3 Ways Your Staff Help You Grow Your Senior Living Facility

Empower your staff to drive the growth of your senior living facility with these 3 effective strategies!

Senior living centers are growing in popularity as baby boomers reach retirement age. To attract clients, marketing plan for your facility is a must, but word of mouth about the quality of care you provide spreads quickly within a community.

Colorful brochures may attract clients, but ultimately, it’s how employees treat residents that garners the most attention. If you’re not yet focused on how the staff at your facility can help you grow your business, here are three ways to get started.

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Promote Resident Happiness

When clients are excited about your services, they’re more likely to talk to family and friends about it, bringing potential revenue to your door. To achieve the highest levels of satisfaction, your staff needs to focus on promoting resident happiness. They can help by maintaining a comfortable and home-like atmosphere as well as offering structured activities that encourage socialization and the development of friendships between clients, like the activities suggested by Felicita Vida.

Protect Residents from Abuse

As the persons most present in the lives of residents, it’s up to your staff to protect them from abuse. According to Dolman Law, responding promptly to requests for assistance, regularly providing help needed for activities of daily living, and charting can all help nurses protect residents from suffering from neglect. Families of clients who complain about mistreatment are very vocal. They leave negative reviews online, and they speak unfavorably about your facility to friends. When a family is confident that loved ones are well cared for, they spread the word, making protecting residents from abuse and neglect a top priority for staff.

Participate in Community Outreach

To grow your business, generating consistent leads is a must. One of the most effective ways to do that is to reach out to seniors in the community by hosting healthcare-related events. The nurses and paraprofessionals working in your senior living center are trained caregivers. Utilize their skills by offering a free blood pressure clinic, or ask them to speak to a group of local guests about timely medical topics such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Serve refreshments and have extra staff on board to offer quick tours and answer questions.

The best way to grow your business is to grab the attention (which can be done by creating senior living websites) and cater to your target audience, and no one knows how to do that better than the caregivers you employ. Use them to their fullest potential. They can have a lot more of an influence than you might expect.

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