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As an accredited Shopify agency, many brands rely on us to leverage the platform’s powerful features and functionalities to ensure eCommerce success. Whether you are embarking on a new business venture or aiming to reinvigorate your existing eCommerce store, our Shopify developers can help.

Comrade is more than a Shopify eCommerce development agency, we’re a turnkey solution ready to unlock your business’s true potential. Our eCommerce experts analyze your revenue goals and market competition to create an improvement and growth strategy for your existing website, or, if you’re starting from scratch, a brand new, high-performance store that matches your business goals.

We build and rebuild with performance, efficiency, and the customer experience in mind, while continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver the very best online shopping experiences for your target audience.

Our goal as a leading Shopify development company is to increase qualified traffic, repeat customers, and grow sales. Naturally, our Shopify developers, copywriters, and strategists have a wealth of experience on the platform to meet the most niche business needs, and much more.

Trusted Web Development Experts
Our Promise
Our Promise

Providing Custom Website Development services to businesses and eCommerce stores since 2008

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“The strength of your business is determined by your team, and Comrade has the best team in the business. The best part is that when you hire us, our team becomes your team.”

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Our Shopify Store Development Services



As a Shopify-Certified Partner, we are adept at building effective, user-friendly eCommerce sites. Before we can begin, we start with an in-depth consultation to determine your business goals, research market trends, and create a strategy to provide the best recommendations possible.


Shopify Store Development

Our bespoke store design services bring brands to life and simplify the buyer’s journey from acquisition to conversion. We’re adept at building Shopify stores with crisp designs, intuitive UX (user experience), and sales-friendly frameworks that support high volumes of traffic and exponential sales growth. Our Shopify developers are second to none.


eCommerce Store Migration to Shopify

If you’re migrating your eCommerce store to Shopify, we’ve got you covered. We provide flawless migration with minimal risks, so you can get your online store up and running in no time. Our technical expertise ensures seamless and secure store migration. You don’t have to worry about anything—your store’s data, design, and functionality will be transferred to Shopify just as they were, without leaving anything behind.


Seamless Third-party Integration

Level up your Shopify store with advanced third-party integrations to optimize inventory management, shipping, content marketing, custom payments, and whatever else you may need to achieve your eCommerce goals. Our web developers’ in-depth understanding of Shopify’s capabilities means we can provide all the tools you need to successfully run your eCommerce store.


Custom Shopify SEO & Digital Marketing Services

Even a professionally built Shopify website won’t succeed without SEO. Our tailored Shopify website development services and SEO strategies ensure your store and its product lineup are easy to find on Google and other search engines to maximize your ROI and revenue stream. We embrace data-driven marketing decisions that help us identify revenue-generating keywords, intent mapping, and new content creation, as well as technical SEO considerations to grab your customers’ attention.

Along with our expert SEO solutions, we also provide a multitude of other digital marketing services, such as PPC Management, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization. Our primary goal is to become your marketing partner and achieve success together.


Shopify Optimization, Support, and Maintenance

As well as developing your Shopify store, we offer full support and maintenance services. It doesn’t matter whether we’ve built your store from scratch or migrated it from another platform; we ensure your business delivers the same excellent service year after year. Through constant monitoring and maintenance, our support services make sure your online store is technically reliable across devices, screen sizes, and browsers.

As expert Shopify developers, our team uses the latest performance tools, codes, and Google updates to optimize site speed and load times, as well as reformat product catalogs and introduce new technology. Stores with improved functionality that load quicker rank higher and make more sales, so speed is a top priority for us because we know it creates a positive user experience that ultimately boosts revenue.

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American Tent has achieved incredible results with its relaunched website and marketing campaign. In just six months, American Tent has increased qualified leads by 177% and now appears on Google and other search engines' first pages - and in many cases, in the top three listings. Most importantly, the client reports record-breaking sales every week as a result of the results.
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How Much Does a Custom Shopify Website Cost?

Your eCommerce store is your primary business tool—the backbone of your commercial success. It determines whether your potential customers choose to purchase your goods and services over your competitors. When it’s built for performance optimization, it generates superior results: increased traffic, higher conversions, and accelerated sales.

Since launching our Shopify eCommerce development services over a decade ago, we’ve witnessed the negative consequences of subpar eCommerce websites. In fact, many of our now successful clients came to us to address performance issues stemming from their previous website’s poor optimization.

