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Discount Granite Countertop Shop Turned Market Leader

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About This Project

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The owner of Granite Selection (GS), a deep discounter in the competitive field, came to Comrade to rethink their business model and improve results. Comrade transformed the company into one of the market leaders with much stronger demand for their products.


CS needed to improve profit margins and grow sales simultaneously.
As a discounter, the company had low profit margins. The company struggled with market perception, and demand for products was sluggish as most customers could not find their website in the very competitive field.


Aggressive, high-performance search engine optimization (SEO), fine-tuned search engine marketing(PPC), content marketing, all paired up with a modern website and completely overhauled branding.


Ongoing work for Granite Selection had lead to the following results

Increase in the number of website visitors
Increase in sales calls and inquiries (that’s 8 times more buyers)
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