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Zen Supplies is a pioneering provider of software specially designed to facilitate accurate and streamlined budgeting, inventory management, and distributor pricing comparisons for dental practices in Austin, Texas.


With Comrade’s enhanced UX for virtual accounting services, Zen Supplies has been able to greatly improve how clients interact with the company.



Zen Supplies primary challenge was in penetrating the market and conveying to prospective customers that a new software solution could indeed provide the solutions they were looking for.

As a newcomer to the industry, Zen Supplies needed a professional, sophisticated web presence that clearly conveyed how its tool would allow dentists around the country save money and be more efficient in their management processes.


A high-performance website has taken this software-disruptor to the next level.

With a marketing and content strategy at top of mind, Comrade designed and developed a modern and intuitive branded website replete with high-levels of functionality for Zen’s core customer base.

Zen Supplies

This was the 3rd project I asked my friends at Comrade to help me with. The first was Siegel Construction, then DentalGrape and now ZenSupplies, which is a huge undertaking and new area for our team and Comrade guys not only delivered but also advised us in marketing and content development along the way and basically built our marketing machine (utilizing HubSpot and Google Analytic) to help drive our traffic. Thank you guys and I guess it takes a special character (maybe immigrant mindset) to put yourself in the shoes of your client and you definitely have that. Thank you again!

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