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Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound is about creating and sharing content with your world of prospects, customers, vendors, media and industry peers. Specifically targeted and designed content keeps them coming back for more.
What is Inbound Marketing?

Since its introduction into mainstream marketing in 2006, Inbound Marketing has become the most effective marketing method for attracting leads and acquiring customers online. Instead of purchasing ads, buying email lists, and praying for tangible leads, Inbound Marketing focuses on creating quality, relevant (and sometimes entertaining) content that pulls your target audiences toward your company, products & services.


Connecting Your Organization with Intended Audiences

A marketing campaign is a strategized series of actions that strives to move customers to complete your Call to Action (aka buy a product, send a resume, go to an event, etc.) through different media channels and using a variety of different advertisements.

Organized Inbound Marketing campaigns deliver a boost in visibility for your company.


The Importance of
Inbound Marketing

There is no doubt among marketing professionals that Inbound Marketing is growing rapidly in importance. With the digital world constantly changing and consumers becoming harder to reach through all the advertising clutter, we have seen that Inbound Marketing is the most effective way to reach your audiences where they spend their time: Online!

  • Inbound Marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional, outbound marketing.
  • 57% of Internet users search the web EVERY DAY
  • 46% of daily searches are requests for products or services info.
  • 70% of clicked search links are organic—not paid.
  • US Internet users spend 3x more minutes viewing blogs & social networks than reading email.
  • 42% of companies have acquired at least one new customer through twitter

The Buyers Journey

Unless you’re your customers likely don’t visit your website, credit card in hand, ready to make a purchase right away. Instead, they begin their “Buyers Journey”, which consists of four steps that consumers take before becoming your customer.

1Attractstrangers to visit your website,
2Convertthose visitors into leads,
3Closethe leads into customers, and...
4Delight them into becoming your promoters!


The first step in the Buyer's Journey is to attract strangers to your brand and entice them to visit your site where interactions occur as they move toward a sale. But how do you attract strangers?

At Comrade Web, we follow a precise process:

1) Review your brand – Is it modern? Does it effectively address your Buyer PersonasTrue views of your customers – inside and out. Includes their objectives in making a purchase, objections they raise, demographic information about their age, gender, etc. Since your business is built around these people, a Buyer Persona is the amalgamation of these characteristics, forming an ideal “type” of customer to whom you can sell.? Are you attracting the audiences you’re targeting?

2) Evaluate overall website presence – We examine your SEO success, how easy your website is to find and navigate, how easy the information on your site is to understand, and if your services/products are clear.

Depending on what we discover, we may adjust the marketing message to better communicate with customers and improve their user experiences or we may need to start from scratch and build a new site.


Once we have brought interested potential clients onto your site or interacting with your content. Converting prospects into leads is critical to achieving sustainable sales growth. Infusing your website with content that is prized by visitors is an excellent way to engage them in an electronic dialog while also establishing yourself as a knowledgeable thought leader and industry source.

Naturally, individuals are more inclined to buy from you each time you provide a tip sheet, eBook, whitepaper, forms creation, chat implementation or checklist that helps them during their decision-making process. We create Calls-to-Action (CTA’s) that are too enticing to pass up. As we stimulate interactive behavior, not only will your list of contacts grow, but your chances to close deals increases as well.


We’ve nurtured your leads, customers have interacted with your content and now they’re ready to make a purchase. Congratulations! The next step is to make it as easy as possible for them to make their purchase. To do this, you need to make sure all payment software is up to date, all prices are visible and that the payment process is quick and painless. We suggest also adding additional promotions like 20% off your first order or free shipping to shift anyone on the fence.

We recommend executing a “marketing automation” to nurture leads into paying customers. This process deepens back-and-forth communication, and increases opportunities to close sales. A Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) helps to analyze the best prospects, while closed loop reporting eliminates duplicate efforts among sales and marketing staff. A series of emails can work as drip marketing, such that, eventually, recipients will be ready to make a purchase, and your company will be top-of-mind.


Once the products or services have been delivered, the relationship isn’t over. Keep customers happy with ongoing customer service. Preferred discounts on future items and surveys that ask (and value) their opinions are great ways to generate additional sales.

To turn customers into promoters, we encourage them to spread the word about their positive experiences buying from you. Gentle prompts for social media sharing plus Yelp and Google+ reviews strengthen brand presence and trustworthiness. Followers who “like” and “re-tweet” your company’s brand messaging are “Word of Web” messengers who promote better than virtually any other method available. Plus, we can place “Smart Calls-to-Action” which uniquely presents customers with information that is based upon their individual Buyer Personas and Buyer's Journey stages.

Not sure if your website is optimized
to see the best results?

With Comrade C.O.R.E. (Complimentary Online Review and Evaluation), we analyze your website, testing it through analytics and designer input to understand its strengths and weaknesses. And it’s free!

Grade Your Website


There are many different channels available to spread your message, so how do we decide which ones to use? It’s most important to analyze each media channel to determine their ability to reach different audiences and serve specific purposes. We work with you to you define your business goals, which leads us to the places that your prospective customers spend time online.

Once we’ve set up your channels and the targeted content is flowing, it’s important to track people’s interactivity. By constantly checking Google rankings, keywords, bounce rate and website visitor flow, we can intelligently adjust the marketing strategy for bigger and better results.

Tracking your Results

It’s incredibly important to track your marketing campaigns and take note of what is and is not effective amongst your target audience. By keeping a close eye on your progress, you can easily duplicate successful campaigns.

At Comrade Web, we utilize industry-leading HubSpot for its award-winning software. Our driving mission is to ensure that you get the most value from the analytics that the platform provides.

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