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According to industry analysis, three-quarters of healthcare recipients search for healthcare professionals online. What’s more, nearly 90% of all healthcare clients under the age of 40 will choose medical professionals based on whether a provider has a positive and robust online presence.

Digital marketing for healthcare providers is vital. For over 12 years, Comrade Digital Marketing Agency has been assisting clients in the healthcare industry with the implementation of effective strategies, thereby increasing their patient and/or client roster and revenue. We work hand-in-hand with your team to craft patient-centric strategies that increase practice loyalty, brand visibility, and revenue all while lowering your medical industry marketing costs.

Grow Your Practice with a Healthcare Marketing Agency
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Our Promise

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You need a solid SEO strategy if you want more potential clients and patient leads for your healthcare business. This will enable you to reach the top of search engines and get on the radar of healthcare clients long before your competitors.

Comrade is your best choice if you want the best value and results. To generate more qualified leads and drive more traffic to your website, our experts will optimize your site.

A PPC campaign can give a healthcare business the boost it needs to get off the ground. Despite its long-term loss to SEO, Google ads are still an important part of a healthcare business’s digital marketing strategy. 

It is possible to create clickable online ads with Comrade, which are sure to drive traffic. In addition to being cost-effective, our PPC services bring good results in a short amount of time and have a good click-through rate. 

The website is the storefront of a company. It cannot be overstated how imperative it is to keep it clean and appealing. Web development is the back door of healthcare organizations’ websites. In order to create the best user experience possible, your website must be technically sound.

A new, custom site can be built or your existing site can be refreshed by the team at Comrade. With our award-winning designers, you can create an exclusive and unique audience experience.

Depending on your niche, you might be able to offer niche-specific services as well as blog posts and videos. As a result of this technique, you will appear higher in search engine results and improve your SEO.

Establish your healthcare business as an authority with compelling, informative content created with content marketing services. We can create user-friendly content for you with the help of our team of experienced content marketers.

The goal of optimizing conversion rates is to increase the percentage of people who take the desired action that leads to more sales. Through a series of tests and research, existing resources will be used more efficiently.

CRO services of our medical marketing agency can increase traffic, page views, and conversions for your business. By implementing a conversion-focused strategy, Comrade will help you increase sales on your site.


Reputation Management

Healthcare businesses’ reputations are vital to their survival, so they must be carefully managed. Reputation is everything to them. Comrade can help you project a positive image to clients.

Obtaining reviews from clients, following up on negative reviews, and emphasizing awards and testimonials are the easiest ways to do this. Keep an eye on what people are saying about you online in order to maintain a positive reputation.

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A tangible plan is where it all starts. Let's schedule a call to discuss your healthcare practice's needs, goals, budget, and current metrics. From there, we'll develop a data-based plan to grow your revenue.
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Our healthcare marketing firm has the deep industry knowledge and extensive experience working closely with various types of medical practices to grow their patient rosters, increase patient satisfaction, and grow revenue while lowering their overall healthcare marketing spend.

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We, at LiceDoctors Lice Treatment Service, have been working with Comrade for SEO purposes for the past 6 months. So far, all the advice that they have given us makes absolute sense and we are impressed with their SEO knowledge and suggestions. We have started to see results in our SEO and we look forward to rising up more in organic google searches. We plan to continue working with Comrade and I will update this review in 6 months when we expect to have the full impact of the modifications and advice we have gotten from Comrade.
Karen Sokoloff
Lice Doctors
Comrade has worked hard to help generate new revenue for our business. Margo is great! She is professional, very easy to work with, and always looking at the bigger picture. The entire comrade team has supplied valuable feedback to help our practice grow.
James Murray
Kraff Eye Institute
After interviewing several developers, I selected Comrade Web because depth and professional experience impressed me, and the pricing was very reasonable. The project took a little longer than expected as there were delays on my part and theirs (they run a very strict schedule and do not deviate from it which is inconvenient but understandable), but at the end of the day the project turned out fantastic, my clients love the new site, and all the details were well thought out.

