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American Tent is a Milwaukee-based manufacturer and supplier of high-quality tents for recreational and commercial purposes. While the company is primarily focused on B2B, American Tent also services the consumer market.

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B2B manufacturer of custom tents lands top-ranking on Google, substantially increases qualified leads

The site appears on the very first page of Google and search engines (including the top-three placement) in numerous key searches, see the numbers

Increase in qualified leads & sales760%
Increase in targeted traffic from SEO23X
Improvement in conversion rate174%
Improvement in cost per lead257%


American Tent came to Comrade to address two primary challenges

The first was to remedy a slow, underperforming website and the second was to help increase leads, and conversions, and ultimately, sales. American Tent’s CEO, being highly goal oriented and sales driven, was disappointed in his previous marketing agencies’ failure to deliver results and true revenue growth.

Another challenge was that American Tent was in the process of changing its company name, which in turn would catalyze a drop in SEO rankings (a typical byproduct companies change their DBAs). Comrade needed to mitigate this inevitable drop in SEO ranking and grow the company’s revenue through an aggressive marketing campaign and full web redesign.


Comrade fully redesigned and developed American Tent’s Shopify website

First, Comrade fully redesigned and developed American Tent’s Shopify website to function and perform sales functions in a far more efficient manner. We customized and modernized the American Tent website, enhancing the overall site aesthetics to more accurately showcase the brand’s high quality and stellar reputation in the industry.

Next, our team of digital marketers has implemented substantial SEO and structural improvements, enhancing the site’s functionality, user experience (UX), and upload speed. In addition, our team restructured the website framework and sitemap, adding new categories and landing pages to facilitate a seamless buyer’s journey for all potential customers.

Comrade launch an effective Digital Marketing Campaign

On the marketing side, Comrade launched and has been maintaining a full-scale marketing strategy that includes a robust SEO and Paid Search (PPC) campaign as well as reputation management to generate inbound traffic. In addition, we are providing consulting services to American Tent’s internal marketing team to ensure their ongoing success.

Oh, and remember when we mentioned that the American Tent changed its company name and would suffer an impact in its SEO ranking? Not only did we mitigate the drop, we actually doubled American Tent’s SEO ranking in the last six months!


For majority of relevant keywords American Tent ranks Top 5 on Google

The results of American Tent’s website relaunch and marketing campaign has been nothing short of staggering. In just a six-month period the client has increased its qualified leads by 177% and through 181 keywords, American Tent now appears on the very first page — and in many cases, in the top three placement — of Google and other search engines. Best of all, the client is thrilled with the results and has reported record-breaking sales, week after week.

Together, we're a great team focused on achieving results

One of the reasons we were able to achieve such measurable results in a short period of time is because the team at American Tent put its trust in us. They’ve been open-minded and flexible, allowing the Comrade team to implement its suggestions and hone the right campaign for American Tent. We love working with clients as true partners and American Tent has been a phenomenal partner, entrusting us with their business and allowing us the opportunity to learn from each other. And the results speak for themselves.

American Tent

Oh Comrade! Where to even begin? American Tent worked with Comrade Digital Marketing Agency initially for our new website and then for digital marketing. If you want to be pushed to the very limit of what your company is capable of–and then see that you can actually do so much more, the tough lovers at Comrade Digital Marketing Agency are for you. They look at all aspects of your brand with unsentimental eyes, calmly evaluate the state of your business, and then develop a plan that will get results. And it’s not just a plan: It’s a multi-strategy approach. When you work with Comrade Digital Marketing agency, you get one or two people who are your account managers and then what feels like an army of behind the scenes workers who seem to be superhumanly passionate about things like SEO, digital marketing, aesthetics, content, and UX design.

Elizabeth / CMO / American Tent

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