Delicious Designs: The Freshest Food Product Websites 2024

Food Product Website Design Inspiration

Do you have a business in the food industry?

Do you need to create a new food website or update your existing online store?

There are plenty of food-related eCommerce stores, however, not all have websites worth mentioning.

In this regard, we’ve curated an extensive list of great food websites that meet digital marketing criteria like having high-quality UX designs, cohesive layouts, as well as appealing aesthetics and messaging that represent the company’s core values and brand identity.

Basically, it’s shopping made simple!

In this blog, we look at the eCommerce websites of some food product companies that not only have great design but also tick all the eCommerce platform requirements for online growth.

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See how SEO can help you stay ahead of the competition

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See how SEO can help you stay ahead of the competition

26 Amazing Food Product Websites from Across the U.S. (and Beyond)


Badr food industries image

This Persian website highlights its products via high-quality images, videos and dynamic designs. We love the animated hero banner. Also notable is the language selection tab on the top left-hand corner and how the company pairs its products with suggested meals. The graphic design is also really cool!



This family-owned winery inspires buyer confidence with a strong storytelling emphasis on its rich and long history. Its focus on visuals helps share this brand’s unique selling proposition, while its “responsibility” page clearly showcases the winery’s commitment to inclusion. We really like this bold and transparent declaration.



This top cheese maker’s great website makes use of video to draw attention to its mouth-watering products. The website doesn’t promote its products via a hard sell but rather lets you imagine how good they are with delicious recipes. Additionally, the easy scrolling menu makes for seamless navigate navigation throughout the website.

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Kind image

This snack bar company does well to capitalize on current health and wellness trends. A user-friendly menu, effortless navigation, and the ability to make a variety of foods tailored to individual preferences are great examples of ways to boost sales and attract new customers.



Kerrygold is an Irish company with an international presence. The company’s US website fuses SMM and eCommerce perfectly. Many consumers use Instagram to purchase products (not just to share photos), and Kerrygold has done well to incorporate its strong social media presence on its website.


Evolution fresh image

There is an obvious relationship between Evolution and their simple food website design that showcases their products in the most appealing light. This website looks super fun, is easy to navigate, and is enjoyable to use.


POM image

POM provides an excellent example of a user-friendly and attractive web design. Its thoughtful layout draws attention to its research findings backed by historical data, as well as recipes that indirectly advertise the power of pomegranate juice.


Granny's secret image

This website has an enticing hero image that encourages visitors to explore its food products. Having multi-language options and interactive graphics makes people remember this quaint brand.


Step&Jar image

In addition to their incredible product presentation, Step & Jar also provides an informative FAQ section where visitors can find out more about their wonderful, delicious teas. We also love the unconventional hamburger menu positioned center-top of the home page.


Blue apron image

Blue Apron supplies ready-to-prepare meal kits to customers looking to cook fresh, delicious meals from home. The company’s website design does a wonderful job of enticing customers with beautiful images of tasty recipes paired with specially sourced wine.

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Hello Fresh image

Hello Fresh is another company that offers meal prep boxes for an at-home dining experience. Its minimalist design cleverly forces customers to focus on its products. There is nothing to distract the buyer from learning more and making a purchase.


Niedlov's Bakery&Cafe image

Niedlov’s Bakery & Café sells naturally leavened bread to the public. The most distinct aspect of this food website is the images showcasing the bread-making process, further tempting customers to enjoy their amazing bread at home.


Dole image

Dole Food Company is committed to providing consumers with top-quality fruit products. Its website design is attractive and neatly organized. It also offers valuable recipes and research studies that explain the health benefits of fresh produce.


Tyson image

Tyson is a premium poultry product specialist, selling tender-cooked nuggets and ready-to-cook meals. Its one of the best fodd websites design and it has a friendly interface, as well as numerous recipes to inspire customers’ culinary habits.

Specific Product Websites


Tsubi soup image

Tsubi Soup provides authentic, vegan Japanese soup. The website is an excellent example of an online food product site that is simple, user-friendly, and interesting.


