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Comrade is an NYC-based marketing agency that is proud to serve businesses in the New York region with truly comprehensive digital marketing strategies and solutions. We offer a wide array of digital marketing services from website development and design to create SEO and PPC strategies. Our NYC digital marketing experts can guarantee their results. So whether you’re looking to implement a local NYC or broader national campaign, our full-service agency has you covered. We’ve been successfully growing clients’ revenue for 12 years running.
New York City, NY, often referred to as the Big Apple or just NYC, is a city with endless opportunities to explore and places to visit and enjoy. The city of towers has been featured in countless movies and novels, making it a dream destination for many. Because of its own achievements as a city, it has become the world’s top city for culture and commerce. The city’s ambiance and lifestyle are distinct, difficult to explain, and are best experienced by visiting and experiencing it in person.

NYC is the most ethnically multicultural and religiously diverse city. It’s also commercially driven, and notoriously overcrowded, but nevertheless, is considered to be a fantastic and beautiful urban center in the United States. The city of NYC has created greater images in the popular perception of Americans: Wall Street means finance, Broadway is synonymous with the theater, Fifth Avenue is automatically coupled with retail, and Madison Avenue houses the advertising business.

In the past two decades, NYC has been the richest and most populous American city in the United States. More than half of the population and goods that arrived in the US came via its ports and that flow of commerce has created changes in different parts of the city. NYC always was synonymous with possibility because the city was an urban center that is always on the way to becoming something more.

The city’s bedrock history serves as the permanent base for a myriad of modern skyscrapers. NYC has more amazing constructions than any other city. Architectural experts may disagree on the birthplace of the contemporary skyscraper, however, the majority of them are in agreement on the fact that Manhattan is the first place steel structures were joined with elevators; this create an entire category of buildings that could be built to an elevation that could be easily achieved and the term was coined in the 1880s to refer to the NYC phenomenon.

New York is one of the top cities in the United States for small businesses. The reason NYC is so popular can be attributed to its market for real estate which continues to lift Manhattan and the surrounding neighborhoods and extend into suburbs that border it. Construction companies have plenty of work and contractors that support their customers. As a result, there are a lot of roofers electricians, plumbers, and other home service providers that are flourishing.

NYC offers a number of opportunities to discover talent, establish connections and expand your business and even explore new ventures, usually not leaving the confines of your own neighborhood.

Comrade Digital Marketing proudly provides internet marketing services in NYC and surrounding areas:

  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • Greenwich Village
  • Staten Island
  • and others

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When it comes to SEO, Comrade understands that a personal approach is the best. The best results can only be achieved by trusting your partner, and no single company can satisfy everyone. Our professionals at Comrade are confident that we can deliver results, however, we have put together a list of 10 other NYC SEO agencies that can help you grow your business.

Major Tom

Achieving ROI and ROAS blast-off is easy with Major Tom’s performance and planning under one roof. They offer both strategic innovation and tactical execution at the top of their online marketing game


Flypath provides organizations with the tools they need to navigate today’s digital world and achieve results. Their work focuses on building awareness, generating leads, acquiring customers, and retaining customers.

Lilo Social

Lilo Social is a full-funnel e-commerce agency out of Brooklyn, New York that specializes in search and social advertising, creative, landing pages, and email marketing.

Taikun Digital

Improve your ROI by increasing traffic, leads, sales, and brand awareness with online marketing. With Taikun Digital, you’ll get a digital advertising strategy that actually works for your business.


In order to build strong business relationships with our customers, NuStream is committed to producing high-quality websites and advertising campaigns. They will make sure to do everything to assist you with your internet marketing needs.

With Ladder, you get full-funnel growth digital marketing company. Their team prides itself on making the best decisions based on data, world-class marketing, and data analysis.

Paper Tiger

Digital agency Paper Tiger helps brands grow through pivotal stages. At the intersection of design, content, and technology, Paper Tiger combines strategy and creativity to create ambitious identities and experiences.


In order to scale and become category leaders, Moburst provides companies with mobile-first internet marketing services. Their passion is solving the hardest digital challenges for their clients, and they firmly believe that creativity, advanced technology, and data are the main drivers of success.


Using stories to build your brand and achieve results. The Kworq team consists of producers, designers, writers, strategists, and weirdos who love to tell stories. By exploring what connects them to others, they’re driven by empathy and informed by data.


