Why the Top 22 Best-Structured Manufacturing Websites Are Growing Revenue in Leaps and Bounds

Discover the top 22 best structured manufacturing websites and gain inspiration for optimizing your own industry-leading online presence!

Manufacturing companies abound, but few have a truly robust website that attracts potential clients and converts them into qualified leads. With proper design, UX (user experience), SEO and other features, your manufacturing website can become one of your greatest business tools. We’ve curated a list of some of the best manufacturing websites on the web to serve as inspiration for your own manufacturing business website.

Manufacturing Websites Designed and Developed by Comrade


Tungco - tungsten raw materials

Source: Tungco

Tungco is the first manufacturing website in our selection. We at Comrade listened to the client’s needs and using its business philosophy, built a modern website that positions Tungco as a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Tungsten materials.


pneutech best manufacturing websites

Source: Pneutech

Pneutech is a premier provider of compressed air products and solutions. Comrade designed a state-of-art website that features convenient search by product categories, great testimonials, simple and understandable menu options and more. The website truly represents the core Pneutech philosophy and positions the company as an industry leader.

Beautiful Manufacturing Websites from the Web

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a renown manufacturer of sophisticated defense aircraft, aeronautics, and innovative design systems. The main feature of this manufacturing website is its quality user experience and informativeness. Finding the latest news, articles on the latest innovative solutions and other valuable information is easy to find on the Lockheed website.

GTR Manufacturing

Specializing in sheet metal fabrication, this manufacturing website stands out for its modern and engaging design and great website structure.


Lear Automotive Seating & E-Systems

Source: Lear

Lear, a leader in automotive seating and electrical systems, features another modern website that engages visitors and encourages them to interact with the site. Another distinctive feature is its well-thought out UX.


Mepaco Food Processing Equipment

Source: Mepaco

Mepaco focuses on the food service industry and it’s simple yet easy to use website makes the grade in terms of user experience, easy-to-navigate menu and clear descriptions of its product line-up.

Sharretts Plating

A leader in the plating industry, Sharretts Plating provides industrial plating to automotive, electronics, and hardware suppliers. A user-friendly interface and a good organization of its many services and products make this website one of the best in the manufacturing industry.


Tymetal Security Gates

Source: Tymetal

Tymetal specializes in secure gate systems. We like its comprehensive drop-down menu for product systems, photo galleries, and quality video resources.

PR Hoffman

PR Hoffman Lapping & Polishing Machine Experts

Source: PR Hoffman

This supplier of lapping and polishing machines services a wide variety of industries. Attractive web design and user-friendliness make this website one of our picks for top manufacturing websites.

NTS Unitek

NTS Unitek Source Inspection & Quality Assurance Audits

Source: NTS Unitek

One of the best manufacturing websites of the year is NTS Unitek. Eye-catching, high-resolution images and intuitive site design navigate visitors seamlessly through the website.

Fairlawn Tool Inc

Fairlawn Tool is a metal contract production manufacturer with a well-designed website. The site offers a comprehensive menu for a variety of industries and clearly outlines the company’s services and capabilities. The blog is a useful, well-placed resourced.


AGCO Valtra Farm Equipment 2020-07-23 10-11-29

Source: Agco

This agricultural machinery company has a well-designed website offering a great deal of information for brand partners in a simplified format. The site is easy-to-navigate and clearly highlights the company’s brand philosophy.


Greenbrier Integrated Railcar Manufacturer

Source: GBX

A conglomerate of leaders in the manufacturing and freight transportation services industries, the GBX  website is well laid out to make accessing vital information easy and digestible.


Playstar Play Sets

Source: Playstar

Affordable outdoor wood swing set kits from PlayStar are the easiest and fastest way to build durable children’s playgrounds and the website truly conveys this company’s mission. Great pictures and useful information about its products are some of the features that make Playstar’s one of the best among manufacturing websites.


CAT Products & Services – North America | Caterpillar

Source: Caterpillar

Caterpillar is a world-renown manufacturer of the equipment, power systems, parts and technology. With its top-notch website, the company presents its entire product range along with useful information in an easy to navigate format.

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation continues our selection of top manufacturing websites. It’s compelling aesthetic and quality UX makes for a high-caliber manufacturing website worth making the grade.


 John Deere Products & Services Information

Source: Deere.com

John Deere needs no introduction. The farming equipment giant has led the industry for decades, but its website also warrants an honorable mention. It presents a great range of equipment categories from agriculture to rentals to sales, all in an easy to navigate format. It’s a great example of how a B2B website that works with partner affiliates can leverage a powerful website as a business tool.


JCB Construction

Source: JCB

JSB is another example of a great agriculture equipment supplier website. Simple, quality UX and useful downloadable brochure (which helps capture client leads) are among the many great features of this website.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls has a user-friendly website with a soft-colored design. Here, you can find an extensive range of services and products with informative descriptions and high-resolution images. The design brings its product and service line-up to life for potential and existing clients.


Dow | The Materials Science Company | Explore Products

Source: Dow

Sophisticated product catalog with numerous products, Dow’s website is an example of how to thoughtfully organize a lot of information. It offers a convenient option to search by product or by brand, and its user-friendly interface definitely makes this website stand out from the competition.


Bciburke Commercial Playground Equipment

Source: Burke

Burke offers commercial playground equipment and its fun, colorful web design conveys the company’s core product line. Its extensive online catalog and useful resources make this website a great example for inspiration.


DuPont Science & Innovation

Source: Dupont

Dupont is the website that closes our selection of the best manufacturing websites. We think this company has done a great job distilling a wealth of products and information in an easy to navigate, well-organized format.

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