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Safety Garage Door, a reputable garage door repair and installation service provider based in California, sought assistance after their prior agency failed to meet expectations. Comrade stepped in and successfully revamped their website, significantly enhancing their local SEO and securing them a coveted Google Verified status.

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Comrade Boosted Traffic and Leads for This Home Service Provider, Resulting in Cost Reductions



Operating in a fiercely competitive market, teeming with prominent players, posed as the primary hurdle to overcome.

Safety Garage Door is headquartered in Hayward, California, a quaint town nestled between the bustling cities of San Francisco and San Diego. Despite not having a physical office in either metropolis, marketing our garage installation and repair services proved to be quite a challenge.

Together with our client, we established three primary objectives: driving traffic growth, generating consistent leads, and establishing a strong local presence in both San Francisco and San Diego. While the company successfully obtained leads through referrals, advertising, and personal networks, attracting local clients through our website was crucial for sustainable growth.

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By revamping their website, optimizing local profiles, and enhancing local SEO, Comrade played a pivotal role in helping Safety Garage Door scale its business.

We began by developing a new marketing strategy that focused on enhancing their local presence, revamping their website, and optimizing their PPC campaigns. Subsequently, we successfully implemented our strategy. Firstly, we migrated the website to a new engine while simultaneously structuring it in an SEO-friendly manner. Our marketing team crafted specialized content and optimized it for SEO, targeting specific topics that potential users were actively searching for. To achieve optimal results for local SEO, we strategically created, claimed, and optimized profiles on Google. Lastly, we meticulously analyzed, optimized, and improved the ongoing PPC campaign, aiming to reduce the cost per click while increasing conversions.

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In just 7 months of collaboration with our client we have accomplished the set objectives and achieved the following

  • 458% Qualified Leads Increase
  • 340% Organic Traffic Growth
  • 90% Cost Per Lead Decrease
  • Over 50 Commercial Keywords in Top 3 Results on Google
  • Top 1 Search Result in San Diego Local Pack
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