Expertise, flexibility, and a commitment to finding the best solutions have been the hallmark of their work over the past 20 years. Propeller products are created by the best minds and implemented using the latest technologies. If it’s from Propeller, you can be sure of these two things. You can gain a competitive advantage by relying on their specialists for support, guidance, and creativity.

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Can’t say enough good things about this company, working with Jon & Ivan has been a pleasure. Any questions are answered promptly & our website looks amazing!!!

Keith Hund / CEO / Classic Landscape

I contacted Comrade Digital Marketing Company, regarding SEO and NAP for my company. I spoke to Reed Adler when I called, he spent a good amount of time and explained to me a lot of things that I had no clue about them and he came personally to my business to discuss further. I have received excellent customer service from him and his entire staff like Margo and Kseniya and more… They are very professional and knowledgeable in what they do, and even though SEO is a long-term strategy, I noticed a big improvement in my business visibility on the Web. Reed Adler’s customer service and his knowledge, Comrade’s reasonable rates, and friendly staff led me to choose Comrade, I definitely recommend them.

Hamidreza Shaverdi

Great product quality, very professional and responsible team Comrade Digital Marketing Agency redesigned our outdated e-Commerce website. Their account team was very approachable and willing to go above and beyond. As a result, website traffic has increased, and sales went up 40%. Their marketing team seemed truly interested in delivering results, which was what I found so appealing about them in the first place. Comrade truly has their customer’s best interests in mind, and they want to add value.

Spike Look
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NYC Marketing Agency Solutions Designed to Grow Your Business


Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Every plan or effort needs a strategy. Digital marketing is no different. The success of your business is dependent upon developing and implementing marketing strategies that organize all of the steps to be taken. Having more than 12 years of experience in the industry, our digital marketing agency is here to help you reach the top of search engine results.

Website Design

Web Design & Development

As the backbone of your NYC business and the means by which you will directly connect with customers, it is imperative that we give your website the attention it deserves. With our NYC digital marketing agency your optimized website will display beautifully across all devices with a responsive design that complements your company’s vision and increases conversions.


SEO Services

It is impossible for a business to achieve its full earning potential without an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Your business can be found on Google and other search engines thanks to SEO. With Comrade NYC Digital Marketing Agency, you get a search engine-friendly website that grows organic traffic steadily. Our NYC SEO agency usually produces results within three to four months.


Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Implementing a PPC campaign will strengthen your arsenal of internet marketing tools. The purpose of our online advertising is to break through the NYC market, allowing us to stand out. With help from our NYC Digital Marketing Agency, qualified leads will increase quickly and efficiently on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, and any other platform. Our PPC campaigns generate real results.

Content SEO

Content Marketing & Content Creation

Contrary to traditional marketing, content marketing yields six times more conversions than SEO. Our NYC Digital Marketing Agency has an in-house team of SEO strategists, editors, and copywriters who can create campaigns that build customer loyalty and boost revenue while building brand loyalty.


Social Media Marketing Services

It’s harder than it looks to manage social media. Using our team’s expertise, we create outreach campaigns on the social media networks most relevant to your business and target audience. By utilizing social media properly, our NYC Digital Marketing Agency can generate more qualified leads and conversions.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great platform to share promotions and remind customers of abandoned shopping carts and establish lasting relationships with customers. Our team of NYC digital marketing professionals will guide you through the ins as well as the weeds of this particular strategy for marketing. They will also explain the reason why this is such effective in creating brand loyalty as well as growing revenues.


Local SEO

There’s always a demand for somebody “near me”, be that “lawyers in Manhattan” or “electricians Queens”. Our internet marketing agency will ensure that you get the best local SEO services. Alongside improving the quality of your GMB listing, Comrade will also optimize Google Maps placement, increase the number of location pages for your website and also register your site with any directories specific to the industry.


Reputation Management

If you are looking to succeed in this day and age you must have the most prestigious possible reputation. A lot of companies are governed by their image. Our NYC Digital Marketing Agency provides customized solutions that will improve and safeguard your reputation online. To ensure that your brand is well-received, we will conduct a thorough audit to promote positive reviews and minimize the risks.

