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What Are Ecommerce SEO services? How Can It Change Your Business?

If you want more sales, you need to invest in eCommerce search engine optimization (SEO). From navigation and design to content and keyword-rich product descriptions, eCommerce SEO ensures everything on your website intentionally leads visitors towards one goal: purchasing your products and services.

Due to extensive product catalogs, technical website architecture, intense competition, and data security, eCommerce businesses need impeccable SEO strategies that yield high-converting traffic to their websites.

Your pages must rank higher than your competitors and provide the best solutions to a user’s search intent. With strategic eCommerce SEO, motivated customers will find your web pages in search engine results pages (SERPs) and boost online sales.

What Are Ecommerce SEO services? How Can It Change Your Business?
Our Promise
Our Promise

Providing eCommerce SEO services to businesses and eCommerce stores since 2008

*Average results generated for our clients

“Our company has been providing SEO services in Chicago since 2006. When taking on a new project, we have learned the importance of conducting our due diligence. Our policy is to accept projects only if they can provide reliable data to demonstrate their effectiveness. Those who hire us know that they will receive results.”

Marketing strategist, Partner

Our Ecommerce SEO Services

Comrade's SEO solutions make the most of organic search engine marketing to provide your online store with a steady stream of customers and revenue.

Technical SEO for Ecommerce

Technical SEO makes your website easy to navigate and removes issues that prevent it from being understood and ranked by search engines. This entails optimizing crawling, indexing, and rendering phases to generate more traffic and higher rankings.

By strengthening the back-end of your website, we improve the front-end and ensure your online store creates a positive user experience. Our eCommerce SEO experts enhance your eCommerce website for search engines and customers.


Ecommerce Site Speed Optimization

No one likes a slow website or app. Hence, speed is crucial for the success of online stores. It also improves customer experience and directly impacts conversions and sales. A website’s speed is typically affected by several factors like hosting location, image sizes, HTML code, and more.

Search engines also use page loading times as a ranking signal, so optimizing your eCommerce website to improve loading speed is essential. Our team ensures your website’s pages perform fast across devices.

Keyword Research & Optimization

Targeted Keyword Research

Targeting appropriate keywords is one of the most powerful tactics eCommerce websites have in their SEO arsenal to drive traffic and online sales. Using the right targeted keywords in the right place at the right time requires digital marketing finesse and effort.

Comrade’s specialists identify keywords that match your customers’ intent and are more likely to rank higher in SERPs. Our careful eCommerce keyword research process detects low competition opportunities to improve your store’s sales and overall brand recognition.


On-Page Ecommerce SEO Services

From optimizing headlines to titles, meta tags, and structured data, our on-page eCommerce SEO services help search engines better understand your website and its content, as well as identify when it’s relevant to a searcher’s query.

We improve overall content quality, page performance, and content structure to get higher rankings and drive more traffic through organic search. Our on-page SEO techniques strike the balance between appealing to customers and meeting the technical metadata requirements that crawlers respond well to.


Product Pages Optimization

Your potential customers start their buying journey on your product pages, and it’s often the first impression they have of your online store. Optimized product pages are designed not only to be found via search engines but also to convert browsers into buyers.

Perfecting your product page layout, images, calls to action, and providing social proof (reviews) are some of the many tactics we employ to showcase your pages in the best light and transform them into conversion magnets.


Custom Ecommerce SEO Strategies

It’s no secret that cookie-cutter SEO strategies don’t work. To make the most of your digital marketing budget, your strategy must be customized to fit your unique eCommerce store. We’ll evaluate your goals, and business needs to develop a tailored SEO campaign to reach your KPIs.

No matter your niche, custom SEO services will bring more visibility and online traffic to your online business. We aim to work with you and create a sustainable strategy that delivers long-term results and propels your business forward.


Link Building for Ecommerce Store

Linking building helps your eCommerce website by generating traffic and sending a signal to Google that your eCommerce platform is accurate, relevant, and authoritative. However, it’s one of the more challenging aspects of eCommerce SEO.

At Comrade, our strategy uses a combination of cost-effective approaches to yield a high ROI. Through link building, we’ll raise your brand’s prestige and develop valuable relationships with integral industry players within and adjacent to your sector.

