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Increase Sales with Our PPC Management Services

Our premium pay-per-click management services develop, oversee, and improve your PPC strategies to bring you a higher ROI. This entails everything from choosing the right keywords to optimizing ad spend and targeting the appropriate audience.

Scale faster by reaching your customers across a multichannel sales funnel, including Google, Bing, social media platforms, affiliate networks, and more. When you partner with us, you get a paid-advertising team dedicated to helping you get the most conversions at the lowest cost.

PPC Services You Can Trust

As leading PPC management services providers, we don’t just spend advertising dollars to get you clients. Our team makes sense of your performance with exact numbers, charts, and data to ensure every single cent is well spent.

Our analytical playbook delivers a high ROI, giving you the best possible results from your paid ad campaigns. We only optimize for the metrics your business understands and cares about. What’s more, we provide monthly reports, so you can track your progress.

Invest in Business-Orientated PPC Marketing

Have precise control over who sees your business and get higher-quality leads. Whether it’s Local Service Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Google shopping Ads, or any other online PPC campaign, we create ads perfectly tailored to reach your target audience.

Every campaign is hand-crafted to include the elements you’re most interested in, so you only spend money on pay-per-click marketing that’s hyper-targeted to reach those who care. Comrade’s selective approach brings in more sales, not just more leads.

A powerful PPC campaign will get you near instant results. Our premium PPC management services will put your business in front of the right consumers on Google, Bing, Facebook, and other high-traffic sites.
Our Promise
Our Promise

Growing Businesses and eCommerce stores with PPC Services since 2008

*Average results generated for our clients

“Paid ads are a great way for reaching people at exactly the moment they’re looking for your product or service.”

Senior Account Executive

How Our PPC Management Get’s Results

We hit the ground running with an insight-driven approach that increases your bottom line. In addition to pay-per-click management services, we also offer strategy-specific PPC advertising services like social advertising on specific platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Amazon, etc.) and remarketing. Browse our extensive suite of services now, or contact one of our PPC specialists to chat about maximizing your paid marketing strategy.

Targeted Keyword Research

We use advanced tools to predict which keywords deliver the best results in terms of budget and ROI. Our goal is to find popular, underserved niches and related markets to help your business rank in search engine results. This drives the best traffic from ideal visitors. Because every business has a budget, we focus your spending on the best-performing keywords without paying more than necessary.

Optimizing Website

Powerful Landing Page Design

We not only get you the right ads, but we also get you the right landing pages. The primary purpose of a PPC landing page is to push leads down the purchase funnel. Creating clear and conversational landing pages helps us maximize your customer conversion rate. Thanks to our experience in ad variants, ad groups, and spend/bid optimizations, our clients experience a marked boost in their PPC campaigns.

Social paid ads utilize social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others to reach prospects based on their networks, interests, hobbies, and online behavior. We turn customers into brand advocates with targeted social media marketing that increases your customer base and SEO efficiency while building brand recognition and goodwill. As social media usage grows, so will your business.


Display Advertising

Thanks to its eye-catching visual format, display advertising can significantly improve brand awareness and nurture leads. Its generous use of visual media in the form of texts, images, and videos captures people’s attention across Google’s network, including partner websites and apps. Our PPC management agency helps businesses create display advertisements that convince leads to take action.


Remarketing Ad Management

Comrade’s experts can save your marketing costs by bringing back previous conversions with tried and true retargeting tactics. Remarketing ads provide an opportunity to stay on potential customers’ radars, long after they’ve visited your website or made a purchase. With careful management, we’ll design optimal bids and ads to get leads and existing customers to return and convert.


Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads appear in Google search when customers search for a product, making them one of the most powerful and targeted ad tools for eCommerce businesses. Using them lets you reach customers with a clear buying intention. Our Google Ads specialists create custom strategies based on your products and KPIs to maximize visibility, outperform competitors, and generate sales.


Local Services Ads Management

These pay-per-lead ads appear at the top of search results and allow leads to directly call or message your business. Our Local Services ads (LSAs) management allows you to focus on running your business, while our PPC specialists focus on making the phone ring. With Comrade’s help, your business can become the most trusted company in your local area.


