We don’t use digital marketing to generate buzz. We use it to generate profit.

The right combination of digital marketing strategies will give you optimum results — and we’ll discover exactly what it is for your business.

Marketing services designed to grow your business

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level — to reach more people, increase revenue and have greater impact on the world, getting your customers through inbound search is the shortest way to get there. Let Comrade’s team employ a variety of digital marketing strategies to help you achieve both your short-term and long-term goals.

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an art. Our sophisticated key-word research strategies combined with our expertise in on-site optimization and link building will get you to the top results in the search, regardless of the industry you’re in.
Retargeted Marketing

Digital Marketing: Retargeted Marketing

Retargeted marketing targets the so-called low hanging fruit: people who have shown interest in your service, but haven’t purchased yet. If retargeted marketing is done wrong, it can push clients away, so it’s important you choose an agency that knows how to get under your customers’ skin and get them to remember you and buy from you when they’re ready.
Social Media

Digital Marketing: Social Media

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, social media is the perfect place to establish a brand or grow brand awareness, promote, sell and increase engagement with your clients. Comrade’s team has years of experience in helping businesses like yours achieve great results through choosing and utilizing the social media channels that work best for your industry.
Inbound Marketing

Digital Marketing: Inbound Marketing

Taking advantage of the inbound search for your products or services is the best way to take your business to the next level. We employ various inbound marketing tools to establish your brand as a thought-leader in your industry and get potential clients to trust you and buy from you.
Reputation Management

Digital Marketing: Reputation Management

A good reputation management service will help you deal with negative feedback posted online, while a great reputation management service — like ours — will also implement a positive feedback stimulation system to get your happy clients to share their thoughts on various online platforms so that you can start monetizing the excellent customer service you offer.
Content Marketing

Digital Marketing: Content Marketing

To get you results, content marketing requires consistency. Let us help you with creating and distributing SEO optimized, engaging content that attracts potential clients, generates sales and positions you as a thought leader in your space.
Email Marketing

Digital Marketing: Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools for both acquisition and retention of customers — but it’s also one of the most difficult to set up and manage. At Comrade, we have both the technical and the marketing expertise to help you utilize e-mail to achieve exponential business growth.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Paid Ads
Paid Ads
Retargeted Marketing
Retargeted Marketing
Social Media
Social Media
Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Reputation Management
Reputation Management
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

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How we deliver results

Our Process

High-performing website

A website that makes visitors take action is at the heart of every successful business. We know how to get your web visitors to buy, subscribe, click or do whatever that will grow your business.

Organic traffic

Once we have your top-performing website in place, we look for ways to attract people to it. Organic SEO is a sustainable way to bring the right traffic to your website. That’s the traffic we want for you!

Laser-targeted advertising

We know where your target audience spends their time and we know how to speak to them so they respond, which is why our ad campaigns give results that many companies only dream of achieving.

Continuous optimization and improvement

By utilizing sophisticated analytical and reporting tools, we maximize relevant traffic, minimize client-acquisition cost and ensure you get optimum return on your marketing investment.
  1. We research your business
    • We start with your goals (point A)
    • We determine where you are right now and what challenges you’re facing (point B)
    • We define your target market
    • We develop your USPs (Unique Selling Proposition)
  2. Based on the collected data, we determine
    • How to get you from point A to point B at minimum cost and maximum speed
    • How to beat your competition
    • How to connect you with more of your ideal clients
  3. We create your custom marketing strategy, including
    • Building your top-performing website
    • Developing ultra-effective advertising campaigns
    • Utilizing SEO to get your business on top of the search
  4. We continuously fine-tune your marketing strategy to
    • Maximize relevant traffic;
    • Maximize conversions;
    • Maximize interested prospects;
    • Minimize client-acquisition cost.
Our promise to you: positive growth

Why Comrade?

Our experience shows that increased, high-quality website traffic and higher click-through rate lead to more sales and consistent business growth. We know how to achieve both, which is why we are confident that we can help you get the results you’re striving for and better.

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years

Good marketing agencies come and go, but great marketing agencies — the ones who take their clients to the next level — they’re the only ones that can possibly last more than a decade.

We look through your leads’ eyes

Web design, SEO strategy, paid ads, inbound marketing, content creation and management and so much more — with us, every part of your online presence is designed to attract and convert leads.

We pin down overlooked sales funnels that convert

In digital marketing, settling for the status quo means missing out on opportunities. We constantly seek out new ways to reach new leads and convert them into loyal customers, in addition to expanding your already lucrative sales funnels.
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