How to Improve Your B2B Marketing

Up your B2B marketing game with our expert tips and strategies to boost your business's success!

Trends change all the time, sometimes in a couple of years or sometimes in a matter of months. When it comes to business-to-business marketing, the same trend changes also apply.

The question is, how do you keep up with these trends? Which ones should you follow to tip the competition scale to your side? Pro tip: step back and look at your b2b marketing strategy. Do you think it’s effective? Could it be improved?

What Makes a Good B2B Marketing Strategy?

It is crucial to gauge the efficiency of your marketing plan, especially in the context of B2B marketing agency Chicago operations. B2B marketing leaders sometimes don’t realize the presence of the leaky bucket effect. They keep on attracting more leads and pouring them into the bucket. However, if the bucket has holes in the bottom, they lose customers even though they add more.

They are wasting time gaining leads, aka spending money, because they are just continuously losing them. It’s an unsustainable growth. It is important to patch up this problem before moving forward, or else your marketing efforts will go to waste. Here are some important trends that will improve B2B marketing techniques, increase brand awareness, build customer relationships, and optimize paid search campaigns on your web pages for better product marketing results.

b2b content marketing

1/8 trend

1. Content Marketing

Oldies but goodies, this method has been used by b2b marketers world for a while. Although other techniques have been more prevalent recently, i.e., Inbound Marketing, you should still value Content Marketing as much as you value Inbound Marketing, especially in the context of B2B marketing agency Chicago. Content relevancy would always be important everywhere, not just in B2B marketing. When potential business clients want to know about you, they do their research – they go through your site, blog posts, and activities. This is why it is important to have relevant content on your website.

Another important aspect of content is its length; some people believe that the future of content marketing depends on more concise content. Nowadays, people prefer a lot of visuals, helping them understand what they’re looking at. It is often hard to stay focused reading a very long article, especially if there are no pictures. Hence, it’s essential to incorporate only vital details and maintain a concise, to-the-point approach to sustain your reader’s interest, a strategy that is essential for B2B digital marketing Chicago.

b2b mobile marketing

Practice Tips:

  • Audience Research: Before creating content, thoroughly understand your target audience’s needs, preferences, and pain points to tailor your content effectively.
  • Consistency: Maintain a regular posting schedule to keep your audience engaged and build trust over time.
2/8 trend

2. Mobile Marketing

Almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone, and the amount of time people spend browsing through their phones has tremendously increased throughout the years. Surprisingly, a good amount of businesses actually use mobile phones to browse, highlighting the importance of b2b internet marketing strategies in reaching this mobile-savvy audience. This gives them freedom, especially for the businesses on the go, allowing them to work while doing something else outside of the office. In today’s digital age, it’s crucial for B2B marketing companies Chicago to understand this mobile trend and adapt their strategies accordingly.

A game-changer trend that marketers need to watch out for is Google’s separate mobile index. In addition to this, a lot of B2B businesses also utilize mobile apps. Google used to index sites the same way for mobile and desktop users. Mobile apps, developed by a digital B2B marketing agency, give their customers easier access to their products and services, creating a deeper relationship between the two. This means that enhancing your mobile functionality and content would be very crucial to appear on the Search Engine Results Page on a mobile device.

Reach the mobile-savvy B2B audience with the help of Comrade Digital Marketing Agency. Schedule a free consultation.

For B2B marketing tips and tricks, optimizing for mobile search is essential in today’s digital landscape. Mobile results would display more relevant results for mobile users, while desktop results would be more useful for desktop users, separating the two. If you own an eCommerce store, you can turn to one of the Mobile App Design Companies or to a B2B advertising agency Chicago to get a perfect app promoting your business. Improving your B2B marketing techniques is key to staying competitive in the digital marketplace.

