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Updated: November 23, 2021

How You Can Use Your Employees To Drive Your Marketing Efforts

Effective marketing is a full-time job, but it can be made a lot more manageable with the help of your employees. Adding staff to your marketing efforts has many benefits including potentially reaching a wider audience, improving exposure, and giving your company a more personal touch without adding a bunch of zeros at the end of your marketing budget. Even at moderately sized companies, utilizing your employee's connections can help you tap into hundreds, if not thousands, of new followers. Research shows that information sent from personal accounts are more trusted compared to the same information sent from corporate accounts and personal posts seem to also bypass some of those troublesome algorithms that keep your content from spreading like wildfire.

Rules to Follow

Participation Must Be Voluntary 

While some of you might be saying, “great! everyone is now required to share all our content on his or her personal social media accounts,” be warned. Advocacy can’t be forced.
Employees need to want to share company posts, and the content has to align with their own audiences or their followers will instantly identify it as spam.

Provide Them With The Correct Tools

It’s vital that every player understands what’s happening where and when. While everyone will be operating individually, it’s important that social media content continue to be organized. Pick what you want your employees to share and outline WHY. Everyone needs to understand the motivation for sharing or you run the risk of off-brand messaging. Choose one tool, put everyone on it, and communicate actively and honestly. Outline the message you want to share and allow the employee to customize their specific wording to avoid sounding too “corporate”.

Allow Everyone to Participate in Brainstorming

Employees outside of your marketing team most likely have new, fresh insight regarding your social media campaigns. Give them a place and time to tell you their ideas, as they most likely won’t share without being asked.

Every few weeks, schedule an open meeting where anyone can share their ideas and discuss them. It may also be beneficial to create a space online where people can drop suggestions between meetings.

While you may be the expert, your employees will most likely surprise you with new connections to your target demographic and insight into what’s hot in the online world right now. It’s usually a case of being too close to the forest to see the trees.

Spotlight Employees

How do you make someone feel special enough to sing your praises? Give them individual attention. Try applauding exceptional employees on your company’s social media. Doing this will likely cause your engagement to increase, as your employees will like, comment, and reshare the updates that feature them.
Additionally, you should be publishing pictures and videos from company events (see below), lunch gatherings, and office routines. Tip: take the time to tag employees online so they (and all their connections) will be notified that they’re featured.

Spotlight Employees

Monitor and Share Your Success

Make your employee’s efforts feel like their additional efforts are worthwhile by showing them the direct impact their corporation has on the company’s social media statistics. Include them in any celebration of the success of your small business. Remember – they don’t have to help and they can stop at any time, so make sure they feel appreciated.

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