Local SEO is a game changer for eCommerce sites looking to attract nearby customers. It promotes your products and services at the exact moment customers search for them. By optimizing local SEO, we’ll increase your eCommerce platforms’ visibility in Google’s Local Pack (map listings) to help you get ahead of the competition.

Even when stacked up against major online retailers, smaller businesses can still reach the first page ranking of local customers by establishing a strong, local presence. Harnessing local SEO helps you serve more people in your region and grow faster.

Consistently creating and optimizing high-value content with relevant keywords should be non-negotiable for all eCommerce stores. Done right, content marketing delivers value to your target audience and makes them want to engage with your business.

Comrade’s digital strategists and content creators work together to produce content that builds consumer trust, brand credibility, and loyal customer relationships. We keep the conversation fresh, helpful, and engaging between brands and consumers.

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Comrade Digital Marketing Agency works with Gillespie Productions since 2019. Our website was relaunched and SEO optimized with their help. Comrade gets my highest recommendation.
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Prior to working with Comrade, Google ignored my site completely. At the end of three months, I reached page one in my category! You've done a great job!
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This SEO company is enthusiastic and professional. These guys are really talented and creative. Additionally, every customer receives personalized service! You won't regret choosing them!
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How Much Do Ecommerce Services Cost?

The cost of eCommerce SEO services depends on the marketing agency you hire and the scope of work required to get your eCommerce web pages ranking in Google’s top search positions. Other factors that affect how much eCommerce SEO service costs include the degree of competition within your market, and how aggressive you need your marketing campaign to be.

Some companies adopt an incremental approach to their digital marketing, whereas others launch aggressive campaigns to accelerate business growth. Regardless, an eCommerce SEO strategy is indispensable to digital marketing success, no matter business size or type.

Therefore, our customized eCommerce SEO services are specifically designed to help clients reach unique business goals. Ballpark prices range from $1,500 to over $6,500 per month. Bear in mind that the process is complex and entails a team of specialists to improve search engine rankings.

According to industry reports, the average ROI for search engine optimization ranges from $3.75 to $7.00 for every $1 spent. The difference in dollars directly correlates with campaign aggressiveness. The best part of eCommerce SEO is that like all good investments, it compounds over time growing business wealth.

How Much Do Ecommerce Services Cost?

Is SEO Worth It for Ecommerce?

Consumer trust is built through a strong online presence. Today’s buyers judge the quality of your eCommerce website as a benchmark for your products and services.

A robust digital presence provides affordable and effective marketing. It’s the easiest method to get your target audience interested in your brand and convert them into customers.

However, it’s not that simple. There are millions of eCommerce platforms online, and probably thousands in your niche. This is where eCommerce SEO can increase customer awareness, strengthen your brand and help you leapfrog over the competition.

Having a great website isn’t enough. Without SEO, it won’t rank and will be invisible to your target audience, resulting in significant revenue loss.

Take our client, The Kraff Eye Institute. Despite being well-known, they had a poor online presence and were losing out on sales. Working with us increased their targeted traffic by 861%!

Kraff eye traffic flow

Similarly, American Tent, manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality tents, wanted to improve their leads. We optimized their website and marketing assets with 181 targeted keywords. Thanks to SEO, they increased their leads by 517%!

Best keywords for AT

As you can see, an SEO strategy improves how your website operates. It allows search engines to rank it properly, so potential customers see and purchase your products and services.

How Our Ecommerce SEO Gets Results

In a nutshell: SEO is a process, not a one-time project. As an eCommerce SEO agency, there are several steps we perform to ensure your SEO campaign is set up properly and executed efficiently over time, which include:

  • Analytic tools implementation
  • Technical SEO and eCommerce platform audit
  • Custom eCommerce SEO strategy development
  • Product page optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Content strategy
  • Link building
  • UI\UX audit and continuous improvement

Start With Analytics Tracking

On a practical level, we can’t optimize eCommerce businesses if we don’t know their current digital marketing status. So, we start by analyzing what’s already there to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and areas for improvement.

With eCommerce analytics, we measure user behavior, performance trends, and ROI. Our clients hire us to deliver results; thus, analytics helps us show ROI and make best the decisions to increase website traffic and sales.

