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Portfolio > Golfball Monkey
Golfball Monkey
  • Branding
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Strategy Development
  • Web Design / Development
About the Project

What kind of monkey would climb trees, look behind boulders and scuba dive under lily pads to collect a bunch of used golf balls? Apparently a lot of them. Our client, capitalized on the idea of “harvesting” those little white balls that get away from so many golfers, who simply decide to drop a new one down on the fairway and keep swinging away.

Comrade Web Agency was brought in to modernize the website, make it mobile friendly, and set the stage for Golfball Monkey to attract Sellers (at an attractive “price per ball” pay rate) to retrieve and extract golf balls from hard-to-reach areas of the course. For Buyers, we implemented a product quality rating scale, and easy-to-search catalog that enables browsing by brand, price and color.

Regarding the website’s visual appearance, our designers refined the color palette to green & white (of course) with bright orange accents that call attention to important buttons, links and Calls-to-Action. Large-scale photos were added to infuse the site with a fun, golf-friendly feeling.

Golfball Monkey Homepage
Golfball Monkey Image Golfball Monkey Image Golfball Monkey Image
Golfball Monkey Image Golfball Monkey Image Golfball Monkey Image
Golfball Monkey Image Golfball Monkey Image
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