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Updated: June 11, 2021

How to Get More Estate and Trust Litigation Clients

Many lawyers who focus on estate and trust litigation, struggle to get a consistent stream of leads. Yet our clients, who are in this industry, are doing great.

Many attorneys rely on referrals. And, although referrals are great, you cannot control the flow. Some months you get a lot of them, other months you don’t, which creates a nerve-racking, vicious cycle that’s difficult to break from.

So, we decided to share what we do to for others to help you understand how to get more estate and trust litigation clients.

Webpage optimization for trust and estate litigation law firms

A number one rule in marketing is: be where and when your clients are looking for you. Where do clients look for lawyers? Pretty much where they look for anything else these days, on Google.

If you can get your website to show up on the first page of Google — we’re talking about organic results, which are the results after the ads and the map listings — you can have life-changing results. We know it’s competitive, but it can be done, and we have proof of it.

Webpage optimization for trust and estate litigation law firms

Most attorneys we talk to can’t be bothered with investing in optimizing their website for SEO because they don’t believe it is possible — and yet, we’ve done it for many of our clients. You just need to invest time, money and energy into it and be patient.

Hire an expert marketing firm to help you get there, and load up on patience. It will be worth the investment.

Local map results

When you search for a lawyer, right above the organic results you see the so-called “map listings”. There are usually 2-5 of them. You probably won’t be able to get your website there on your own, because it’s a bit more complicated technically, but you should make sure you show up there.

Local map results

Why? Because you will get a lot of traffic and because many people prefer to work with local companies, so they’ll probably click on your listing before they even scroll down to see the organic results.

PPC for Trust & Estate litigation attorneys

SEO vs PPC — many lawyers ask us what they should focus on. While both have their pros and cons, one thing is certain — if your website doesn’t show up in the organic search results, you should definitely an ad on the page. These are usually the top 3 results that show up, and while the cost per click can get fairly expensive, when done right, PPC can provide a great return on investment.

PPC for Trust & Estate litigation attorneys

You should spend a little time reading more about PPC for lawyers and what to expect, so you know whether your marketing agency is doing a good job with it or not.

Online Directories for Attorneys

Should you be on directories if you’re also on Google? Yes, as we already mentioned, you should be anywhere where a potential client may look for you, and many people look for lawyers on Avvo, Super Lawyers, Yelp and a few other directories for lawyers.

Directories rank very high on Google. Chances are that a prospect looking for a trust and estate litigation lawyer will look through a directory.  So, it’s an additional exposure.

People love directories because the information there is organized even better than it is on Google, plus platforms feature reviews from your past clients, which, by the way, you should work hard on collecting.

Online Directories for Attorneys

To get the best results, you should pay for a premium listing. Because if your law firm’s name starts with anything after A or B (the results in most platforms are organized alphabetically), your prospects will never find you. Invest in getting one of the top three or four listings so that people see your company, your website, your reviews, and give you a call.

High performing websites for lawyers

The average lawyer’s website converts at 2%. Yes, only 2% of the people who visit your trust litigation website will contact you.

To ensure you make the most of your marketing investment, start with getting a high-performance website which:

Helps solve problems

Listing all the practice areas you focus on is fine, but it is not as effective as explaining what problems your services solve. Use anecdotes and layman’s terms to explain how you can help solve problems they want you to solve.

High performing websites for lawyers

Social proof

You say you can solve these problems, but do you have proof? If your bar association allows it, post testimonials on your website. If not, use badges from the various platforms you’re on — Yelp, Google and others — where people can click and read what your former clients have to say about working with you.

Social proof

YouTube marketing for estate litigation lawyers

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. It’s much easier for most people to consume video content than it is to read an article. That’s why many prospects start their research by going to Youtube and learning about the legal issues they are facing.

This is why you must include YouTube marketing in your marketing mix — just learn more about how to do it fast and easy. And don’t worry about sharing too much — your clients won’t turn into lawyers, neither do they want to do all the things you do. They just want to know that you know how to do them. All those videos are made for is to present you as an expert in your practice area.

YouTube marketing for estate litigation lawyers

So, from now on, make it a priority — any question you get asked, make a video where you answer it, show people you know what you’re doing. When they’re ready to sign a contract with a lawyer, they’ll come to you.

Collect online reviews

Why is Yelp such a massive hit these days? It’s not because they list a lot of businesses geographically, it’s because they feature honest reviews and many of them.

Part of your marketing efforts should always be focused on getting reviews online. The more you get, the better. Just ask! Ask your clients, then remind them, it’s that simple. If you want more tricks on how to get reviews, read them here. If you do everything on that list — or even most of the things from there — you will consistently see great results. Yet, most lawyers can’t be bothered, which is why they get poor or, at best, mediocre results — even if they are amazing lawyers!

Collect online reviews

You didn’t spend all that time in school for a mediocre income, let’s get you to the next level! Talk to us and learn how we can help you get the results you want.

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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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jane marvis
jane marvis
1 year ago

Very nice article. Thank you for this

Franklin White
Franklin White
1 year ago

I like the advice you gave to lawyers about being on a website that potential clients will go to. I wouldn’t want to hire a lawyer who I couldn’t easily find online. I wouldn’t have a way of truly checking their background before hiring them and that is not okay for me.

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