Video Ads

Stay at the forefront of digital advertising and drive brand awareness with a range of dynamic video ads, such as in-stream and video banner ads. Appealing video ads increase the chances of buying products and services by over 90%. Our digital marketing team will display your brand videos on the most relevant PPC platforms to drive sales and boost customer engagement.


Custom Reporting

We provide you with comprehensive analytics reports delivered to your inbox every week to keep you up-to-date on your PPC campaign’s performance and its progress in achieving your business goals. You’ll see how well your return on investment in various PPC services grows week after week.

Digital Presence

Search Advertising

Reach customers on Google, Bing, and YouTube searching for products and services like yours with our search advertising management. Search engine marketing is a cost-effective way to appear high in search engine results (SERPs) and improve business visibility. We combine strategic bidding, with the production of high-quality and relevant ads to secure you the top spot on SERPs.


Comprehensive Testing

Rather than go with our gut, Comrade relies on a rigorous testing process that uses data to your advantage. Our A/B tests analyze your ads and landing pages to determine how they’re performing and how users interact with them. We find out what works and what doesn’t and implement positive changes to maximize PPC effectiveness.

Our experts at Comrade have a suite of analytics, surveys, and other tools at their disposal to perfect your conversion funnel and gain more qualified leads. We test and optimize website and PPC campaign elements to increase the percentage of visitors who complete desired goals. Convert clicks into profits and boost your business’ online performance when you partner with our conversion optimization specialists.

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Our Work

PPC Marketing Case Studies

Increase in revenue
Increase in organic search traffic
Increase in average sale per transaction
SNAC has served the nutritional needs of pro-athletes and fitness buffs for decades and they wanted to highlight their trustworthiness in such a booming market. A Comrade website redesign paired with a highly targeted digital marketing campaign resulted in staggering results. Not only has SNAC seen a 233% increase in revenue, but their eCommerce efforts have resulted in a 47% sales increase and a 319% increase in overall transactions.
Barr & Young Attorneys
Increase in client inquiries
Increase in organic traffic
Barr & Young Attorneys
In such a stiff market, Barr & Young turned to Comrade Digital Marketing Agency for a best-in-class website revamp paired with a well-performing digital marketing campaign. As a result, the seasoned law firm represents a growing number of clients and has reduced its cost per lead. Plus, they’ve increased leads by 58% and have hired more staff to keep up with a growing caseload.
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Comrade did an amazing job helping establish our brand. Building an online presence, growing it’s digital brand and giving our customers a unique customer experience. Highly recommend Comrade’s team.
Lina A.
Friendly, easy to work with, and definitely know what they are doing. We've seen amazing ROI with Comrade's PPC service! Highly recommend.
Laura Bidmead
Operations / Shop Craft Racks
Working with Comrade has been a delight. They are constantly ensuring that my business receives the attention it needs with my website and ppc campaigns. Would highly recommend them to others!
Joseph Venditti III
Venditti Law Group
Adapting the project timeline to fit their partner's needs, Comrade Digital Marketing delivered a high quality of service. They consistently met deadlines and kept the project on track with multifaceted communication.
Independent Insurance Broker

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How Much Does PPC Management Cost?

We’re very straightforward in our PPC management approach and our pricing reflects this simple, cost-effective model which has two components:

Set Up Fee: We’ll charge a single, one-time fee to create your advertising campaign.

Management Fee: Each month our marketing team will track your ad campaign’s performance and refine metrics to achieve better and better results. For smaller budgets under a $5,000 media spend, we charge a flat $750 per month per channel. For campaigns of $5,000 and over, we charge a 12% fee per month.

How Much Does PPC Management Cost?

Grow Your Client Base with PPC Campaigns

Offered primarily by search engines and social networks, pay-per-click advertising is a quick way to buy visitors to your website instead of earning them organically. Advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked, which is subtracted from their daily PPC budget.

