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Our digital marketing and web design agency is dedicated to growing your business and guarantees results with our full suite of web development, PPC and SEO solutions.

Our Promise

We grow LA businesses and eCommerce stores by:

  • increasing qualified traffic
  • increasing qualified leads
  • elevating findability and search ranking
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We Offer a Genuine Money Back Guarantee

Seriously, no catch. Just a simple promise that if we do not deliver you don’t pay. We are driven to deliver the results you desire and won’t stop until we do. Our guarantee puts the pressure on us so you can save energy for running your business while we handle the marketing.

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Our Services

Digital Marketing for Los Angeles Businesses

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency has its finger on the pulse of LA businesses and loves working to help local companies grow beyond their wildest dreams. We are a full-service agency offering everything from web design and development to PPC, content marketing, and reputation management campaigns, and beyond. We’ve been growing businesses through our stellar digital marketing solutions for more than a decade.

Digital Marketing Services

Increase sales by increasing your ranking

Comrade stands behind its work and guarantee results. That’s because we know what it takes to make LA business successful and we’ll never take on a new project we don’t truly believe we can help. Our team comprises experts in SEO, local SEO, PPC, social media management, email and content marketing, and more. We’ll work as your in-house team, outsourced.

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Web Design Services

Leverage the power of a high-performance website

Not all websites are created equal. In fact, a high-performance website is what can set your LA business apart from the competition. We’re meticulous about web design and development, ensuring your brand ethos is captured in a fast, intuitive, high-performance website that will actually work as a tool to grow your revenue.

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Web Development Services

Attract more customers

We build the scalable framework and high-level of functionality needed to support your business endeavors, whatever they may be. We are a Los Angeles web development agency with more than 12 years creating some of the most successful websites online.

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Sasha Berson VP os Solutions, Partner
“You cannot be in business and not have a digital marketing presence. Simple as that.”

LA Marketing Agency Services Designed to Grow Your Business

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital component of any successful digital marketing campaign. After all, you could be selling the best product on the market, and have a gorgeous website to-boot, but if prospective customers can’t easily find you online, it will all be for naught. Our team has more than a decade of experience implementing powerful SEO campaigns that increase search rankings, allowing LA businesses to stand out from competitors. SEO does take a bit of time and is a longterm approach to organic traffic growth. Our Los Angeles digital marketing agency will usually deliver SEO results from about 90-days time.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC campaigns are an important compliment to your overall marketing strategy. In fact, 64% of consumers click on PPC ads over organic search. Leveraging platforms like Amazon, Google, Bing, and others, our PPC campaigns are designed to yield powerful results for your LA business quickly and cost-effectively. PPC is terrific for businesses needing an infusion of qualified traffic quickly.

Social Media Marketing Services

Whether you want to engage with influencers or organically build compelling outreach campaigns from scratch, social media campaigns are a terrific tool for many Los Angeles businesses. We’ll help you determine which platforms are right for your unique business based on your target market, and build a thoughtful campaign that engages your audience memorably and effectively.

Content Marketing & Content Creation

Content marketing is a vital part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Whether through blogs, services pages, expert guides, online reviews, or videos, content marketing helps your SEO campaign truly flourish. Our expert copywriters and editors are skilled in drafting compelling copy for your LA business that not only informs and delights your customers, but grows your search rankings and organic traffic in real time.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful, cost-effective way to grow your sales funnel, increase qualified leads, and nurture long-term customer relationships. Los Angeles businesses face tough competition, but with a properly timed, expertly crafted email marketing campaign, you can help keep your customers engaged, informed about your latest events or promotions, and above all, deepen their sense of brand loyalty. Contact us to learn more about how we implement email marketing campaigns that grow business revenue and build customer retention rates for our clients.

Results Achieved by Our LA
Digital Marketing Clients

Comrade Digital Marketing - Los Angeles

Comrade became a Digital Marketing Agency partner for many businesses in Miami to help them grow through a combination of SEO, PPC, email marketing, and beyond.

1735 N Normandie Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

Elevate Your LA Business to the Next Level. Schedule Your Complimentary Audit

Reach out to book a completely free marketing analysis of your business. During our review of your LA business, we’ll assess:

  • Dramatically improve ROI
  • Outperform the competition
  • Improve conversions
  • Reduce cost per acquisition
  • Increase repeat purchases

We’ll then provide you with a customized digital marketing strategy free of charge.



