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National Lift Truck, Inc. is an Illinois-based company that is both family-owned and operated. For over 60 years, NLT has provided new and used lift equipment, both for sale and rent, and has become well known within their industry for their superior sense of customer service and quality goods.


NLT required a robust website capable of pulling and housing hundreds of products across multiple sources and platforms. The site needed to provide a quick and easy way to access various products and categories as well as request a quote for an individual item.


CWA developed a web portal that allows users and potential customers to browse and filter their searches based on category, application, and other criteria from the company. The site’s design also reinforces NLT’s brand: 60 plus years of honest reputation and superior customer service. Of the different functionalities implemented, the most dynamic was creating an inventory tool that would sync with third party databases in real time to help keep the company’s inventory and flow of product unified.

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