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Grow Your Business Revenue With Our Proven Digital Marketing Methodology

Why Your Business Should Consider Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services can, simply put, transform your business for the better by:

  • generating an increased flow of qualified leads and sales
  • enhancing your brand’s awareness among current and prospective customers
  • strengthening brand loyalty.

Whether you’re a successful company seeking to take you to the next level, or a business that is struggling to generate enough revenue, a qualified digital marketing service provider can help achieve your company’s goals and ensure its financial health.

Why Your Business Should Consider Digital Marketing
Our Promise
Our Promise

Providing Digital Marketing services to businesses and eCommerce stores since 2008

*Average results generated for our clients
Sasha Berson - Comrade Vice President of Solutions, Partner.

“In an increasingly digitized world, a well-executed online marketing strategy is the key to success for entrepreneurs and business.”

VP of Solutions, Partner
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What is Included in Digital Marketing Services?

For digital marketing campaigns to be successful, a well-planned strategy is essential. So essential, in fact, that businesses that have a precise and planned marketing strategy are 538% more likely to succeed. It is the foundation for your online success.

We at Comrade believe that strategy-based marketing can be the key to driving your business to success. With our digital marketing experts, we can develop marketing strategies tailored specifically to your business model. Our strategies help companies throughout the United States to gain new customers, grow profits, and expand.

Over 68% of all online activity starts online. So, if you want to succeed online you need to get to the first page of search engines. There is only one way to do so effectively, and that’s SEO!

Moreover, SEO boasts a conversion rate of 14.6%, which is much higher than the 1.7% conversion rate that traditional outbound marketing methods provide.

So, if you wanna increase your revenue you need SEO. Our experts at Comrade can create world-class content aimed to boost your ranking on Google and other search engines.

Every minute of every day people search for local businesses and services using phrases like “roofing company near me,” “veterinary clinic Los Angeles,” or “lawyers in Chicago.” Our local SEO services ensure that name, address, and phone number of your company will show up in the results. With our digital marketing services you will get optimized Google Business listing, Google Maps placemenent and enhanced location pages. We will also register your website with all relevant industry-specific directories.

PPC is an incredibly effective, cost-efficient, and fast-acting tool to drive new customers and sales for your business. What makes PPC so unique among other digital advertising services is its ability to target specific audiences you want. PPC eliminates monetary waste as you only pay for ads that are “clicked-through” that you are charged for, making PPC highly cost-effective. For many businesses that sell services and products, PPC services on average generate 4x-10x ROI. It’s an extremely beneficial SEO complement.

70% of people would rather get information from an article or blog post than a traditional advertisement. This makes content, perhaps, one of the most important components of your marketing campaign. Moreover, each channel relies on content. It is a source of SEO thanks to content in the form of blogs and different web pages. It’s a vital part of your google ads or social media ads because “Calls to Action” are also written content with a specific goal in mind.

A professional digital marketing agency gives you access to world-class content marketers and writers. Content fuels your discovery, helps to build relationships and connections.

A website is like a company’s salesman. It should convey a business’s ethos and mission while promoting its unique selling proposition. As much as 70-80% of potential customers are lost to businesses without good websites. Fast, functional websites that tell their brands’ unique stories in captivating ways lay the foundations for digital marketing strategy success.

Building a world-class website entails the expert work of our UX and marketing specialists, designers and developers. Together, they strategically optimize the front and backend of a website, so that it’s easy for search engines to rank, and encourage users down the buyer’s funnel.

From Twitter to TikTok, social media channels are constantly evolving and innovating. Working with a digital marketing company will help you utilize social media management to deliver results. In fact, 71% who have positive experiences with brands on social media will likely recommend them to friends and family.

Here at Comrade, we identify the most effective social media platforms for your business. We create outstanding social media advertising campaigns that help businesses grow, find new clients, and increase sales.


Online Reputation Management

Negative social media comments, reviews, and blogs can seriously damage your reputation while diminishing customer trust.

Using world-class social media monitoring tools, we aggregate all online mentions of your brand, closely analyzing positive and negative sentiment. Then our digital marketing company creates and executes unique reputation management strategies, ensuring the conversation around your business stays positive.

Email marketing campaigns generate $42 for every $1 spent, which amounts to a whopping 4,200% return on investment. It allows businesses to create targeted, personalized messages that can be pre-scheduled for release to promote offers, sales, and events.

Comrade’s strategic email marketing services allow businesses to affordably test new ideas, increase customer engagement, earn more from each lead, and accelerate their sales cycle.

Complimentary Digital Marketing Audit

Our Digital Marketing experts will analyze your website and provide a comprehensive report with issues, opportunities and tips for improvement.
Our Work

Providing The Best Digital Marketing Services to Solve Your Problems

Increase in organic website traffic YOY
Improvement in conversion rate
Real Estate
Northwest Indiana’s competitive real estate market has only fueled Quadwalls drive to succeed and Comrade has been at the ready to realize this client’s aggressive goals. Our online marketing specialists created a sleek, high-performance website built on a rich SEO foundation. Now Quadwalls successfully increases the number of Indiana realtors.