Practice Tips:

  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Ensure your website and emails are mobile-responsive for a seamless user experience on smartphones and tablets.
  • SMS Marketing: Implement SMS campaigns for timely promotions and notifications, keeping your audience informed on their mobile devices.
3/8 trend

3. Search Engine Optimization

Despite all of your efforts to reach out to your potential clients, it is still impossible to connect with each and every one of them. This is where b2b inbound marketing services come in. This is a two-way street; while you’re looking for business partners, they are also doing the same thing. Businesses utilize search engines to look for goods & services. This is why optimizing your site for search results is important, so those potential clients you couldn’t reach out to could find you and benefit from your b2b content marketing strategy Chicago!

b2b mobile marketing

Practice Tips:

  • Keyword Research: Use keyword research tools to identify relevant keywords for your content and optimize it accordingly.
  • Quality Backlinks: Focus on building high-quality backlinks from reputable websites to boost your SEO ranking.
4/8 trend

4. Social Media Marketing

Building a strong brand is every business’ goal. Having an established and reputable name in the industry really does help generate business. Alongside the development of mobile smartphones and the Internet, it is a match made in heaven for businesses. It makes businesses very accessible to the public, putting them in the consumers’ pockets & one click away. This is why many B2B companies take advantage of social media; they can share their story and business with the world. To excel in this realm, working with a B2B web marketing agency or a Chicago B2B ad agency is advisable.

Social Media outlets don’t just build a brand image. It is also able to help businesses reach out to potential clients. The most used and effective platforms for B2B companies are LinkedIn and Twitter. These platforms can aid companies in getting across to interested audiences. To improve B2B marketing techniques, it’s essential to leverage the capabilities of B2B marketing agencies in Chicago, including the expertise of a Chicago B2B advertising agency and a Chicago B2B marketing agency.

b2b automation and analytics

Practice Tips:

  • Engagement: Actively engage with your audience by responding to comments, messages, and creating interactive posts to foster a sense of community.
  • Visual Content: Incorporate eye-catching visuals like images and videos in your social media posts to increase engagement and shareability.
5/8 trend

5. Automation and Analytics

Automation is another technological advancement in the world of marketing, greatly benefiting businesses. This enables marketers to target a specific audience that is actually interested in what they’re selling. Techniques such as remarketing, often employed by a skilled B2B search marketing agency, give marketers the chance to reach out to a specific audience that has already shown interest in their products & services. This provides efficiency and a high-quality relationship between B2B companies, a significant aspect of B2B marketing in Chicago. The question many businesses ask is, “How to improve B2B marketing?” Automation is a part of the answer.

b2b video marketing

Practice Tips:

  • Data Monitoring: Regularly analyze your marketing data to identify trends and make informed decisions for future campaigns.
  • Marketing Automation: Utilize marketing automation tools to streamline repetitive tasks and improve efficiency in your campaigns.
6/8 trend

6. Video Marketing

One video costs a thousand blogs. The sphere of b2b marketing is no exception to this. The growth of video format has been happening for a long time. For example, a study by Livestream showed that 80% of people prefer watching videos to watching blogs; and it was in 2015. Now, in 2021 90% of the US population prefer video content. COVID facilitated this growth a lot. It would be unwise to think that this doesn’t affect the b2b market and its target audience. For insights into how to improve B2B marketing, embracing video content is undoubtedly a key consideration for any Chicago b2b ad agency and B2B inbound marketing agency.

Videos are a powerful tool for B2B marketing Chicago. They enable you to convey intentions and emotions swiftly, getting down to business efficiently. When your audience sees your face, you become more appealing, fostering trust. Additionally, B2B content strategy Chicago highlights that visual information is more comprehensible for viewers, making it an effective method to enhance your B2B marketing efforts. Wondering how to improve B2B marketing? Embracing video content is a strategic step in the right direction.

b2b testimonials, case studies and reviews

But advantages don’t end there! Videos also usually have way higher engagement metrics on social media channels. This is especially important if you want to grow your social media presence and reach potential customers. Just look at the stats: 10x more engagement on Twitter, 20x on LinkedIn, and video also generates more engagement than any other type of content on Instagram. It’s a powerful tool for marketing campaigns and can be effectively utilized by your marketing team to target potential buyers throughout the buying process.

