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Comrade Digital Marketing Agency in Madison, WI offers a comprehensive set of digital marketing solutions for your business. For over 12 years, we’ve been partners with an array of businesses, including e-commerce shops and small businesses, lawyers and home improvement firms. We are a full-service marketing agency that will help you meet your business goals!

Madison is known as the city with Four Lakes: Lakes Monona, Mendota, Waubesa, and Kegonsa. There is, however, a fifth one, the controversial Lake Wingra. The city is also often referred to as Mad City or Mad Town. It is a hotspot for healthcare manufacturing, information technology, as well a wide array of other industries. Madison is ever growing, welcoming new people and expanding to take in and entertain the newcomers. Developers are rapidly constructing mixed-use homes that have the ground floor occupied by cafes and coffee bars. Madison’s options for fine cuisine and drinks, such as cocktails and microbrews, are also always expanding.

Madison takes advantage of its natural splendor and offers many ways to enjoy it. Take a stroll through Olbrich Botanical Gardens, enjoying the tranquil Thai Pavilion and the Garden. This garden, Allen Centennial Garden, has a focus on education within a “living lab.” Get involved with the wildlife at Henry Vilas Zoo in Vilas Park, located on Lake Wingra. Enjoy the many lakes that surround you: Go to the shore, go fishing, canoe on Lake Mendota, or walk the nature trails at Governor Nelson State Park on Lake Monona. In the meantime, make sure to visit Monona Terrace, the Monona Terrace Community, and the Convention Center. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, Monona Terrace’s architectural style is the center of many tours. Take a break for dinner and drinks on Memorial Union Terrace on the university campus with views of the lake and live music to create an enjoyable, balmy summer evening outside.

Madison’s diverse arts and culinary scenes will impress even the most trendy newcomers. Internationally acclaimed performers and speakers regularly tour the region. Additionally, Madison appeals to foodies thanks to its locally made cheeses and beers which can be found in the growing number of microbreweries and gastropubs like The Great Dane and Ale Asylum. Dining, drinks, and sports are the most frequent source of conversation for the friendly locals.

As night falls on Madison, the entertainment and social scene kick into high speed. There’s always something happening, from comedy and billiards to a good old-fashioned bar crawl. Madison is a thriving college town and it has plenty that keeps everyone, old and young, happy and engaged. Madison has earned an enviable reputation for years as a party college which earned it the title of Mad Town. There are two major events that take place in the city. Mifflin Street Block Party and the State Street Halloween Party are usually attended by tens of thousands of partygoers, with those from different states partaking in the celebrations.

Comrade Digital Marketing proudly provides internet marketing services in Madison and surrounding areas:

  • Regent
  • Schenk-Atwood
  • State-Langdon
  • Tenny Lapham
  • Bay Creek
  • and others
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Though the site launched days ago, internal stakeholders are already pleased with the quality of Comrade work and the value they’ve derived from it. The team is highly organized — they’re project management style sets them apart from the rest. Customers can expect a smooth engagement.

John Gillespie / Owner / Gillespie Productions, LLC
John Gillespie / Owner / Gillespie Productions, LLC

Oh Comrade! Where to even begin? American Tent worked with Comrade initially for our new website and then for digital marketing. If you want to be pushed to the very limit of what your company is capable of–and then see that you can actually do so much more, the tough lovers at Comrade are for you. They look at all aspects of your brand with unsentimental eyes, calmly evaluate the state of your business, and then develop a plan that will get results. And it’s not just a plan: It’s a multi-strategy approach. When you work with Comrade, you get one or two people who are your account managers and then what feels like an army of behind the scenes workers who seem to be superhumanly passionate about things like SEO, aesthetics, content, and UX.

Elizabeth Paulson / CMO / American Tent
Elizabeth Paulson / CMO / American Tent

Views and engagement grew noticeably across social media channels through Comrade Digital Marketing Agency’s targeted initiatives. The team’s strategic advice, detailed task breakdowns, and dynamic culture led to a rewarding relationship.

Alexander Pavlovcik / Co-Founder / Inventum Digital
Alexander Pavlovcik / Co-Founder / Inventum Digital
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Madison Digital Marketing Services

Madison Marketing Agency Solutions Designed to Grow Your Business


Web Marketing Strategy Development

Strategy always comes first. We are among Madison’s most reputable digital marketing agencies. Our team of diverse online marketing experts will design an effective marketing strategy that addresses the strengths of your business and the weak points. When creating a plan, our aim is to assist Madison companies to grow, gain new clients, and create income.

Website Design

Web Design & Development

Your website is your primary source of income. It is essential to have a well-designed, high-performance site with solid SEO foundations. Madison is a crowded market and you need to stand out. Comrade is an award-winning website design and development company that can help your company come up with innovative solutions that will give you an edge and yield tangible results in the form of high-quality leads and increased traffic.


SEO Services

Google is how prospective customers find the companies they would like to utilize. We put a lot of emphasis on search engine marketing for our clients in order to boost their web presence and rank higher on search engines. Our cutting-edge digital marketing solutions are available for all search engines, whether it’s Google, Bing, or any other. Our Madison SEO Company keeps our hand on the pulse of the most current search engine algorithms in order to make sure that your Madison company is ranked ahead of the competition.


Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-per-click campaigns can deliver instant results. Comrade’s Madison PPC experts will make sure that your website is ranked well in search results for the keywords you’re particularly interested in. We develop a customized PPC management strategy that includes all aspects of search, from social media to advertisements. This can help increase traffic as well as leads and sales for your business.


