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With CWA’s integrated, wholistic strategy, we are able to combine design, SEO and marketing into new leads for your business

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We deliver your ideal Buyer Persona to you through research, web design, and inbound marketing efforts

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Comrade Web is a full-service digital inbound marketing, seo and web design agency in Chicago specializing in technology-driven inbound marketing solutions Utilizing the latest in analytics, web design, web development and responsiveness, we set the pace for this ever-evolving online market. that leverage brand positioning Your organization's value exists in relation to the culture and your industry. We perform extensive market research to properly promote and position your identity, earning your advantage over the competition.
and customer profiles Your customers are your business. By developing customer profiles for your target demographics, we are able to deploy unique inbound marketing and seo campaigns that appeal to specific people. to create sustainable growth We set goals, determine our course of action and achieve measurable results. The cycle continues by repeating and improving the process. In short, we grow your bottom line..
  • See how we helped Granite Selection to improve the amount of web leads by 40% while reducing their PPC budget by 85%.

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    Website Design
    Brand Positioning
    Mobile Responsive
    Website Development
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  • See how we helped Amer-Trans develop a brand platform to augment their digital presence

    Marketing Strategy
    Social Media Engagement
    Conversion Optimization
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In today's digital world, Inbound Marketing is the most powerful technique to build an Internet presence and advertise to your customers where they are: online. Inbound Marketing uses a holistic approach by producing quality, relevant social media, SEO, email marketing, PR, premium offers and PPC content that pulls your target audiences toward your company, products & services.

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Our Process

We use everything we've got to bring you results. Blending web design & development, SEO, and Inbound Marketing, our revolutionary process has only one outcome: success.


First, we review your case to determine the scope of the project and establish preliminary objectives.


We crunch numbers to see what’s working, and develop targeted campaign strategies with quantitative goals. Our goal is to bring you results from the very first campaign.


We construct a robust digital platform to deliver your message to the right people. This means seamless brand continuity across the web and fully responsive functionality.


We deploy organic content to draw and sustain vital traffic. Then we go back to analytics to evaluate our progress and refine our strategies once again.

Sustainable Growth

We bring you measurable results at every stage of the process. Meanwhile, we constantly improve our campaigns based on those results. Sustainable growth is not an end-goal, but a constant feature of our work together.

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Building A Strong Foundation with Web Design.

The Internet is your gateway to sales. That means your website design is the #1 resource to increase your digital presence and improve your bottom line. Time to invest in it.



Just as our team members work together to develop optimal strategies to achieve growth, we work with you to discover the solutions you need to achieve your goals


We love what we do, it’s as simple as that. Because this is our passion, we consistently seek nothing less than excellence in all of our work


Digital technology is the heartbeat of our marketing solutions. We deploy the most current tech available to bring you measured results at every stage of the process


Everything we do is designed to make the world better, by bringing businesses and customers together in the alignment of their values, visions, and goals


When it comes to marketing solutions, we lead the pack. We constantly develop new strategies that challenge the established status quo.


We are in the business of solutions with impact. We provide not only the tools to develop growth, but also the accountability for achieving and sustaining the models we develop

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24 May 2016

Let's talk Audio User Experience and User “Interface”

If you live in Chicago, it’s inevitable that you’ve utilized some form of CTA transportation. Have you ever stopped to think about the audio user experience? A lot of thought goes into the announcements you hear and user "interface" for the CTA’s L and bus system.

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