We constantly monitor analytics to gauge how much client acquisition costs, which marketing platforms are most profitable, and what types of content marketing and paid ads your target audience responds to.

Google Analytics

Start with Google Analytics

Nearly 40 million eCommerce sites use Google Analytics to collect, analyze and sort eCommerce website data. Comrade utilizes it to make educated and strategic marketing decisions based on real-time customer feedback.

As a high-performance SEO company, we rely on data to build a solid search engine optimization plan. Analytics monitors growth and conversion rates, giving us an in-depth look at website performance, so we can deliver better user experiences and results.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

While Google Analytics is user-orientated, Google Search Console is search-engine focussed offering free tools and insights to improve online visibility and presence. We use it to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot eCommerce websites.

Google Search Console analyzes eCommerce websites the same way as Google bots, so if there are any issues with servers, security, link structure, or malware, we can resolve them immediately, maintaining website health.

How Do Ecommerce Platforms Incorporate SEO?

These days most eCommerce platforms let merchants perform SEO-related tasks directly from their dashboards or page editors. Some even have SEO plugins that allow you to change page titles, include relevant keywords, and select mobile-friendly templates for increased optimization.

However, some of these are limited and do not provide the full scope of SEO tools necessary to take your eCommerce brand to the level. The inability to directly edit a website’s HTML can negatively impact SEO and analytic capabilities, which is why we always start each project with an eCommerce SEO audit to understand what those limitations are and if we can work around them.

What Type of Ecommerce SEO Strategy Provides Results?

Customization is an integral part of your eCommerce strategy. A B2B business has different needs from a B2C business, as does a local store compared to an international one. Location and customer differences affect keywords, content strategy, and SEO tactics.

For instance, service-based businesses operating in one location would need an aggressive local SEO strategy to satisfy users’ queries nearby. However, a multinational B2b manufacturing conglomerate likely operates in several markets and requires a comprehensive global content marketing strategy that may include different languages.

Hence, we take the time to learn about our eCommerce SEO clients’ unique needs to develop customized SEO strategies.

Product Page Optimization

Effective product pages instantly convey the value proposition of a featured product. They show your potential customers what your product looks like and provide important details that convince them it’s something they must buy.

Because consumers cannot physically touch and see the products, we have to make your product pages work extra hard at convincing them to make online purchases. This includes having carefully placed high-quality images and videos that showcase products from multiple angles, clear calls to call action, and customer testimonials.

Product Description Optimization

Good example of description

When eCommerce companies copy and paste generic product descriptions supplied by manufacturers, they lower page rankings and affect organic traffic. We take care to use targeted keywords and craft compelling descriptions that go beyond merely telling customers about product dimensions.

Each product page presents an opportunity to optimize headers, meta tags, and keywords to create unique product descriptions that convert. We ensure product descriptions are compelling and deploy on-page SEO best practices.

Image Optimization: Quality vs. Speed

Image file format and compression type influence web page loading speed. Part of our eCommerce SEO process entails converting images into the smallest possible file size without compromising quality.

Depending on the size of your eCommerce store, we might suggest using content delivery networks (CDNs) to transfer content at top speed to customers in different locations to maintain customer retention and conversions.

Targeted Keyword Research

When it comes to keywords, you want to use a combination of high and low-volume, short and long-tail keywords. eCommerce keywords should be industry-specific and also attract customers at different stages of the sales funnel.

More than that, just because a keyword is high volume, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. For example, the keyword “black bag” is high volume, meaning tones of people use it when searching online.

The problem is that if you’re a newer store hoping to rank using this keyword, you’ll come across stiff competition from Amazon, eBay, and other retailers already ranking for it.

It’s much harder to dethrone large competitors using this keyword alone, and you’ll waste your marketing budget. That’s why we use a combination of custom keywords to provide the best chance of climbing Google ranks.

How We Find the Right Keywords

We conduct thorough keyword research to find and analyze terms your target audience enters into search engines. Keyword research uncovers which words, and phrases are the most relevant, competitive, and have the highest authority in your industry niche.

Getting to know and understand your audience, and the questions they’re asking, and then finding ways and solutions to answer those questions in your marketing content with the right combination of keywords is a big part of search engine optimization.