Publishing video content is a great way for improving your b2b content marketing strategy, and any b2b marketer worth their salt will have a ton of ideas for this format. To effectively reach business customers through video marketing, you should consider leveraging various marketing channels. Understand the buying process within your industry, and tailor your content to address specific pain points in the longer sales cycle and buyer’s journey.

Practice Tips:

  • Short, Engaging Videos: Create short, attention-grabbing videos that convey your message quickly, as viewers often have a short attention span.
  • Optimize for Mobile: Ensure your video content is mobile-friendly, as a significant portion of video consumption occurs on mobile devices.
7/8 trend

7. Testimonials, Case Studies, and Reviews

Your reputation matters. A lot! Reviews absolutely can influence buying decisions, especially in the realm of influencer marketing, referral marketing, and brand marketing. For example, 97% of people consider reviews when dealing with businesses, which is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of marketing automation software and pain points. Implementing effective marketing tactics and other marketing efforts can help address these concerns and drive success in B2B marketing strategies.

If you think this affects only B2C marketing, you’re sorely mistaken. Yes, in B2B marketing, you are the provider of goods and services for other businesses, but who stands behind those businesses? That’s right – people. And people will look at reviews, testimonials, case studies – everything they can get their hands on to make an opinion about your company before talking to you. This is crucial for building brand loyalty and increasing brand awareness among business buyers.

So, when you start looking to improve your b2b marketing strategy, ask yourself this question first: “does my website have testimonials and case studies? Do we get good reviews?” Because if your b2b buyers can’t know who they are getting involved with, they will pass you by. To attract website visitors, consider optimizing your website for Google search through technical SEO and structured data. Additionally, invest in PPC campaigns to increase visibility.

Practice Tips:

  • Collect Feedback: Encourage customers to provide feedback and testimonials by offering incentives or making the process easy and convenient.
  • Highlight Success Stories: Showcase real-world examples of how your product or service solved specific problems through case studies to build credibility.

CDMA review

8/8 trend

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective B2B marketing strategies for lead generation and building customer relationships. It can have up to 40:1 ROI, and 63% of B2B marketers cite email marketing specifically as offering one of the best ROI. And it’s even the best part! Email marketing helps you to build relations with your business partners, a crucial aspect of your marketing goals. Yes, it is an age of social media, and most of digital marketing focuses on SEO, SMM, and other significant channels, including social media posts. Still, as a B2B company, you communicate with your partners most of the time through official correspondence, making it an essential part of your marketing toolbox.

To be successful at Google Ads and marketing plans, you need to remember an important tip. Don’t use emails only to sell your products or services. Try to engage your customers. You can always offer them something of value besides your product. It can be a report, an educational video, a webinar, etc. Yes, the main goal of any marketing funnel strategy is to sell your goods, but if you only spam your buyers with new offers on your website or different buying incentives, you will either train them to only engage with you when there is some sale or make them leave.

This approach can harm your brand identity and decrease brand awareness. Instead, focus on providing valuable educational content that aligns with their buying cycle. This will help build brand equity and a stronger brand stand in the minds of individual consumers. Your sales team can use this approach to generate more qualified leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Practice Tips:

  • Personalization: Personalize your email campaigns with recipients’ names and tailored content to increase engagement.
  • A/B Testing: Continuously A/B test your email subject lines, content, and visuals to determine what resonates best with your audience and optimize accordingly.


You can improve B2B marketing strategies in a myriad of different ways, such is the nature of digital marketing as a whole. Our b2b marketers at Comrade are always ready to help you improve your b2b strategy so you can reach your target audience and grow. Call us at 312-265-0580 or contact us online to receive a free consultation.

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