Top 21 Dentist Websites for 2024

Discover the secrets of building stunning dental websites that captivate patients!

Running a dental practice or dental health business is not easy. Competition abounds and it seems as though there is just so much you can do to make your website stand apart from others, let alone improve your healthcare digital marketing strategy or help grow your business. But the truth is, not all dentist websites are created equal, and the best ones can truly make a big difference in expanding your patient base. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best dentist websites to serve as inspiration for your own dental practice needs.

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Our criteria is not just whether the sites are attractive (and they are), but whether or not they help a patient or prospective patient navigate easily and find all the information needed to book an appointment. This comes down to quality UX (User Experience), navigation features, quality content and more.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the best dental websites out there.

21 Best Websites for Dentists

Grand Street Dental

Grand Street Dental’s website begins our list of the best dental websites. Attractive, soft-colored themes, streamlined navigation and easy scheduling features are among the site’s most distinctive features. It’s also a great example of how to effectively implement positive reviews.


Hello Tend Dentistry

Source: Tend

Tend’s website is another great example of modern minimalism and a focus on quality design, positive reviews, and an easy to use interface.

Atlanta Dental Spa

Efficient website structure housing cosmetic, general and surgical dentistry services in one easy to navigate site is why we’ve selected this Atlanta dental spa.

St. Paul Dental Center

Nothing superfluous to distract your attention away from why you’re here: to secure a high-quality dental appointment. This website is a good example of how a clean, minimalistic design and useful resources are the best way forward when building a dental practice website.

DentalCare Seattle

This website continues our selection of the best websites for dentists. Here, everything you need to request an appointment and manage your care is easily accessible. Of particular note is the website’s downloadable forms.

The Houston Dentists

Inviting design and a well-structured menu converge into a user-friendly website full of useful info for current and prospective patients.

Smile and Co.

Smile and Co. is a very attractive website with a stylish, minimalistic design and simple navigation interface. We think the website design effectively conveys the quality and cache of this practice.

Advanced Perio

Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry features all its services along with descriptions and relevant photos, directly on the homepage. With its focus on home-page content, every current or potential patient can find the information they need right away.

Lake Bluff Dental

Soothing design, an informative blog, a convenient appointment scheduling feature and a patient portal make this Lake Bluff dental practice truly stand out from its competition.

Smile Culture Dental

Smile Culture Dental is another great example of how focusing on the patient never goes out of style. Everything is designed with the patient in mind here: you don’t even need to search for a phone number (which can be a problem for the seniors) – all the information a prospective patient needs is easy to find.

Bash Dental

BashDental emergency Dentistry

Source: Bash Dental

Bash Dental website features its Book Now and Call Us buttons prominently and clearly. Yes, it’s simple and a bit straight-forward but it’s effective. There are actually very few websites that leverage useful information in all the right places the way this site does.

Mansfield Orthodontics

Mansfield Orthodontics is another great dental website featuring kids, teens, and adult dental services, info about braces and Invisalign and many other useful materials for current and new patients. Among other distinct features, there is a block with links to social media so visitors can engage with the dental community.

Enamel Dentistry

Enamel Dentistry’s website captures the convenience of its practice. With 24/7 to schedule an appointment feature, virtual consults (perfect for seniors, stay-at-homes, or emergency cases) and more,  we think this well-designed website deserves high marks.

Studio Dental

Studio Dental stands out from the competitors due to its clean, white and blue design with a minimal number of distracting elements. You can easily find everything you need right here.

Glo Modern Dental

Fashion website? No, it’s a dental services website! Stylish, modern design and only useful information featured are among any reasons we love this site.

Cedar Village Dentistry

Cedar Village Dentistry offers maximum convenience for its patients, featuring everything from access to the patient portal to services in one easy to navigate the top-bar menu.

Smile Spot

SmileSpot Dentist Brea

Source: Smile Spot

Fun dentistry? We think this website’s fresh design and youthfulness offer a compelling case to visit a modern dental practice. Even those who are afraid of the dentist might think twice if they visit this website!

New York General Dentistry

New York General Dentistry is the next candidate for the best dental website. Its blog, crisp design, and convenient menu and service options make it a breeze to use.

Damonte Ranch Dental Care

Damonte Ranch Dental Care is an easy-to-use website with an intuitive interface so patients can easily make an appointment in just a few clicks.


Dentologie Dental products

Source: Dentologie

Dentologie is a great website that shows how dental services and eCommerce can successfully combine into one. This is a truly unique business and with a unique website to match.

International Examples


Toothsmith Dental Surgery

Source: Toothsmith

We couldn’t conclude our list without an honorable mention of a great international dental website. Toothsmith’s bright design and easy to navigate interface make it a perfect example of what modern dental practices should strive for when designing their websites.


If you manage a dental practice or dental health business, it can seem as if your website options and styles may be limited, but as we’ve shown, that’s not the case. And a properly designed website that’s built for performance will not only look great and be easy for your patients to use, but it will convert visitors into new patients. We’ve helped numerous dental clients build their practice and expand their business with a high-performance website. If you have questions about building a new site or improving your existing site, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to perform a full site evaluation free of charge. Simple as that.

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