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Updated: April 13, 2022

How to Grow Your Law Firm Using YouTube Marketing

The iconic red play button is branded into our brains.

YouTube marketing has become the channel for getting prospective clients’ attention used by just about any business, including law firms.

It can be free (on inexpensive, depending on what you do). And it can be super profitable, too. Here’s how it’s done.

Find Your Audience in Youtube

YouTube content grabs lots of attention. There are billions of people who use YouTube to find information and answer questions, not just watch funny cat videos.

Here is an example: open a tab right now and search YouTube for “how to contest a will.” The first video that pops up has thousands of views.


Find Your Audience


That said, the number of views on any video is, to an extent, a “vanity statistic.” This means it doesn’t tell you the whole truth, especially for Chicago lawyers who practice in a local radius.

<span style=Attract more leads to your law firm“>
Attract more leads to your law firm

Talk to legal marketing experts

Don’t let your marketing vendor sweep you off your feet with views alone. Be sure you’re reaching your local audience on YouTube using tags and targeting. Promote your videos on other channels, too, using more tags and targeting. YouTube content is also great for SEO for law firms, so expect your Google ranking to jump—meaning you will reach even more prospects.

You’ll know when you reach the right people, because your phone will be ringing off the hook.

What to Talk About

What are some of the questions you get from prospects and clients? Take a few minutes to introspect and write out a list.

Don’t be concerned that others have posted similar answers; the Internet loves fresh content.

Strategize with your digital marketing company how to get more attention to your videos – this will pay off.


What to Talk About


Next, be ready to take a stand. Be opinionated. Speak in hyperbole or spice things up with personal stories. By spicing things up, you can get more views on your YouTube videos. Just look at what happened to this banned TV ad that blew up 8000% online after it was taken off the air.

The Hardware

Here’s all you need to start posting on YouTube:

A smartphone. A tripod. A microphone. And a room with good lighting.

Yes, YouTube is as cost-effective as it gets.

Set it up. Hit record. Speak your mind.

After you are done recording, hire a video editor on www.fivver.com or www.upwork.com to make your videos look and sound a little more polished.

How to Create a YouTube Lead Magnet for Law Firm?

Here’s the one critical thing you should do: use video to capture prospective clients’ contact info.

In the video, you can refer to a helpful document that people who watch should download.

People love checklists because they help us make sure we don’t miss anything.

So, create checklists your audience can download in exchange for their contact info.

Have your legal web agency set up a tool on the website that will allow contact info capture and automatic email follow up with the people.


How to Create a YouTube Lead Magnet


The idea is not to be salsey, but to be very helpful.

You know that people who watch a video are looking for information. You also know that no one video can give them all the info. So, you create a series of videos where you provide information on related subjects.

Next, your web agency will set up a sequence of emails going out to the people who downloaded the checklist.

This way you are the helpful expert looking to educate them about the issue that matters in their lives right now.

When it comes down to it, that data is endgame to this awesome idea. Want to see why? Jordie van Rijn has some cool insights on the email tactics that follow.

Extra Credit

It’s the best news yet: you can create custom audiences on YouTube, too. Start by creating audiences of users who viewed at least one minute of your video, or two, or even the whole thing.

And then, for the coming weeks or months, you can promote more of your videos directly to that audience. You know they’re already interested, and you even know what questions they have. With a decent library of videos, you can cross-pollinate with more questions and content until that lead bears fruit.

Remarketing is always part of the most effective plans because you isolate warm and hot audiences. You already know what they’re interested in, and with YouTube marketing, they already know your brand—and even your face.

Get Your Phone Out, Now

“What’s easy to do, is also easy not to do” Jim Rohn

Get Your Phone Out, Now

Don’t overthink it. Your videos will not be movie studio-quality. They don’t need to be. Just get going and post.

Do not succumb to procrastination. Start by making a list of questions people ask you, then record. Taking action is the only way to win.

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