Needless to say, as a reputable Shopify web development company, we take great pains to build a truly robust eCommerce store tailored to meet your business needs. Through a careful process of investigation, research, testing, and feedback, our Shopify website customization offers a strategic and reliable approach to ensure your Shopify store is future-proof.

Typically, a custom-built Shopify website starts at approximately $10,000, but the general range for most projects falls between $15,000 and $30,000+. Rest assured, every dollar spent with us returns an excellent ROI.

How Much Does a Custom Shopify Website Cost?

Features of Shopify Websites

Shopify website

Shopify is a popular all-in-one commerce platform that allows you to sell products online, on social media, and in person. It’s self-hosted, so you can run a store from any location, so long as you have access to the internet.

With over 2,500 apps to facilitate eCommerce operations and marketing, Shopify makes it easy to manage payments and inventory, upselling, shipping, customer service, and more. Its state-of-the-art tech stacks, mobile responsive templates, and in-depth customization provide merchants with everything they need to generate a healthy cash flow.

Shopify links to profitable sales channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, and others offering unlimited business growth, while its excellent set of SEO tools ensures your store’s web pages are effectively indexed and ranked in search engines.

Another core benefit is security and reliability. The platform guarantees 99.8% uptime and every store comes with an SSL certificate, meaning you and your shoppers’ personal and financial data is safe and secure.

It’s challenging to find an eCommerce platform that beats Shopify in terms of simplicity, mobile friendliness, sales reach, and growth potential. That’s why this popular platform powers four million stores.

The Benefits of Using Shopify

The benefits and disadvantages of Shopify

There are several benefits of using Shopify, from its built-in features to the platform’s ability to integrate with a number of other third-party services. If you’re looking for a secure, easy-to-use platform for your eCommerce website, Shopify is the answer.

Ease of Use

What makes Shopify special is its ease of use. Even without technical and coding skills, you can still create a beautiful and functional store. The platform’s drag-drop tool allows you to customize web pages without having to invest hours in learning how to use it. All you need to do is create an account, choose a template and add your products.


Shopify’s interface is mobile-friendly ensuring your store looks great on all devices. As a result, your customers can shop from wherever they are, and you can manage operations from your smartphone if you need to. It also offers full-stack customer support via email, live chat and phone 24/7 should you need to resolve any issues.

Theme Variety

Shopify’s interface is mobile-friendly ensuring your store looks great on all devices. As a result, your customers can shop from wherever they are, and you can manage operations from your smartphone if you need to. It also offers full-stack customer support via email, live chat and phone 24/7 should you need to resolve any issues.

The Disadvantages of Shopify

While Shopify is a suitable platform for almost any eCommerce endeavor, like all platforms there are a few downsides.

Limited Customization

Although Shopify has a wide range of themes, design customization is limited. This may or may not be an issue, depending on how complex your store is. You can always work with a developer to customize the finer details of your store or build a website from scratch, but this can be far more costly.

Higher Prices

Most Shopify stores rely on add-on features and advanced Shopify plans to fully function because the platform’s free version is limited. Shopify plans start at $29 and increase up to $299, excluding transaction and app subscription fees. As with all hosted sites, this can become pricey.

No Email Hosting

Shopify does not offer email hosting. This means you can send emails to customers, but they can’t respond. Therefore, you have to use a paid email hosting service. While not the end of the world, most merchants find this an inconvenience.

Why Choose Comrade Digital Marketing as Your Partner

We have eCommerce solutions for the most advanced store requirements and use industry best practices to create reliable Shopify websites with high conversion rates. Our award-winning Shopify web development company is trusted by hundreds of happy eCommerce clients because we develop, execute and optimize tailored-made digital marketing campaigns and eCommerce websites that appeal to today’s online shoppers. When you outsource your Shopify store needs to us, you get an entire marketing team at your disposal, hassle-free.

Customer-Centric Team

Comrade’s customer-centric approach prioritizes your business needs and interests. Every Shopify website is unique, so we take great care to optimize our KPIs according to your business requirements. We value transparency and are always happy to explain processes and answer any questions you may have. Our team is here to support your business needs and works tirelessly to deliver the best eCommerce website performance.