Recognized as a Leading Miami Digital Marketing Agency




Why Los Angeles businesses choose Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

We stand behind our clients and we stand behind our work. With a genuine money-back guarantee, we promise accountability, transparency, and above all, results.

  • We leave, breathe, eat and sleep inbound marketing
  • We’ve been successfully serving clients for 12 years running
  • We’re experts in the Los Angeles market and know how to properly grow a business in this competitive region
  • We’re responsive, accountable, and data-driven, providing our clients with regular progress reports
  • We keep up with the latest advancements in technology and data-trends, ensuring your business always stays a step ahead
  • We actually guarantee our results. No, really.
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Digital Marketing Agency LA

Comrade web agency is excellent to work with; they are efficient and knowledgeable in web design and digital marketing services. Our weekly meetings were always on time, and they had completed what they promised. We began the bulk of our project just as the Covid-19 shutdowns began, but you would never have known. The Comrade Web Agency team didn’t slow down, and were as punctual as ever. The end results were everything we had hoped for!
Thank you, Comrade!

Tyler / President / Europa Eyewear Canada
Tyler / President / Europa Eyewear Canada
Digital Marketing Agency LA

Professional web design and digital marketing company, that clearly understands e-commerce and has been a strategic partner in our company growth

Jo Ann / COO / Blackhawk Supply
Jo Ann / COO / Blackhawk Supply
Digital Marketing Agency LA

We worked with Comrade Web Agency for digital marketing / SEO and the team was stellar in terms of quick responses and being able to pivot fast for helping us with whatever we needed. Always willing to get creative and jump in where they could help!

Alexandra / CMO / Savory Spice
Alexandra / CMO / Savory Spice
Digital Marketing Agency LA

The website traffic has increased by about thirty to forty percent as a result of Comrade Web Agency’s work. The team has provided quality work and knowledge in both the web design and development side of building a website.

Michael / CMO / Digital Ad Agency
Michael / CMO / Digital Ad Agency

Web Design & Digital Marketing
Here's What Our LA Clients Are Asking

Can you describe your digital marketing services for Los Angeles companies?

We serve Los Angeles businesses with a range of digital marketing solutions, including SEO, PPC and social media advertising, reputation management, content and more. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs and we'll give you an honest assessment of what types of digital marketing campaigns we believe will best deliver on your goals.

Do you specialize in any industries?

Our clients come from a wide range of industries and, over the years, we've come to learn what works best for each unique sector. Whether your business is based in Los Angeles or casts a wider national or international net, we have you covered. Our expertise includes but is not limited to serving the following industries: eCommerce, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, professional services, real estate, retail, travel, food services, and more. We also work with both B2B and B2C companies.

Can you explain your guarantee?

We hold ourselves to a high standard and as such, stand behind our work. With our guarantee for our clients, we commence work on your digital marketing project at 50% of the agreed-upon rate and segue into your full monthly rate only after delivering two consecutive months of results as set forth in your contract. Schedule a chat with us for further details and to see if your project qualifies for this special package.

LA has so many great digital marketing firms, why hire Comrade?

Comrade is very unique in that most firms are either focused on digital marketing (and often, just one aspect of it like SEO), OR web design. Comrade, on the other hand, is a full-service agency with in-house experts in all specialties related to digital marketing AND web design and development. We also have a successful track record serving clients for 12 years running. Please be sure to view our portfolio, testimonials, and stellar online reviews and awards. What's more, we're the only agency that we know of to offer a genuine money-back guarantee on select packages.

What do your services cost?

While specific pricing depends on the variables of your unique project, on average, a web design and development project can range between $10,000 and $35,000+.
Digital marketing is also dependent on the scale of your campaign and ultimate goals. Do you wish to scale at a slow and steady pace, or do you wish to grow rapidly? If the latter, a more aggressive campaign might be in order. On average our clients pay $2,000 - $7,500+ per month.
In either case, our clients see excellent ROI and the lowest cost per customer acquisition in the market.

How long does it take to see reults?

With a great deal of competition online all vying for the highest search engine rankings, digital marketing campaigns can take some time. That said, however, many of our digital marketing campaigns do yield positive results right from their outset. More substantive results typically require an approximate 90-day ramp-up period, after which time measurable gains in traffic, leads, conversions (and sales) start rolling in.

Our clients typically see a 4.5x ROI

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  • Elevate brand awareness
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Grow your leads
  • Improve ROI
  • Lower your cost per lead
  • Grow your repeat customer base

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