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Proven results for law firms

We guarantee it or your money back

Laser focused on driving marketing leads for law firms through SEO, PPC and content marketing
How we generate results
Develop strategic plan
Design lead generating site
Rocket your search results
Drive prospects with PPC ads
See the future by analyzing past results
Planning ahead reduces the cost and time to develop a site by 25-50%. Plus, we design, develop, and build a site with your objectives in mind.
  • Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound
  • Evaluate your competition, resources, and clients
  • Establish production schedule using Agile development (i.e. faster turnaround and higher converting websites based upon collaborative development process)
Our websites improve conversions by an average of 37% after 6 months
  • Include website elements that generate the highest conversion
  • Modern luxury-looking design that doesn’t look like a template and addresses most questions of your potential clients
  • Convert more leads by targeting clients who matter the most to your practice
Our clients increase website traffic by an average of 32% over 6 months utilizing Comrade Web SEO strategies
  • Produce SEO-optimized engaging content
  • Maintain online reputation
  • Rank for local keywords (and by extension local, targeted prospects)
Drive 23% more leads on average after 6 months with the same budget
  • Discover the best platform to attract the right audience
  • Make your ad stand out from your competitors
  • Retain more clients with retargeted ads
The vast majority of our law firm clients reported more freedom to focus on other business priorities because they felt comfortable their marketing campaign would drive leads now and in the future
  • Understand what works by tracking your calls and form submissions
  • Receive easy-to-understand monthly reports. (Want more: get a dedicated account manager to answer all your questions
  • Watch your investments pay off by understanding the results of your marketing campaigns
Recent case studies

Barr & Young Attorneys faced a sea of competition. Their website had neither a clear delineation of services, nor any strong messages that connected with prospective clients. The small amount of web traffic they had enjoyed was being depleted, month-by-month by law firms actively building their own SEO traffic. The company’s website resembled an old-fashioned brochure; and their webmaster was only available intermittently, to make changes, corrections and updates.

  • Increased monthly leads significantly (+650%) without expanding marketing budget.
  • Improved conversions rate 350% by writing industry-specific content, and crafting multiple Calls-to-Action.
  • Enhanced sales funnel functionality with new graphics and logic-flow for prospective clients.

Demand for Barr & Youngs’s legal services increased so much that they had to hire additional attorneys.


Levinson Law Group is a personal injury law firm in Carlsbad, California. This boutique firm successfully recovered over $50 million for their clients over the past decade.

Levinson had a desire to work with a top professional marketing firm to improve their results.

  • Update information architecture and website sales funnel to reflect client questions, and how the law firm can solve these challenges.
  • Highlight case studies to display law firm’s experience helping clients recover money from vehicle accidents.

Law firms' Organic SEO traffic increased by 59% after 2 months of launching the new SEO-optimized website design.

Why Us
Deliver 25%+ average increase in leads after 6 month
Chicago-based production team
While other legal marketing companies are based overseas to reduce fees, several problems are prone to occur. Our dedicated account specialists are located in Chicago and have extensive digital marketing experience to address all your questions and ideas.
10 years of experience
We've been in the trenches. We've seen why certain lawyers’ websites attract more phone calls than others. We understand the ways in which Google frequently changes its search Algorithms. We do not experiment with your website.
We are official google partner
Co-Founder & CEO
Vice President of Solutions
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Senior Account Executive
Marketing Project Manager
Senior Technical Lead
Marketing Coordinator
Graphic Designer
ask our clients
During the course of a single year, leads have significantly increased thus increasing the amount of work and revenue generated, leading to hiring another attorney in order to keep up. There’s nothing for Comrade Web Agency to improve; they’ve been on time, remained within budget, and provide a great ROI.
Loren Barr
Managing Partner, Barr and Young Attorneys
Our Guarantee
We guarantee that consumer law firms who work with us and follow our recommendations can increase website conversions by 25% in 6 months (25% more leads with the same traffic). That is through a combination of calls and form request submissions.

Receive your complimentary consultation with one of our
Lead Generation Specialists and get the following:

  • Analysis of your top-5 local competitors
  • Website and paid search (Google AdWords) audit and recommendations
  • SEO content, backlinks, and keyword review
  • Top 10 most important actions you need for higher quality web leads
  • Thoughtful, professional answers to your marketing questions

How long does it take to get legal leads from PPC and SEO?
  • PPC - Most of our clients received targeted traffic and leads by the end of the first month. For PPC to work properly, you must optimize your website for conversions.
  • SEO for attorneys takes time. On average most of our clients, even with no SEO work applied to their websites generate a stable flow of leads within 3-6 months of starting our legal marketing packages.
Is SEO or PPC more effective?
  • In most cases, SEO provides a significantly higher long-term ROI for attorneys because you don’t pay for clicks. For example, the keyword “Personal Injury attorney” in Chicago might cost $100 per click. However, you might only get one lead for every four clicks ($400/lead).
  • SEO takes time and effort for your legal marketing company and you to do right. Be aware that your marketing agency needs ongoing content and quality customer reviews that you might have to provide.
  • SEO cannot cover all possible keyword combinations. We recommend you use a blend of both services: build your long-term SEO traffic, while PPC generates leads immediately.
What about minimum contract terms?
At our digital marketing firm we learned that successful legal SEO campaigns take 6 months or more. Unlike some of our competitors, you can cancel at any time with a simple 45 day cancellation notice and own everything that was built before.
How can you save me money?
  • To help you save money and receive a high quality service, we structured our team into two locations. Our legal marketing office in Chicago create digital marketing strategies, design websites for attorneys, write copy, manage all projects, meet clients, review analytical reports, and optimize the overall course of the campaign. Our office located oversees handles most of the heavyweight development. That's how we save approximately 50% on many web design / web development and other work while having the best strategic approach and customer service in the industry".
  • We also manage an office overseas where we perform technical work (web development, graphic design, technical preparations, etc) at significantly lower rates. These staff deliver high quality services while saving you money.
What can I expect from your complimentary consulting and audit?
  • We review your website design, content, onsite SEO, backlinks, and online reputation.
  • We compare your results to your top-5 local competitors.
  • We show you all this information in an analytical report that describes what you should do next and why activities work best in the specific order we recommend.
Who manages my project?
An experienced Chicago-based manager who is also the technical lead manages your project. Our account managers are trained professionals who do not need to ask the boss about simple marketing questions. They provide you with real-life consulting options for your firm.
Would you really refund my money if I do not increase my leads by at least 25% in the first six months?