Result-Driven Services

Our work focuses on high ROI solutions, that include, but are not limited to SEO, PPC, email and content marketing, and other customization services to bring sizable growth and impressive returns. Rightly so, clients require tangible results, which we provide through detailed reporting and proven results. Our Shopify experts take ROI seriously and ensure every dollar is wisely spent to maximize returns.

Team of Shopify Experts

From bespoke Shopify theme development to custom tweaks and integrations, we have over a decade of experience with eCommerce store setups. Our accredited Shopify developers are experts in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Liquid, and Ruby, which allows them to create a complete digital shopping experience, while our digital marketing experts know how to get your store ranked on search engine results. Hire us, and your sales will grow rather than simply be sustained.

Advanced and Detailed Reporting

When you partner with us, you’ll know precisely what customers want from your website, whether your content needs updating and where your online store needs further optimization. Our growth marketing mindset utilizes analytics to determine your business’s next lucrative marketing moves. At Comrade, we utilize advanced and detailed analytics to predict and achieve success.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shopify eCommerce Development

Do I need Shopify for my eCommerce

Shopify is a solid website development platform offering an advanced suite of integrations and customizations that make running an online business smooth and efficient. Whether you're just starting out with a limited inventory or an existing store that's looking for Shopify migration services, we can help! Every online store uses some type of development platform to build, design, and operate its business. Shopify is an excellent choice that caters to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Currently, it supports over one million merchants in 175 different countries! Our Shopify development services range from building sites from scratch to advertising, promotion, and optimization for maximum conversions. If you do choose Shopify, you'll need support from a team like us to help your business grow.

Is Shopify platform right for my store?

Great question! We love Shopify and find it works exceedingly well for the majority of our clients, regardless of inventory size. In other words, it's equally great to sell ten or 50,000 items. If you're looking for a store with highly customizable features, then Shopify Plus is a good option. Shopify Plus is a fully hosted enterprise solution designed for high-growth merchants and brands. It does everything that Shopify does but with advanced features that support high traffic volumes and international sales. Our Shopify website development experts are here to help if you require advice on which option better suits your eCommerce website's needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

Do I require a professional Shopify development company to set up my store?

Even without technical knowledge, you can set up a basic store on Shopify with relative ease. However, it would take you much longer to achieve the results our experienced team can deliver. When you hire professional Shopify development services like ours, you get many years of experience with a range of experts that specialize in development, design, copywriting, PPC, advertising, SEO, content marketing, and more. Most business owners don't have the time or expertise to DIY a professional team's work. Do you? For this reason, it's more cost-effective and less risky to hire an expert agency that knows exactly what they're doing and allows you to focus on growing your business as effectively as possible.

Do you design custom website or use Shopify templates?

Shopify comes with great, user-friendly templates, but we prefer designing our own. eCommerce stores achieve the best results when their websites are tailored to offer unique shopping experiences that accurately reflect their brands. Your website has less than five seconds to create a good impression. At Comrade, we take branding and website design seriously because it's often the primary way customers interact with your business. Therefore, you need to create the right impression every time! Creating a website built around your brand's personality and implementing the necessary features and functionality you require to achieve business growth is the only way to guarantee sales.

Is Shopify SEO included in the cost of website development?

While your Shopify store will be optimized with foundational SEO tactics, oftentimes, an ongoing monthly campaign is required to remain competitive, attract the right inbound traffic and generate expected revenue. Just like a physical store, eCommerce websites do require continuous work to ensure peak performance. Most businesses outsource this to marketing specialists to ensure their stores run smoothly. Our marketing experts will prepare an SEO strategy to help you dominate all search engines. If you're considering using Shopify or want to migrate to the platform, please contact us for a free marketing audit to get started!

Can you check if our store can and should be migrated to Shopify?

Absolutely. Our Shopify experts will be happy to consult with you free of charge and discuss how you can migrate your store to Shopify. We’ll provide honest feedback and help devise the most cost effective solution wih the best ROI.

We usually deliver a 4.5x ROI for our clients

If you’re ready to discuss your eCommerce development plans, our expert team is ready. To help.

Our team will assess:

  • Your revenue goals
  • Conversion rate
  • Platform functionality
  • Backlinks and content
  • User Experience and more

We’ll deliver a personalized eCommerce web development or marketing strategy tailored to your unique market and goals.

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