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We recently talked to a great workers’ comp lawyer who loves what he does, yet hates his practice. For over 20 years, he’s been relying on referrals, which led to many ups and downs cycles, and never stability, growth, and peace of mind.

Because you can’t control referrals, you are never in control.

We asked him whether he’d invested in digital marketing for lawyers at all, and he said he has a website, but it hasn’t done anything for him. And this is how most attorneys feel about their websites.

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The reason is that the website itself, as a brochure, just does not do anything more than validate your law firm’s existence. In order to get more workman’s compensation clients, it has to attract them and convert into actual opportunities to serve. And this is not as easy as just getting a new website.

In fact, a website without the support of proper attorney digital marketing services, or that with cheap marketing services that accomplish little to no results, comes with a huge opportunity cost, expressed in the number of clients you do not get.

Here’s must be done to get more clients.


The largest search engine in the world attracts millions of searches daily, and tens of thousands of them are people looking for lawyers.


You have to be there. It’s still astonishing to us that so many law firms can’t be bothered to invest in appearing on the first pages of Google, especially since there are so many ways to get there:

SEO for Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Search engine optimization is what will get your website in the organic listings, hopefully on the first page — because after that, it really doesn’t matter — and even in the top 5 results. Most attorneys don’t invest in that because they think it’s impossible to be on the first page. It’s just about 20 spots and there are hundreds of law firms in any given area.

SEO for workers’ compensation attorneys

The top results on Google

The good news is, it is not impossible to be on the first page of Google. In fact, although no one can guarantee results, there are things your digital marketing agency can do — and should do — to get you there. At Comrade, we have plenty of examples of clients who come up on the first page and their phones ring.

Talk to an expert marketing company, like Comrade, that will show you examples and explain exactly how they could do this for you.

Local Map Listings

Local map listings are right above the organic results and there are usually 2-5 of them. They get a good amount of traffic, too. What stops workman’s comp attorneys from ensuring their company is listed there is the fact that it’s a bit complicated to get a placement there as well. Again, others have done, so can you. Ask your expert marketing agency to do Local SEO for you, if they haven’t yet.

Local Map Listings

Local map listings are online directories of local businesses. They can boost SEO by improving local visibility and attracting more customers

Pay per click ads, or PPC, are the listings that come up on top of the page. Although they don’t get as many clicks as the organic results, they do attract prospects and the people who click on them are highly motivated to proceed.

Google Ads

PPC can be beneficial for lawyer websites by driving targeted traffic

If your company doesn’t show on Google at all, this is the fastest way to get it there and you must do it. Most law firms are afraid to do PPC because they believe it’s too expensive. While the cost per click can be really significant, especially in more competitive areas like Chicago, if PPC is done right, it brings an excellent return on investment.

<span style=Attract more leads to your law firm“>
Attract more leads to your law firm

Talk to legal marketing experts

Online Directories for Law Firms

There are a few benefits that online directories for lawyers like Avvo, Super Lawyers or even Yelp offer:


All these directories rank high on Google, so it’s another way to be there. Don’t forget, your prospective clients have to see you a number of times before they feel they can trust you.

Online directories for law firms

Lawyer directories can boost Google visibility by creating authoritative backlinks and increasing their online presence


Online directories feature client reviews, which means you can offer your prospects undeniable social proof that you are good at what you do.

Premium Listings

While hundreds of lawyers use the free listing option in most or all directories, they never get found by anyone. You can stay ahead of the competition by investing in the premium listing, which guarantees you top ranking, and thus interest from your prospective clients.

Seeking the best directories for lawyers? Dive into our top 10 picks and enhance your online presence today.

YouTube Marketing for Workers’ Comp Attorneys

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Many search YouTube and watch the videos to learn what they need to do in situations that require an attorney, and who can help them. Why not be the expert who guides them? By the way, your YouTube video may show up on Google, too, as it now features videos for some searches.

YouTube marketing for workers’ comp attorneys

Lawyers should leverage YouTube video marketing to reach a wider audience, showcase expertise, and enhance brand visibility

Never worry about providing too much information and losing business this way. None of your clients wants to become lawyers themselves, they just want to understand the issue better and find the right attorney to help them.

Ready to harness the power of YouTube for your legal practice? Dive into our expert tips and insights on video marketing for lawyers here.

High-Performance Website

Unfortunately, most of the websites of workers comp lawyers provide either mediocre or even horrible user experience. However, there is a positive side — if you decide to invest in high-performance website development and marketing, you can get much more business by showing up better than your competitors do online.

Let’s see what are the things that differentiate high-performance lawyers’ websites from the ones that don’t do so well:

  • High-performance websites explain the problems you solve. Your prospects may not even know what a workers comp lawyer does, they just know they got injured and need help getting the compensation they deserve. This is what they will look for in Google, this is what they want to read on your website. Tell it as is, in layman’s terms, and people will understand you and contact you.
High-performance website

A law firm’s website should address clients with a message of trust, expertise, and dedication to their legal needs

  • High-performance websites provide social proof. If your bar association allows it, go ahead and post testimonials on your website. If not, use badges from the various online directories we mentioned above. If you’ve worked on getting your clients to leave reviews there, which you can and should do, this will instantly enhance credibility.

enhance your credibility

If you do all this, you will get a constant stream of new clients — it’s as simple as that. Yet, it bewilders us that most people who read this article or watch the video above won’t do it. Don’t be one of them! Invest in marketing, contact an expert marketing agency today and start the process of getting your name out there and growing your business.

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