Once your budget is depleted, your paid ads will cease running until you replenish your fund. There are several types of paid search ads, including Search Ads, Local Service Ads, Video As, Google Shopping Ads, Video Ads, and Display Ads, to name a few.

PPC ads are especially useful for specialized, time-sensitive campaigns, to level the playing field with your biggest competitor, retarget users that have already shown an interest in your products and services, or hyper-focus your efforts on localized markets.

How to Calculate PPC Return in Ad Spend (ROAS)

How to calculate ROAS

A lot goes into a comprehensive digital marketing plan. If we want to isolate PPC ads specifically and determine their ROI, we use the following formula:

(PPC Revenue – PPC Cost) / PPC Cost

The result is written as a percentage and shows the amount of revenue earned for every dollar spent on a PPC campaign. For example, if your PPC sales are $2,000, and you paid $500 as PPC click costs, the ROAS will be 300%.

We use ROAS to calculate bid optimizations and ensure our clients are spending the optimal amount. Our PPC management services continuously optimize campaigns to lower the cost-per-click and acquire more customers for less money.

How Comrade Can Provide Pay-Per-Click Management for You

Why choose Comrade

We’re honest: Pay-per-click advertising can be highly competitive and costly if you don’t use professional PPC management services. That’s why we’re here to help create, launch, monitor, and optimize your PPC ads.

We strive to bring you customers—not just metrics. The first thing we do is audit your business to identify its real needs and missed opportunities. After we have a solid understanding of its current status and where you want it to be, we’ll choose the best PPC channels to help build a profitable sales funnel.

For example, if you’re a service-based company like a law firm or general contractor, we might recommend Local Service Ads. However, if you own an eCommerce store, we might suggest investing more heavily in Google Shopping Ads or developing a remarketing campaign.

Once we’ve launched your PPC campaigns, we’ll keep close tabs on how customers react to your ads, landing pages, and website, and then provide conversion rate optimization to improve user experience and the sales funnel.

Why Pay-Per-Click Marketing Works for Your Business

PPC benefit and who it will fit

When your ad campaigns are managed by a professional PPC advertising agency, your profits will outweigh the cost. PPC ads are a flexible tool. At any time, you can change your bidding and ad strategy, which is why they’re so powerful.

PPC advertising is extremely targeted. For example:

  • Big law firms can set up ad campaigns for each city or state.
  • Small eCommerce stores can create shopping ads for one state, city, or even district.
  • Home improvement businesses can run local ads to accommodate a 20-50 km radius of their offices.

Our PPC campaign management services leverage the targeted capabilities of PPC ads with a flexible, data-driven approach that ensures at any given moment; you’re always getting the best value for money. The digital space is in constant flux. We help you meet its demands with a flexible and robust sales tunnel, specially customized for your business.

How Do You Guarantee I’ll Get More Clients with PPC Advertising?

When we decide to work with your business, we already know we can guarantee results. But don’t just take our word for it. Pay-per-click advertising helps you get more clients because:

  • It’s geotargeted according to customer and business locations.
  • You can target audiences based on gender, age, interests, and more.
  • Its flexible scheduling allows you to show ads at peak times.
  • You can create custom offers for different leads.
  • Paid search enables better tracking than other forms of advertising.
  • The top three posts on SERPs get 46% of clicks. And one of the quickest ways to get there is through search engine advertising.

Why Is It Better to Hire PPC Campaign Management Services?

The reality is that a wrong campaign setting can spend your entire PPC campaign budget in a day. PPC campaigns are detailed and precise. They require knowledge and expert implementation to be successful. Since they do cost real money, it’s less risky and more profitable to hire a professional PPC management company.

Ad campaigns are a great way to reach specific audiences, increase brand awareness and drive traffic. However, if you’re managing a business, it’s unlikely you’ll have time to dedicate and run a PPC campaign. Additionally, while it’s easy to start a PPC campaign, you also need the experience to optimize it for conversions. Therefore, outsourcing your PPC advertising saves you time and money.