We guarantee our work!

While we push ourselves to achieve the highest quality of work possible, we always set realistic and attainable goals and KPIs. Should we fail to deliver on our contracted promise to you within a set timeframe, you may request a refund for our service, or, we will continue to work towards your goals at no charge until we reach our targets.

“While we believe in accountability, there are some understandable exemptions including economic fluctuations, acts of god, or man-made disasters, that may halt your business’ ability to convert leads. Unfortunately, these factors are not within our control.”

Our Reviews

332 clients and counting rely on Comrade Marketing Agency

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Driving consistent yearly growth with their experience and consulting, Comrade Web Agency has proven themselves to be a dedicated digital marketing company. Internal stakeholders for the client praise Comrade for their attentiveness and preparation. Customers can expect an available partner.
Jo Ann Golbeck
COO / Black Hawk Supply
The new website has seen an increase in traffic, lead conversion, and sales, meeting the expectations of the internal team. Comrade Web Agency is quick-working and efficient internet marketing company, establishing an effective workflow. The team is professional, driven, and knowledgeable.
Elizabeth Paulson
CMO / American Tent
Website traffic has increased significantly since the engagement began, along with the ROI and leads generated. The vendor leads a research-backed, thorough approach complemented by well-structured task management. They go above and beyond, doing everything they can to help stakeholders succeed.
Peg Kern
COO / The International Kitchen
We were having major problems with digital marketing and our new website being found on Google. Comrade was recommended to us and in less than 4 months has turned things around. Can easily and sincerely recommend them. Thanks Comrade!
Dick Davis

Recognized as a leading Chicago Digital Marketing Agency


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Comrade Digital Marketing, Design and Development Agency has awards from Awwwards.
We have awards from FWA
We are platinum winner of creative awards from Hermes
We are "Davey awards" silver winner
Comrade Digital Marketing, Design and Development Agency - top B2B company in US in 2020 according to Clutch
Comrade is the top SEO services company
We are top local agency according to UpCity
We are the best Pay Per Click (PPC) agency in Chicago according to Expertise

Transparent Pricing of Digital Marketing Services

We offer solutions that can affordably fit within a range of budgets and most of our clients spend between $2,500 and $6,500 per month on their campaigns. It is important to note, however, that we have one of the best digital marketing services in the business and that the cost considearbly less than what you would spend on one full-time marketing employee and we are able to achieve far greater results because our fee provides you with an entire marketing team.

What’s more, our clients often see that our services end up not costing them at all, as the results we are able to achieve in the way of increased revenue ensure that our marketing solutions pay for themselves. Your estimated monthly marketing spend depends on some of the following factors:

  • Your goals: are you interested in slow, steady growth or an aggressive, faster-acting approach?
  • How competitive is your specific industry market? Is it highly saturated?
  • Your current starting point: do you have a severely outdated website or have no website at all and no online footprint? Or are you growing a small stream of website traffic but need help taking it to a higher level?
  • All of these factors and more will determine what we need to implement to achieve your needed goals. This, in turn, will help determine your monthly spend.
Transparent Pricing of Digital Marketing Services

Why Choose Comrade as Your Digital Marketing Services Agency

We stand behind our work, and our clients. As such, we operate by a high standard and work ethic based on transparency and delivering tangible results for our clients. We will only take on a new client if we can document, using hard data, how we will achieve results for that client. This ensures that, when you do hire us, you can be confident in our ability to deliver; to grow your business and increase your sales and revenue.

A variety of internet marketing services are available from our in-house team of marketing experts, including SEO, online marketing, PPC management, web development, and conversion tracking. Count on us to increase your sales and leads, as well as customer traffic to your site. We aim to extend beyond being just a contractor for you. We strive to be a partner you can trust.


Respect in the industry

Recognized Digital Marketing Experts

Comrade Digital Marketing is an award-winning internet advertising agency agency that has been recognized for excellence by both our industry peers and clients alike. Our stellar reputation is built on our respect for the art and science of internet marketing, and through its implementation, delivering on our promise to grow our clients’ businesses.

We are proud partners of Google, Shopify, and HubSpot and are incredibly proud to have won numerous awards for excellence in online marketing, SEO, and web design, from Clutch, UpCity, Davey, Hermes, FWA, and other industry standard-bearers.

Data-driven approach

Data Driven Online Marketing Services

Every aspect of your digital marketing campaign is mapped using hard analytics, and market-based data. Simply put, we place ourselves in our clients’ shoes, structuring our KPIs to reflect that. How many targeted visitors have we brought to our clients’ websites? At what percentage rate have we converted those visitors into potential customers or sales.

We provide our clients with ongoing monthly reports replete with data to chart our progress. By using this approach, we can ensure that minimal errors and course adjustments are needed as your marketing campaign progresses.

