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Payless Kratom is a kratom vendor with a broad range of products to appeal to a wide variety of kratom users. With a commitment to serving every customer and providing the best experience possible, Payless Kratom sets itself apart from the competition.

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Kratom distributor amplifies sales with state-of-the-art eCommerce website

Increase in targeted traffic from SEO152%
Increase in Transactions84%
Improvement in Conversion Rate33%


Kratom company needed a robust site to attract new customers

Payless Kratom’s previous website functioned poorly; it couldn’t accommodate the number of products and users on the site or provide them with an easy, enjoyable shopping experience. Additionally, due to strict industry regulations, the client couldn’t rely on paid advertising to attract new customers and required strong SEO to achieve success.

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SEO-based website sets ecommerce business up for success

Comrade built the Payless Kratom website from the ground up, creating a new architecture that allows for maximum functionality and increased sales. Their new, easy-to-use website has a solid SEO base, ensuring they reach a wider range of customers than ever before. On top of that, we designed and implemented an SEO strategy that has since increased both their traffic and transactions significantly.

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