Huel image

Huel sells nutritious products. Its food website also has tips to assist users in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The simple, well-designed layout allows customers to concentrate on Huel’s main product range.


The Combucha Shop image

This company helps people make amazing kombucha. Its brewing equipment makes brewing kombucha at home affordable and enjoyable. We love how the bright color platter “jumps off” the website’s plain white background.


Big tree farms image

Big Tree Farms’ eye-catching design sets it apart from other websites selling food products. We appreciate the site’s focus on detail as well as its user-friendly layout.


Hain selectial image

This company encourages a healthy lifestyle with its organic products. That’s why it’s focused on environmental sustainability and development, which is apparent throughout its good food store.

Great International Food Product Websites


Chocolat Milato image

One of the most distinctive Chocolat Milano web-based features is its smart branding, easy-to-use interface and numerous informative features that aid in converting users into customers.


Jude's image


Jude’s began as an at-home operation and has transformed into a large business with a presence in a variety of areas. Its user-friendly website makes finding product information easy, while its attractive website design is in line with the brand’s identity and fosters brand loyalty among happy customers.


Boreal Coffee image

Located in Geneva, this shop sells coffee beans as well as a range of coffee equipment. As the perfect choice for modern-day online shoppers, Boreal Coffee’s website design is easy to navigate and makes purchasing items simple and enjoyable.


Sous chef image

Sous Chef offers plenty to customers from food products to crockery and utensils. Its attractive food blog is incredibly informative keeping readers up to date with the latest food trends, while its organized menu lets users easily find their way around.


Nethered farm image

Netherend Farm is a great illustration of beautiful, easy-to-navigate food web design. The farm’s history is communicated nostalgically, inspiring potential customers to buy their products because they taste like “proper butter used to taste.”


Steenberg image

Steenberg is an enormous online marketplace with a wide selection of baking and cooking products. This well-designed food website ensures that regardless of what potential customers are searching for, they’ll find it online.


Ruby Violet image

To help customers live a healthier lifestyle, Ruby Violet uses simple ingredients to make organic ice cream and vegan sorbets. A limited color palette and an organized structure make this a user-friendly website.

What Makes a Good Food Website Design?

The perfect food website showcases your business’ unique value proposition, helps potential customers understand more about your business and find and buy what they need.

Food websites communicate this through a combination of color, form and relevant content.

Performance-driven food company websites usually exhibit the following:

  • Easy navigation;
  • Effective product segmentation;
  • Concise and descriptive product descriptions;
  • Eye-catching design;
  • High-quality images and videos;
  • A smooth checkout process;
  • A variety of payment options;
  • Clear calls to action; and
  • They appeal to emotions

How to Create Your Ecommerce Website

When it comes to creating your own website you can DIY it or hire professionals. There are reputable website builders like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and so on, that offer SEO-friendly integrations and have an easy plug-and-play setup.

However, there are intricate design elements to consider, both the backend (what you don’t see online) and the front end have to be technically optimized and contain enough white space to ensure readability by search engines and users.

For this reason and many others, we’d always recommend hiring professional designers. It guarantees your website works and that it can support your business as it grows.

Partner With Professional Website Designers

It is challenging marketing your company and establishing one of the best food ecommerce websites with a strong presence in an over-saturated market. A successful website has to have a brand identity that resonates with your company’s values and converts visitors into customers.

Nailing your brand’s story and UX design on your food website will increase business profits.

If you’re unsure about developing your first website or redesigning your existing one to be more efficient and increase profits for your business, then reach out to Comrade Digital Marketing Agency.

We’re happy to discuss the details of what makes great food products website and how a couple of minor changes can significantly boost your business growth. We’ll also offer a complete evaluation of your website free of charge.

Growing a business is hard see how SEO can do the work for you
Growing a business is hard see how SEO can do the work for you

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Growing a business is hard see how SEO can do the work for you
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