Tried and tested expertise

Multiple Industry Expertise for Tailored Marketing Campaigns

With our 12+ years of existence and 320 clients served, we’re able to offer truly specialized solutions to our clients, based on their unique industry. For example, stone fabrication companies, legal and healthcare services providers, and eCommerce stores – every company will be guided by their own unique digital marketing solutions based on what we know will work for their specific needs and respective industries.

Best services and competitive prices

Top Internet Marketing Services at Competitive Pricing

The most effective way to achieve marketing results is through a holistic approach that encompasses all of the core online marketing services. Comrade Digital Marketing is unique in that we are a truly one-stop solution for all of our client’s needs. We engage in projects from start to finish, including web development and design for high-performance websites, SEO, PPC, content marketing, reputation management, and more. This ensures that a cohesive and cost-effective marketing campaign is executed.

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Digital Marketing Services FAQ

What is digital marketing?

Simply put, digital marketing is a suite of strategies and disciplines intended to generate a greater amount of inbound traffic (customers or clients who seek you out, rather than you soliciting them directly via previous means such as direct mail). Modalities and channels that comprise internet marketing services include: web development and design, UX, search engine optimization services, content marketing, reputation management, social media marketing, email outreach and more.

What does a digital marketer do?

A digital marketer is a professional versed in the technical discipline of positioning a business online in a way that will generate greater leads, sales and revenue for that company. Different digital marking specialists may be experts in search engine marketing, experts in content marketing/copywriting, web development, email marketing specialists, or UX experts, to name but a few.

Would my business benefit from internet marketing agency services?

Absolutely. If your products or services are researched online and there’s a healthy interest, then our internet marketing services can give your business a competitive edge. Our online marketing campaigns place your business in front of prospective customers to increase your revenue. Why not sign up for a comprehensive, free marketing assessment? We’ll explore your unique business market and competitive landscape, so you can better understand how well you should be performing online.

How does pricing work?

Marketing strategies vary from company to company and always include have a variety of options. What is your company's growth strategy? Are you interested in a website that serves as a resource for information or one that has more advanced features? These factors will influence the cost. High-performance websites generally cost between $10,000 and $40,000. In addition to the goals you want to achieve for your business, the cost of digital marketing services is also dependent on its performance on your existing website. Monthly fees may range from $2,500 - $10,000 for some clients. The average marketing cost per month is $4,000.

Are online marketing services necessary for my company?

Today, it’s nearly impossible to connect, compete and grow without some form of digital presence. Whether or not we like to admit it, we are now all part of the online ecosystem and must learn to adapt to this ever-changing environment. Name any digital marketing service: search engine optimization, social media management, pay-per-click campaigns, web design and development - you cannot grow without any of them. However, we understand that it might be overwhelming to do everything at once yourself. This is exactly where Comrade can help you. Our agility in learning and deploying the most up-to-date internet marketing practices is why brands turn to trusted agencies like ours.

Is it possible to take over a current digital marketing campaign?

Whether you’re having trouble getting your own campaign off the ground or you would like to switch digital marketing agencies, we’re equipped to handle campaigns at any stage. We’ll assess what works, what doesn’t, and how best to move forward based on hard data.

What is a better investment: internet marketing or traditional marketing?

While traditional marketing still promises powerful returns, it is more rigid and expensive than digital marketing services. Internet marketing generates more customers per dollar of spend and helps businesses sustainably and reliably build their client base in an affordable manner.

Is there a guarantee offered by you?

Accountability is paramount to us. As one of the leading online marketing companies in the country, we offer a guarantee for our services. As part of our strategy, we'll begin working on your project at 50% of the agreed-upon rate for two consecutive months before moving to our full rate for three months. If you want to know more about details of our plan or find out if you qualify, then contact us via phone or form on this page.

Is it possible for me to do my own internet marketing?

When you are running a business, you can quickly become overwhelmed by the various metrics, content and decisions involved in executing a successful digital marketing campaign. Our services are designed to yield a meaningful return on your marketing spend so that a premium digital campaign is truly attainable. Entrusting Comrade's online marketing specialists with your digital marketing campaigns allows you room to breathe and focus on your business.

Why should I hire your Digital Marketing Agency services?

This may seem biased, but Comrade is among the best digital marketing companies in the United States. We are a proud partner of Google, Shopify and HubSpot, we've won numerous awards for excellence in internet marketing from Clutch, UpCity and many others intustry leaders. We have 12+ years of experience and having worked with over 300 different companies can find the exact solution you need. We put honesty and trasnparency first and foremost. Our digital marketing specialists will provide you with monthly reports, so you can see the progress we've made. We are also always ready to answer any possible questions you might have regarding the strategies we employ. Moreove, Comrade is also unique. because we offer a genuine money back guarantee for our clients. If you want to know more, contact us to have your free consultation.

Average clients see a 4.5x ROI
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  • how you stack up against your direct competitors;
  • and how we would go about generating more business for you.

We will conduct the assessment and present you with recommendations in a Business Growth Blueprint. Best part: there is no charge nor further obligations for this service.

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