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7 Healthcare Marketing Strategies for Growing Your Medical Practice in 2023

From diverse specialty areas to geographic location, size, patient profiles, and competition, each healthcare provider is unique. With this in mind, it’s imperative that your medical practice leverages a digital marketing plan specifically tailored to your unique metrics and market landscape.

1. Healthcare Marketing Plan That Produce Results

Each of our digital marketing campaigns for healthcare providers begins with a full analysis of the practice, market environment, patient personas, and more. We’ll examine your practice’s current online footprint, website performance (if you have an existing site), and budgetary needs.

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From this data, we develop a plan to grow your patient roster and revenue, employing at least one if not all five of the following powerful strategies to grow your revenue.

2. Beautiful, Conversion-Friendly Healthcare Web Design

The foundation of your medical practice is your website. How does it perform? Does the aesthetic engender trust in your current and prospective patients? Does it load quickly and render seamlessly on mobile devices? Is there helpful information on your website that helps deepen the patient-practice relationship? Are appointments easy to book online? Does your website offer your staff the tools it needs to manage your internal processes effectively and efficiently? All of these questions are rooted in how well your website is built and performs. And these questions need to be satisfied to ensure your practice the best chance of success.

Since 2008, we’ve been designing and developing medical practice websites that offer our clients a strong foundation for all of their marketing efforts, engender trust and loyalty in their current and prospective patients, and make their staff’s lives a whole lot easier, too.

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3. Healthcare SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a critical part of any healthcare practice’s marketing strategy as most prospective patients will choose their providers online. Nearly 90% of people under 40 and 75% of all prospective patients will choose a medical practice that is easily findable via a web search and has a solid online reputation.

SEO for healthcare practices can take many forms, from content marketing to web pages, service description to online reviews, and more. All of this content enhances a medical practitioner’s search engine rankings locally and nationally and will drive organic traffic and, in turn, prospective patients. Best of all, SEO yields a steady and high return on investment.

When searching for a healthcare marketing agency, it’s important to vet the team behind your project. Our SEO experts are versed in the latest Google search algorithms and understand precisely the type of SEO best suited to your individual medical practice.

4. Expert Healthcare Content Makes for Powerful Marketing

To be successful, your website must leverage several types of content including but not limited to service pages, blog articles, resources and tips, expert guides, and more. The greater the amount of fresh content on your site, the more valuable your practice is deemed by prospective patients as well as Google search algorithms. The more value Google ascribes to your practice, the higher it ranks your website. Thus, a critical component of SEO is content marketing.

With demand for your services ever-increasing, medical teams often have very little time to manage the day-to-day operations of their practices let alone have time to craft compelling content. What’s more, while you may be a practitioner at the top of his or her game, medical content marketing is a unique form of writing that comprises many layers of strategic development and SEO framework. Luckily, Comrade has an in-house team dedicated to crafting expert healthcare content that will convey not only your practice’s expertise but will also yield proper marketing results and high ROI. Our healthcare content marketing strategies employ effective copywriters, subject matter experts, and editorial processes that ensure success.

5. Healthcare Digital Advertising

A fast-acting, powerful complement to SEO, PPC and retargeting campaigns are effective in generating medical practices an infusion of new patients and spur existing patients to return. Consider the fact that 85% of people use the Internet to search for local businesses including healthcare practices. What’s more, statistics also indicate that brand awareness can be increased up to 80% with Google paid ads. PPC is also highly cost-effective, typically generating a staggering 200 percent ROI.

Your medical practice will reap tangible gains from a PPC campaign from roughly the 30-day mark, but the longer a campaign runs, the more effective it becomes. The best part is, you are only charged once an ad is clicked, making PPC and retargeting campaigns an efficient and cost-conscious way of advertising your healthcare practice.