Content Marketing & Content Creation

The bottom line of your business will be enhanced through quality content that converts. Comrade’s content writers can design and implement a plan of content expansion that is in line with your company’s requirements. We make sure our content produced is in line with your brand’s image and resonates with your targeted customers.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing Services

Comrade, a Wisconsin-based digital marketing company, can assist you to increase your online presence through social media management. Comrade’s social media specialists will assist you with managing your social media to increase brand recognition, increase your online presence, and boost conversion rates with an individual strategy that is tailored to meet your objectives.


Email Marketing

80% of customers are in agreement that email marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy for a business. It is a great platform to share promotions and remind customers of abandoned shopping carts, as well as establish lasting relationships with customers. Our team of experts in internet marketing will guide you through the ins and outs of this particular strategy for marketing. They will also explain the reason why this tool is so effective for creating brand loyalty as well as growing revenue.


Local SEO

Whatever your location, local services are sought-after. People are always searching to find services “near me”, whether they are looking for “electricians Bay Creek” or “lawyers in Marquette”. Local SEO is crucial to your plan if you’re trying to expand your business. Comrade can assist you in improving the quality of your Google Business listing and optimizing Google Maps placement. We can also improve your local pages and register your website with any directories that are specific to your industry.


Reputation Managementv

If you are looking to succeed in this day and age, you must have the most prestigious possible reputation. A lot of companies live and die by their image. We provide customized solutions that will improve and safeguard your reputation online. To ensure that your brand is well-received, we will conduct a thorough audit to promote positive reviews and minimize risks.

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  • (UX) User Experience
  • Competitive market
  • Metrics for conversions
  • SEO ranking and performance

After our assessment concludes we will provide you with a fully tailored growth plan for your Madison business


Why businesses in Madison choose Comrade

Of the companies offering digital marketing services in Madison and across the country, Comrade is among the very few that are able to guarantee results. Our experts know how to boost the profits of our clients as we’ve done it so many times. Our in-house marketing specialists offer internet marketing services, such as creating digital campaigns for marketing, establishing digital marketing strategies and online reputation management marketing on search engines, and more. We are confident that we can improve leads, traffic, and sales for our clients. Our aim is to be your complete digital marketing agency and also your partner from the start.


Madison Trusted Marketing Agency

It's like having your own digital marketing branch, without the headaches (and costs) of hiring in-house

We never take on a new client unless we can document how we can succeed in growing their business in a meaningful way. We work with every client as if we are a business partner, truly invested in their success. Because, well, we are. When you work with Comrade you get a team of professionals in the field, all dedicated to your business.

Working with us you will get:

Dedicated teams
Your team will consist of niche experts, an account manager, and a veteran CMO.
ROI-driven approach
Get a holistic marketing approach that focuses on driving revenue growth.

Comrade Digital Marketing - Madison

Comrade Digital Marketing aims to help grow Madison businesses through a full suite of advanced web development and digital marketing solutions.

We usually deliver a 4.5x ROI for our clients
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  • Increase brand awareness & loyalty
  • Increase your qualified leads
  • Elevate your conversion rate
  • Foster a repeat customer base
  • Decrease cost per lead
  • Increase return on marketing investment

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Here's What Our Madison Clients Want to Know

What sort of online marketing services do you provide to Madison-based companies?

We offer web design and digital marketing services to companies located in Madison, WI. As a full-service marketing agency, we can assist you with everything from search engine marketing and full-service advertising to content marketing and social media management services.

What industries do you serve?

We have more than twelve years of experience as full-service web development and online marketing company serving customers from a variety of sectors. In addition to handling B2C and B2B eCommerce, our company offers services to various industries, including medical professionals, manufacturers, real estate agents, senior housing facilities, local businesses, as well as law firms, home improvement, and contractors. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each customer. We don't take on a client or project in any industry until we're certain that we'll be able to achieve the promised results.

Can you explain your guarantee?

We're committed to the principle of accountability. Our services are backed by a guarantee, which places us among the best online marketing firms across the country. For our strategy, we'll start working on your project at 50% of the rate mentioned in the contract before we move on to our full-monthly fee when you've had satisfactory results over two consecutive months. Specifics of the plan will be provided in the future. Contact us to determine whether you are eligible.

What's the advantage of hiring Comrade over a different marketing agency located in Madison?

It may sound biased, but we really are one of the top digital marketing agencies in a wide range of areas: SEO, content marketing, and web design, as well as business strategies. As a result of our work, your business will start bringing in more leads, converting them to sales, and growing in revenue and popularity. As a client, you won't have to outsource the development of your website or marketing. We do all our work in-house so we are in a position to provide the most cost-effective and profitable growth strategies. We are confident in our work. We offer guarantee plans to only a small number of customers. If we meet our objectives in the space of two months, we'll change to the full rate, which we have agreed upon. Contact us for more details.

Can I afford your services?

Each marketing strategy for each company is different, it has a variety of possibilities. Are you trying to grow your business gradually or more rapidly? Does the website serve as a resource for information or do you want it to have more sophisticated features? The cost will vary depending on these factors. A high-performing website generally costs between $10,000 and $40,000. The cost of digital marketing services will be based on the goals you want to achieve for your business as well as its performance on your existing website. For some clients, monthly costs are between $2,500 and $10,000. Marketing costs per month is $4,000.

How long before I start seeing results from your digital marketing firm?

In most cases, you'll get the results within a short amount of time after the website is constructed and designed. Certain elements will require some effort. SEO will demonstrate tangible results within 90 days, followed by an incremental increase in sales after that. It's true that PPC results come in faster than other services, but don't ignore SEO or content simply because the time to ramp up is longer. Every method is a good option in conjunction with your overall marketing strategy. In your free consultation, we'll be happy to go over the specifics.

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