As PPC management service providers, we use our experience to manage your PPC campaigns and budget. We prevent you from hemorrhaging money and make sure you only invest in clicks relevant to your business. Partnering with us ensures your business will always be on track to achieve its goals.

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Why Clients Choose Our Digital Marketing Agency

  • Our team members are experts in all requisite PPC channels and are analytics junkies
  • We’ve been dominating our PPC campaigns for clients for 12+ years running
  • We build custom sales funnels, buyer’s journeys, and comprehensive marketing strategies that flow seamlessly into every PPC campaign
  • We’re experts in Google as well as alternative search engines for cost-effective advertising
  • We save you on cost-per-click by finding creative ways to leverage PPC

Customer Centric Team

Each business requires a unique approach. This is why we customize every solution to help you achieve your business’s specific revenue objectives. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and arrange our KPIs to meet their needs. Our customers are provided with monthly PPC reports that are packed with data that allows them to keep track of the progress we’ve achieved. We keep the needs of our customers in our minds when making decisions, and we remain completely transparent about every aspect of our work.

ROI-Driven Services

Our goal at Comrade is to help our clients achieve tangible results. People want to grow and expand their businesses. Although we understand you don’t simply want to burn your money, evaluating the work done by a marketing agency should particularly focus on return on investment. 

When it comes to PPC services, enough is never enough. We fine-tune every detail as we get a campaign off the ground, making sure that your money is working for you. We constantly optimize, tweak, and perfect the campaign to get the best ROI for your business.

Team of Experts

Comrade is a large and varied team of internet marketing experts who have many years of experience in the field. We are experts from all walks of digital marketing. Do you need PPC specialists? We’ve got them. Content writers? Sure! Do you need someone to design a fantastic website optimized for search engines? We’ve got the experts for that too! Our team has received numerous distinctions for excellence from such companies as Clutch, UpCity, FWA, and other industry standard-bearers. We’re can assist you with any online marketing challenge you may face.

Advanced and Detailed Reporting

We always start our PPC campaigns with comprehensive research and analysis. Whether we’re taking over an existing campaign or starting a new one, we make sure that we know the ins and outs of your industry, competitors, and customers so we can pick the most effective channels.

With a constant stream of analytics and data, we keep looking for new ways to innovate your campaign. We never stop making improvements until the campaign is done, maximizing the campaign’s exposure, lead generation, and ROI.


Frequently Asked Questions About PPC Advertising

How does PPC pricing work?

We base our fee on a monthly retainer fee. This fee is calculated based on the hours we expect to put into your campaign, and is due at the beginning of the month.

How long will it be before I see results from a paid advertising campaign?

Unlike organic strategies, paid advertising can generate immediate results. You pay to have your brand put right in front of your customers, meaning that you can see an increase in sales within a day.

What platforms offer PPC?

Pretty much any major platform will offer some form of PPC. This can include Google, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Bing, and most websites. We make sure to run your paid ads on the channels that generate the most conversions.

Can you audit an existing PPC campaign?

In addition to starting up new campaigns, we can take all of the steps necessary to take over an existing campaign. This includes audits, allowing us to see what keywords, channels, and landing pages work and don’t work from your existing campaign.

Do you guarantee results?

PPC advertising is an incredibly powerful marketing channel. We not only ensure that you’re getting results from a campaign. We ensure that you’re getting the best possible results from your paid strategy.

Do I need a PPC campaign?

Every business is unique, but PPC strategies work for nearly any situation. They can get the word out about a flash sale on your site, or put your name in front of consumers looking for your services. They offer immediate results, and can help and digital marketing strategy get off the ground.

We usually deliver a 4.5x ROI for our clients

If you’re ready to build your next PPC marketing campaign, reach out to receive an obligation-free PPC & retargeting assessment.

During our evaluation, we will look at:

  • Google Analytics data
  • Current PPC and retargeting results
  • Budget (cost per lead/cost per click)
  • Landing page performance
  • Your current (or planned) conversion rate

Our high-level PPC and retargeting campaigns are proven effective from the very start and we have a terrific track record lowering costs per click for our clients.

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