Our PPC advertising experts have been honing effective advertising strategies for healthcare practices and businesses for more than 12 years, ensuring clients receive the highest return on investment and achieve their full growth potential.

6. Medical Practice Reputation Management

Positive online reviews are paramount in an industry so reliant on reputation. For a medical practice, even one negative review can turn off a prospective patient. Our strategic and effective reputation management solutions are designed for healthcare practices around the country seeking an exemplary online footprint.

7. Social Media Marketing for Doctors

Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Yelp, and Facebook may have a potential place in a healthcare practice’s marketing arsenal. For instance, a dental practice wishing to showcase a popular teeth whitening service would be well served by a presence on Instagram. Other healthcare practices may find Facebook a more useful platform. Whatever your specialty area, our team will suggest which social media channel to leverage for the benefit of your healthcare practice.

Not Sure Where to Begin With Your Healthcare Marketing?

Contact our healthcare digital marketing agency for a full assessment and growth plan.

Please call (312) 265-0580 or reach out online to schedule a comprehensive, complimentary audit.

Not Sure Where to Begin With Your Healthcare Marketing?

Why Doctors Choose Our Healthcare Marketing Services

Medical industry marketing requires a unique approach and skillset. Comrade has been one of the best healthcare marketing agencies working with healthcare practitioners all across the U.S. honing our craft so they can grow their practices, forge stronger relationships with their patients, and grow their revenue. With offices in Chicago, L.A., Miami, and NYC, Comrade is ready to help.

  • We’ve been working with doctors and medical professionals for 12 years running
  • We are a full-service healthcare digital marketing agency working in-house
  • We’re committed to working side-by-side with you to help you achieve long-term business success
  • With numerous awards, Comrade has been acknowledged as one of the best healthcare marketing companies in America

Web Design & Digital Marketing Questions Doctors Ask

Which types of medical practices do you specialize in?

We specialize in helping a wide range of healthcare providers including private practices and dental officers, hospitals, urgent care, wellness clinics, and more.

Can you help with a website redesign?

Absolutely. Our first course of action will be to assess the performance of your current website and pinpoint specific areas for improvement. From there, if necessary, we will redesign your website according to your specifications, built on a strong SEO-framework for enhanced performance.

Does your digital marketing for doctors come with a guarantee?

Guarantees on marketing services are unheard of in the healthcare industry, but we do things differently here. Please reach out to schedule a consultation and we can discuss your needs, as well as tell you more about our special packages whereby where we will begin approved projects at 50% of the contracted rate (not including ads) until you see tangible results.

Why should we hire your digital marketing agency instead of one of your competitors?

We've worked hard to hone our expertise and are proud of our digital marketing agency solutions for healthcare providers. Our accolades and recognition from peers in the digital marketing community; verified positive online reviews; 12+ years of specific healthcare industry experience; and a guarantee of our work all set us apart from other medical industry marketing agencies out there.

How much do your healthcare services cost?

Small-sized private practices can often spend anywhere from $2,000 - $5,000+ per month and large medical practices can spend in excess of $10,000 per month on marketing campaigns. The answer is that it truly depends on your goals, budget, your current website performance, and whether you will be including an advertising campaign to your roster.

How long before a healthcare practice sees new patient acquisition marketing efforts?

The answer depends on how aggressively you would like to pursue your healthcare marketing efforts. Will you be focusing solely on generating organic traffic (longer-term)? Will you include PPC and retargeting ads (fast-acting)? Is your website optimized and poised for us to have you rank highly on Google or do we need to redesign your website for SEO? All of these factors weigh into the equation. That said, we usually start to see tangible results by the 90-day mark with a steady ramp-up from that point onward.

Average clients see a 4.5x ROI
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We will assess:

  • Your website load speed
  • Performance on Google and via backlinks
  • 20-point SEO performance review
  • Website conversion rate (how many leads become patients)
  • Content quality and effectiveness

Each assessment will also come with a growth plan specific to your unique healthcare practice.

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