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Lehmbecker Law, situated in Seattle, is a well-established law firm catering to individuals with diverse personal injury cases, ranging from workplace compensation to vehicular accidents, slip and fall incidents, medical malpractice, and more. The firm’s attorneys are dedicated to advocating for their clients and making sure they are heard, while also ensuring they receive the maximum compensation for their distress.


Premier Seattle law firm launches fresh website and comprehensive marketing campaign

Improvement in Conversion Rate30%
Increase in Targeted Traffic from SEO59%


Client sought tangible growth and needed expert help to make it happen

The Lehmbecker team has a strong reputation for providing exceptional legal representation to clients across Washington State. However, like many law firms in today’s competitive legal landscape, they faced challenges when it came to expanding their client base and reaching new audiences. Despite their years of experience and impressive track record, they recognized that they needed a trusted marketing partner to help them navigate the saturated market and make their vision for the future a reality. That’s where our agency specializing in legal marketing came in.

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Tailored marketing efforts and an innovative website position personal injury law firm for new growth

To help Lehmbecker Law overcome their marketing challenges and achieve their growth objectives, we conducted extensive research and analysis of the regional market and their target audience. Based on our findings, we developed a customized marketing plan that aligned with their goals and priorities.

At the heart of our strategy was the creation of a user-friendly, search engine optimized (SEO) website that not only showcased the firm’s expertise and experience, but also provided valuable and informative content to engage potential new clients. To further boost the website’s visibility and drive traffic, we implemented a targeted SEO campaign and a well-optimized paid advertising plan.

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