The Universe’s Guide to Generate More B2B Leads (Traffic) with Your Website in 2024

Discover effective strategies to generate more B2B leads through your website traffic and watch your business thrive!

Unlock B2B lead generation potential: Supercharge your website’s impact!

More than half of our clients come from the B2B sector. Often, they confide that their current website and/or marketing campaigns are failing abysmally. And they’re all failing in the same way.

“We’re just not getting enough leads,” my clients say.

Here’s how to change that. Today we are going to describe how to generate more leads from your website.

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What to Focus on to Get More B2B Leads for Your Organization?

First, you have to identify where your prospective clients focus their attention. For a moment, don’t think of your own website, social media platforms, or other marketing channels. Think only about where your prospective customer’s attention is focused. To get more leads you need to be where your customers are looking for services!

Where do your prospective clients look for information related to the problems that your business can solve? Wherever that attention is focused, is where your website and content marketing efforts should be directed.

Again: wherever your prospects’ attention flows is where your website, your content, your search engine copywriting and your advertising should be targeted towards it as well. Your website will generate more leads only if it can solve customers’ problems and answer their questions!

As well, it is better to focus on problem-solving rather than on selling; on meeting customers’ needs, rather than on particular products or services. Here’s what I mean:

Rather than focusing on what your prospective clients or customers may want to buy, focus instead on the types of problems they experience, the types of questions they have, and the types of solutions they’re looking for.

How Do You Determine What Your Buyers or Clients Are Focused On?

Well, you search. Put yourself in their shoes. To understand how to generate more B2B leads, you need to think like your future customers Search Google for the types of questions and problems your prospective customers may have. You can search on Twitter by using You can search Facebook or LinkedIn for relevant professional groups.

If you need to generate more B2B leads, you need to understand the types of problems you can solve for these clients.

In these cases, see what people are posting, what types of questions they are asking, and what some of the best (and even worst) answers to these questions are.

Always look at the comments section underneath your competitors’ posts. This is critical in understanding the questions and concerns your prospects have. Because the truth is, if they’re buying from your competitors, they could also be buying from you. Be knowledgeable about your prospective client’s questions. It is the key to generate more B2B leads!

Understand your prospective customer’s mindset and research where online they’re interacting with content related to your business.

So now that you understand where attention flows, you should engage the following platforms:

Typically for B2B purposes, the best channels are primarily Google, followed by LinkedIn. Facebook may offer targeted groups relevant to your industry and there may be a niche on Twitter relevant as well. Do not discount YouTube, which is in fact a powerful lead generation tool for B2B companies. Use the right channels to attract new clients to your website.

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency can help you with the above if you’re unsure how to go about it. Schedule a free consultation.

Create the Right Content to Generate More Leads

Once you have narrowed down your channels, you need to create content that is really mindful. Notice that to generate more B2B leads your content should, again, be all about answering their questions.

B2B business content marketing

What does it mean to create content that’s mindful? It means the content is not focused on sales. It is focused on building a brand for your business.

Helping Your Prospects before You Close Them as a Client Is the Key to Generating Brand Loyalty

Your prospective customers may not care all that much about what you have to sell (at least at the moment). They really care about themselves. They care about their problems. They’re looking for somebody or some organization, that is going to be their ally. To give them guidance and advice. To help them solve their problems.

Generating More Leads Means Solving as Many Problems as You Can for Your Prospects

Do you see how the right content can generate more leads to your website?

So, the more relevant content you produce with these goals in mind, the more you are addressing your prospective clients’ needs and becoming that source of guidance for them.

Once produced, distribute your mindful content across all online platforms so prospective customers will see it everywhere they frequent.

Call it omnipresence. The more brand awareness you create, the more they’re going to reach out when they’re ready to actually have a buying conversation.

How Can B2B Companies Get More Leads?

  • Create mindful content with the customer in mind, not with the intent of pitching your product or service.
  • Contribute to the conversation and distribute your content across all relevant online channels.
  • Once you get your prospective client’s attention, continue posting content on this trajectory, but once in a while now, run an ad as well. An ad is very different from useful content in the sense that it actually promotes a solution that you’re selling. Ensure that your ad has a “call to action” because many ads out there actually don’t. Without a call to action, it is just an offer that will likely be ignored.

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If you start to leverage this strategy and at the beginning feel you are not seeing enough gains, be patient. It’s important to remember that consistency is key, so keep on course.

Talk to Businesses to Get More Clients

Keep on posting mindful content, because you never know when those B2B prospects will be ready to initiate a commercially driven conversation. Keep on creating meaningful content until your prospects see an ad or a piece of content that makes them say: “I want to talk to this business.”

Mindful content tip to generate more B2B clients:

Here is another mindful content tip that’s really simple and will help you generate early-stage leads: just do what I am doing.

I created this video and correlating blog post which concludes with the following offers:

“If you’re struggling to generate more B2B leads, please complete the form down below and we’ll schedule a business analysis, gauge market demand for your product or service and show you how to get more leads.”


“Please click the link below to download a checklist that explains how to generate more B2B leads, either by increasing traffic or improving conversions on your website.”

Those are the types of offers that you can adapt for your own prospective clients and customers.

These are simple yet very effective ways to generate early-stage leads: people who are not necessarily ready to buy yet, but have a problem and are looking for a solution. Your business offers that solution. All you need to do now is keep showing up for the conversation.

If you are looking for a B2B digital marketing company to help your B2B business get more leads through your website, contact us, schedule a consultation and we will:

  • Help you zero-in to see the volume of online search traffic and how much demand there is for your product or service
  • Help you define a plan on how to get from point A (where you are today) to point B (where you want to be) in accomplishing your business objectives
  • Provide a quote on cost and time needed to develop your future website
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