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  • (UX) User Experience
  • Competitive market
  • Metrics for conversions
  • SEO ranking and performance

After our assessment concludes we will provide you with a fully tailored growth plan for your NYC business


Why businesses in NYC choose Comrade

We’re one of the few digital marketing companies in NYC and nationwide that can guarantee results. Our team of experts knows how to increase the revenues of our clients because we’ve done it numerous times. Our in-house marketing professionals can provide such internet marketing services as managing digital marketing campaigns, creating digital advertising strategies, content strategy, search engine marketing, brand development, lead generation and much more. With more than a decade of experience, we’re confident that we will boost leads, traffic, as well as sales for our customers. Our mission is to become your full-service digital marketing agency as well as your partner from the beginning.


NYC Trusted Marketing Agency

It's like having your own digital marketing branch, without the headaches (and costs) of hiring in-house

We never take on a new client unless we can document how we can succeed in growing their business in a meaningful way. We work with every client as if we are a business partner, truly invested in their success. Because, well, we are. When you work with Comrade you get a team of professionals in the field, all dedicated to your business.

Working with us you will get:

Dedicated teams
Your team will consist of niche experts, a marketing director, and a veteran CMO.
ROI-driven approach
Get a holistic marketing approach, that focuses on driving revenue growth.

Comrade Digital Marketing - New York

Comrade Digital Marketing aims to help grow New York businesses through a full suite of advanced web development and digital marketing solutions.

We usually deliver a 4.5x ROI for our clients
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  • Increase brand awareness & loyalty
  • Increase your qualified leads
  • Elevate your conversion rate
  • Foster a repeat customer base
  • Decrease cost per lead
  • Increase return on marketing investment

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Here's What Our NYC Clients Want to Know

What sort of online marketing services do you provide to New York-based companies?

We offer web design and digital marketing services to businesses in New York City. As a full-service marketing company, we can help with everything from web design SEO, and PPC management, as well as content marketing strategies and web design services. All in line with the latest marketing trends to make sure you stay on top.

What industries do you serve?

We have over 12 years of experience working on digital marketing campaigns for clients from many different industries. Alongside dealing with B2C as well as B2B eCommerce our company provides services to a variety of industries, such as manufacturers, medical professionals and real estate agents senior living facilities, local businesses, as well as lawyers, home improvement, and contractors.Our services are customized to the specific needs of each client. We do not take on any project or client in a particular industry until we're certain that we will be able to meet their goals.

Can you explain your guarantee?

We are committed to accountability. Our services are guaranteed which makes us one of the few top digital marketing agencies in the nation that offer this guarantee. As for our plan, we'll begin work on your project at 50% of the contract rate, and then move to our full-monthly rate when we've delivered satisfactory results over two successive months. The specifics will be provided in the contract you sign. Contact us to find out if meet the requirements.

What's the advantage of hiring Comrade over a different marketing agency located in New York?

We're one of the best digital marketing agencies in a range of areas ranging from SEO to web design and content marketing, business strategies and social media marketing, the conversion of leads, online advertising, and many more. As a customer, you will not have to outsource your website's development or marketing. Since we do all of our work in-house, are able to offer the most cost-effective and crucially profitable growth plans that are revenue-converging. We believe strongly in our work. We offer guarantee plans for a select group of clients. When we reach our goals in two successive months, we will switch to the full, agreed-upon rate. Contact us for more details.

Can I afford your services?

Every marketing strategy for a business is distinctive and there are a lot of variables. Are you looking to grow your business slowly but gradually or more quickly? Will the website serve as a source for information or is it capable of incorporating a variety of complex features? Prices will differ based on these aspects. A website that is high-performing typically costs between $10,000 to $40,000. The price of digital marketing solutions will depend on the goal you intend to accomplish with your business and the performance of your current site. For certain clients, monthly expenses range from $2,500 to around $10,000. The cost of marketing each month is $4,000.

How long before I start seeing results from your digital marketing firm?

In the majority of cases, you'll be able to see the results in a short timeframe after your website has been designed and created. Certain aspects will require a lot of work. SEO will show tangible results in 90 days, and then incremental growth in sales from there. It is generally true that PPC campaign results are more rapid than are visible within one month. However, do not ignore SEO or content just because the ramp-up time is longer. Every method can be used as part of your overall marketing plan. In your complimentary consultation, we'll be delighted to discuss the details further.

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