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PneuTech is an offshoot of Illinois-based compressed air products distributor FluidAire Dynamics. PneuTech is a global brand for compressed air products and solutions. The project objective was to create a website displaying products across their 4 global regions.


PneuTech products vary from region to region, meaning we needed to create a dynamic database that would change depending on the region selected. This included photos, descriptions, spec sheets, and applicable forms. Another challenge was creating a site that was modern and visually clean, something the vast majority of industrial sites severely lack.


The website showcases a “region selector” feature, allowing users (in this case, distributors) to choose their appropriate region. By doing this, they are able to see products available in their chosen region as well as item specs.

The site itself was designed with the intended user in mind—distributors for air compressor products, parts, and related items. The design and layout are clean and straightforward, allowing ease of use and navigation.

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