve remarkable results in terms of organic search. During the first year with our client, we saw exactly what any attorney digital marketing service would expect, which was a relatively stable amount of traffic that didn’t dramatically increase. This is common in SEO, as it takes time for even the most effective SEO strategies to work.

What we did see, however, is that traffic grew pretty substantially as more time passed. In the first year, we attracted 4,871 users. The next year, that more than doubled to 9,967. That’s a 104.62% increase in traffic. And, thanks to the implementation of CTA buttons and various measures to increase trust with visitors, that also meant a large increase in leads.

  • Oct 1, 2017 – Sep 30, 2018, vs Previous Year

organic search traffic in 2017-2018 vs previous year

Organic + Direct Traffic Growth

We saw a similar trend when combining organic and direct traffic, with 13,928 total users, compared to 8,842. It was another substantial increase of 57.52%.

law firm another organic traffic increase

Overall Leads Growth

Overall leads grew by 95% in the first year alone, dramatically increasing the law firm’s client base.

law firm overall leads increase

Overall Cost Per Lead Went Down

The overall cost per lead declined from $66 with a lifetime value of $5k for clients when beginning our work, down to $33 with a lifetime value of $30k per client after two years of our services.

We slashed the cost of finding new clients in half, while also increasing the value of new clients.

Visibility Score and Keyword Rankings Improved

  • Jan 25, 2017 – Jan 24, 2018

awr cloud visibility score in 2017-2018

As you can see in the above snapshot, the improved visibility score for our client’s website significantly, changing their long-term downward trajectory to an increasing one. Through all our measures, ranging from SEO to improving the content on their website, we were able to direct more people to this site and maintain a pattern of increasing and steady traffic and rising in the search engines rankings.

  • Jan 25, 2017 – Jan 24, 2019

awr cloud visibility score in 2017-2019

Successful Link Building Campaign via Backlinks and Referring Domains

Our backlinks strategy worked well, with referring domains roughly tripling towards the end of 2020.

Get a complimentary marketing audit
Get a complimentary marketing audit

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A Law Firm Success Story

By all metrics, the fortunes of our client improved and their website ranked higher.

Through a combination of SEO marketing strategies, improved visuals and functionality of their website, and our work ensuring blog posts were informative and approved by our client, we transformed this Northern California law firm’s prospects.

Building from a positive local reputation and years of experience and establishing the same kind of reputation online increased our client’s revenue, allowed them to hire new staff, and expand.

We have fine-tuned our strategies as a law firm SEO agency and can implement these same strategies to change the direction of all varieties of businesses.


Here's What Our Lawyer Clients Want to Know

Which type of law firms do you specialize in?

Our law firm marketing services encompass a diverse array of legal practice areas, including estate planning, corporate law, criminal defense, personal injury, torts, immigration, probate, family law, bankruptcy law, constitutional law, employment and labor, intellectual property, taxes, and more.

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As one of the few law firm marketing agencies in the nation that offer a guarantee, we take pride in our work. Contact us to talk about our special plans, in which we begin work at 50% of your budgeted rate (excluding advertising costs) until we gain an in-depth understanding of your firm's needs, at which point we charge your full monthly rate. If you have any questions you can contact us for a free consultation.

Where does your legal marketing agency work?

Comrade is a digital marketing and web design company that originates in the Chicago area, thats true, but over the years we have grown to a truly nationwide company. We have offices all over the United States and can offer digital marketing services in Miami, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., San Diego and many other great American cities. Also, our legal marketing experts can give you a consultation no matter where your company is located: be that New York City, Seattle, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and much more.

What is the expected amount of time before online marketing efforts increase the firm's caseload?

It largely depends on how aggressive your marketing strategy is and whether you'll use paid search ads such as Pay-per-click. As a result, PPC offers results almost immediately, whereas search engine optimization offers results over time. To maximize your campaign's effectiveness, we recommend you combine PPC and SEO efforts. From the three-month mark onward, however, clients start to see an increase in client cases and qualified leads.

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