Commercial vs. Informational Keywords for Ecommerce Stores

Informational keywords for Ecommerce stores

The types of keywords customers use reveal where they are in the sales funnel. Someone searching “DIY furniture tips” isn’t at the same stage as someone searching “Ikea furniture.”

Informational keywords include words like “how,” “what,” and “guide,” for example. The content they’re part of provides users with additional information. So, working with our example, it might be a blog post about “how to build a coffee table.”

By the time the same customer reaches the consideration stage, they’ll use a commercial keyword that signals interest in a product or service like, “DIY vs. IKEA coffee table.” With eCommerce SEO, it’s important to use informational and commercial keywords as they bring in leads that are already at the bottom of the sales funnel and looking to buy.

Content Strategy

Keyword research informs content marketing content. Once we know what your customers are looking for, we’ll develop strategic content that answers their questions along with a strategy that includes topic selection, content format, writing style, design, and promotion.

For example, let’s say you’re an electronics company that sells TVs. Your customers will want to know how to choose the best one without overspending. In other words, they want the best value for money. Therefore, you’d create content that shares information about different models’ pros and cons.

eCommerce stores need strong internal link structures and backlinks from other websites to gain website authority. The former ensures Google crawls all of a website’s web pages, while the latter makes it rank higher.

Link building remains one of the most challenging factors of SEO. We help our clients produce high-quality content informed by keyword research increasing the likelihood of multiple reputable domains linking back to their websites.

After all, it’s much easier to conduct PR and backlink outreach campaigns when your content positions you as an industry leader. We base link building strategies on keyword research and the market to ensure effective and fair budgeting.

UX Audit and Continuous Improvement

Search engines strive to provide the most accurate information to internet users. Yet, algorithm updates and changing consumer behavior influence one another creating a digital landscape that’s always in flux.

Consequently, search engine optimization success relies on monitoring and making adjustments as Google and other search engines become more intelligent and consumers adapt to new digital technologies.

As we’ve mentioned before, SEO is an ongoing process. A professional SEO company like us constantly audits websites, analyzes results and implements improvements for our eCommerce clients. It’s the only way they stay ahead of competitors and achieve perpetual growth.

Why Choose Comrade as Your SEO Agency

It’s commonly believed that SEO is an art and science. And we’ve got it down to tee. We apply years of cross-industry experience to maximize conversion at a respectable profit margin.

Comrade leverages data to provide eCommerce SEO services that combine technical know-how with a customer-centric approach. Working with an eCommerce SEO company like ours that has a stellar track record guarantees your business is on the same successful path.

We’ve helped a variety of eCommerce businesses overcome a range of marketing challenges from website development to content marketing, SEO, and more. If you want to grow your business exponentially, then you need to work with the best in business and that’s us!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ecommerce SEO Packages

SEO vs. PPC for Ecommerce. Which is better?

SEO gets your website to rank higher on search engines by making it more relevant to users. PPC ads are paid online advertisements that allow businesses to bid on the chance to show ads in search engine results, email, and social media platforms. SEO is a long-term strategy to acquire organic traffic, whereas traffic derived from PPC is paid and thus stops as soon as the campaign is over. Ideally, you want to use both SEO and PPC but should have a solid SEO strategy in place before you invest in PPC.

Does Still Work for Ecommerce Stores?

90% of online experiences begin with a Google search, which makes SEO one of the most potent and necessary digital marketing strategies for eCommerce stores. SEO increases website visibility, generating more organic traffic, leads and opportunities to sell.

When Will I See SEO Results?

SEO results usually become visible in three and six months, although experiencing the full power of what SEO can do for your business takes about a year. Bear in mind, that this depends on the current state of your SEO strategy, as well as your business industry.

Can I Do SEO on My Own?

Trying to do the job of an eCommerce SEO agency isn't a viable business strategy. While it's possible for small business owners to learn the basics, it's honestly better to outsource eCommerce SEO services to avoid costly mistakes. Rather hire professionals to save you time, and money and make sure you attract qualified traffic.

We usually deliver a 4.5x ROI for our clients
Request your no-strings-attached SEO audit
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  • A 20-point SEO performance evaluation
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  • A website SEO content strategy and suggestions
  • Your overall conversion rate to help pinpoint areas where you can improve

In addition, you’ll receive a high-level SEO strategy tailored to your business completely free of charge.

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