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How Successful Attorneys Get More Clients Through Content Marketing [2019 edition]

We get a lot of questions about content marketing by lawyers looking to get more clients through their websites. Here are the most popular ones: "What is content marketing?" "Does it work?" "How is it done?" "Is it right for me?" Have you been wondering the same? Read on, we’ve written this article to answer all those questions and more.

Content marketing for law firms

What is content marketing

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of different types of helpful content for the purposes of marketing your law firm.
Content can be written words, video, and audio.

How content marketing for lawyers works

Anytime you, I or anyone purchases something with considerable value, be it a service or a product, we go through what marketers call “buyer’s journey”. There is a lot to be said about the buyer’s journey, but we’ll just touch on it now for the purpose of better explaining the use of content marketing.

The buyer’s journey consists of 3 stages:

  1. Awareness. This is the stage where we’re aware that there may be a problem in the near future, but we’re still looking to define it and figure out whether we have to do something about it and what. Here’s an example: if an elderly parent without a will is ill and we know the worst is coming, we’re aware that we may need an estate lawyer down the line, but we are not even sure what we would need him to do.
  2. Consideration. This is where we’re already aware of the problem, but we’re not looking for providers yet, we’re looking for information. At this stage, people ask questions like: Do I need to hire an attorney, or can I prep a will myself and just have it notarized? What kind of attorney would I need? How much would an estate attorney cost me?
  3. Decision. This is the stage where one is actively looking for providers and choosing a lawyer. This is where a consumer is deciding who can deliver the right service at the right price.

How content marketing for lawyers works

Essentially, because prospects do not reach out to lawyers in the initial two stages, content marketing is the only sensible way for you to connect with them during these stages. This is not the time to sell, but the time to be helpful while showing your expertise. Be a helpful friend and build trust.

In fact, if you make an attempt to sell at this stage, chances are you will hurt the connection between you and a prospect, and a sign that you don’t really understand the goals of content marketing.

The goals of content marketing

  1. Attracting potential clients. When a prospect Googles a question that relates to your niche and see a post that matches their search query, they will click on it and they will read it. Now, you have one more visitor to your website! If your content is top quality, this visitor will spend more time on your page, which boost lawyer’s site seo performance (brings more potential clients to your website) and helps you achieve the second goal of content marketing.
  2. Get the contact details of potential clients. The answer to one question brings up more questions. Now is the time to offer a so-called “lead magnet” — a downloadable document with additional information or with other helpful functions (check-list, report or other) — in exchange for your visitor’s contact details. Having their contact info lets you communicate with them in the future, providing more useful information and periodically engage with them until they’re ready to engage with you. This can be set up and done automatically (ask us how).

The goals of content marketing

How to do content marketing

It’s really not that difficult. The first thing to do is make a list of frequently asked questions: the questions that you answer daily in your email, during phone calls and in-person meetings with prospects.

Then create videos to answer those questions and write those videos up into blog posts — this is what we do for our business and it works wonderfully. Just get a decent microphone, a tripod for your phone, find a room with satisfactory lighting and start! Don’t let your perfectionism stop you.

The last part is distributing this content — start with your website and social media. Post there first, as it is free and takes little time to do. Next, look for platforms – like local publications,,, attorneys directories that may need your type of content. Write short articles for those platforms and include links to your detailed posts. This enhances your website’s authority, which optimizes your page for higher Google rankings.

How to do content marketing

Is content marketing right for you?

It’s worth sharing that while content marketing works wonders for some attorneys, it only works to a limited extent with others. For example, content marketing is a great thing to do if you are a criminal defense attorney, personal injury, or an estate attorney. It doesn’t work that well for DUI and traffic attorneys, as the need there is more immediate and people do not consume content, but rather call law offices.

The way to think of it is, the more time your prospects have to do research and the higher the stakes for them, the more you should invest in content marketing.

If you find that content marketing would work well for your lawyer’s practice, we urge you to start creating helpful, relevant content as soon as possible, because your competitors already are. Don’t forget that you should post new content continuously so that it has the effect you want, so it’s best to create a content creation plan (list of topics and schedule when you’ll produce each piece of content) and stick to it, or else hire an experienced online marketing agency for lawyers to help you.

Comrade is a Chicago based digital marketing company that specializes in website design and marketing for attorneys. We are recognized as a top Illinois Web Design Agency on DesignRush. Read more about our content marketing service for law firms.


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