The Difference Between Graphic Design and Branding

Discover the key differences between graphic design and branding and learn how they impact your business's visual identity and success!

Many companies believe that logos, headers, and business cards are what makes a brand. They’re wrong. Understanding the difference between branding and graphic design is the first necessary step to creating your own brand that is unique, strong, and alive.
Basically, branding is how people perceive you, your business, your services, and your product. You can define your brand’s visual identity through everything from the logo to the colors you choose, and other design components that will make your brand stand out from the competition and attract customers’ attention.

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What Is Graphic Design? 

The graphic designer handles all visual solutions for the brand development process. They are the guardians of your visual identity so that, whatever is being issued visually, stays cohesive on every platform. Graphic design is anything that is created by a professional graphic designer for your Dallas business.

While their contribution to the graphic design branding process is primarily at the end (because they are the ones that have to materialize ideas into something palpable, and, tangible) they should also be part of the entire creative process.

Graphic Design

Web Design vs Graphic Design. The Metaphor

The graphic designer branding campaign is like that of a personal shopper, stylist and tailor all in one. They make sure that you look good at all times no matter the occasion. They take your personality and transform it into a visual medium (your clothing) in hopes of attracting like-minded people.

What Is Branding Design?

Branding design refers to how a brand visually represents its identity. Branding design typically focuses on the elements that distinguish a brand from competitors, such as its logo, color scheme, typography, and other design characteristics.

“BRANDING is any conscious activity that the company performs to try to influence this set of perceptions in people’s minds.” – Brands Come True

Essentially, this means that everything you do for your company is considered branding and has the potential to be part of your brand. This can include your offices/stores, your vehicles, your social media presence, your shipping, your website, your customer service, your employees and yes, your best graphic design logos.

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Unfortunately, over 80% of entrepreneurs believe that graphic design and branding are the same thing. While visual identity graphic design is a very important part of the branding process, it is just that – a part- and not the entire process. Branding goes beyond visual. It handles the entire customer experience on all levels, senses, and dimensions.


The Metaphor

If high-end graphic design is the master tailor, then branding is your attitude/personality. You develop this on your own, over several years. Your personality consists of your past experiences, relationships, and opinions. While your clothing can reflect your personality, it is hardly ever the other way around. Your clothing may draw them in, but it will be your personality that will make them fall in love with you. The same principle holds true with graphic design brand identity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is graphic design a part of branding?

Essentially, branding is a deliberate movement that a corporate body makes, and the art of branding is to do so in a harmonious and deliberate manner. There is an inextricable link between graphic design and branding. The most clear difference between graphic design and branding is that branding creates a cohesive visual identity for a company, while graphic design creates visuals for communication.

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