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Content Marketing isn’t about Viewership. It’s about Growth

An effective content strategy doesn’t just entertain and inform your audience. It helps your customers get to know you and your product. Long-term, sustainable growth is built on effective digital content creation.

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Service Card

See Powerful Growth with our Chicago Content Marketing Services

Emails, social media posts, and blogs are the foundation of inbound digital marketing. By creating and effectively distributing quality content, your business can speak to your audience.

Build Brand Equity

Quality content will communicate your brand’s value to prospective customers, separating you from the competition.

Establish Your Business as an Authority

Informing and engaging your audience with great content will help build trust in your business, giving your brand authority.


“Content marketing is more than just about writing a cool-sounding blog or catchy taglines. How you communicate with customers can make or break your business and we take that very seriously around here.”

Copywriter Editor-in-Chief

Cost of Content Marketing

Our content marketing solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. Is it website copy, blog posts, expert guides? Depending on your needs, we’ll provide a customized content marketing package based on the type and amount of content you need each month. Our fee will then be charged a monthly retainer based on these metrics. An average cost of content marketing, in general, ranges between $1,500 - $3,000 per month.

Featured Digital Content Marketing Campaigns

American Tent
B2B supplier of custom tents increases qualified leads by a staggering 177% in 6 months
American Tent entrusted its Shopify website development, rebranding and marketing campaign to Comrade and has generated substantial results in short order. After a comprehensive web redesign, Comrade implemented an aggressive SEO, PPC and brand management campaign, among other marketing initiatives, to facilitate accelerated growth. From January of 2020, American Tent has not only increased its qualified leads by 177%, the company now ranks on the very first page (including the top-three placement) of Google and other search engines.
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Granite Selection
Chicago-Based Stone Company Rises Above Competition With 1,500% Increase in Qualified Traffic
Granite Selection turned to Comrade Digital Marketing Agency for help with a new website and to implement a digital marketing and advertising campaigns. The competition in the industry is fierce, but Granite Selection has solidified itself as a market leader, noticing a large increase in customers and an increase in sales.
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Get Started With Our Content Marketing Services

To get a free, custom tailored content plan tailored for your needs, schedule a no-obligation call. We’ll make sure you know what our content marketing services can do for you.
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How our Content Marketing Services Drive Conversions

Comrade provides excellent content management services for businesses in the Chicago area, helping you get the traffic and growth you deserve.
We Consider These Content Marketing Formats to Achieve Results:

Web Content

Your website is the face of your online presence. Our Chicago content marketing specialists ensure that your web copy is connecting with your audience.


Blogs and Articles

Long-form content is the cornerstone of inbound marketing. Inform and entertain your leads, setting your brand apart from the rest.


Case Studies

Want to showcase your past work but aren’t sure how? Our content marketing specialists ensure that your customers know about your past success.


Email Marketing

Emails generate the best CTR compared to other channels. Smart, compelling content will prompt loyal leads to engage with your business even more.


Landing Pages

Did you know that the most effective landing page strategies can involve over 20 pages? We make sure that each page drives quality traffic.


Product Descriptions, FAQs, and More

Content marketing includes so much more than blogs and emails. From enticing product descriptions to thoughtful FAQs, Comrade makes sure you have every base covered.

How Content Marketing Services Boost SEO


Neil Patel explains how content marketing helps SEO

Neil Patel explains the connection between
content marketing and SEO best:

“SEO demands content. Content marketing is content.

There is no such thing as SEO without content. You need words, articles, substance, keywords, verbiage.

I wince whenever I have to say it, because it’s so cliche, but it’s true: Content is king.”


“Content on your website builds relationships with your clients. Relationships are built on trust. Only trust drives revenue.”

Marketing Strategist, Partner
Why Clients Choose Our Digital Marketing Agency

Why Clients Choose Our Digital Marketing Agency

Our approach to new projects is if we don’t feel confident that we can deliver tangible results, we don’t take it on. This means that each and every content marketing specialist on our team is able to produce compelling, engaging digital content that leaves consumers wanting more.


  • Successfully leveraging content marketing strategies to grow businesses for 12+ years
  • We even segment and target specific sub-audiences of your business
  • Data-driven, SEO-rich content assures positive results and high ROI
  • Transparency and unmatched customer service every step of the way
  • Team of expert copywriters dedicated to your project for PPC, blogs, expert guides, landing pages, website content, email marketing, social and retargeting ads and more.
Content marketing services | Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Very creative team! I see how passionate these guys are when it comes to working on projects. Thanks so much for your help with my project. Much success!

Content marketing services | Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Top notch SEO / Content Marketing as well as precise web development. Their team is great and the office isn’t that bad either.

Content marketing services | Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Comrade Web Agency are friendly to work with and deliver on their promises. They provide many helpful suggestions and are very experienced in terms of Content Marketing.

We’re ready to discuss your content marketing project so contact us today for our free, content marketing assessment.

Our team will evaluate:

  • Your current content marketing efforts and their performance
  • Google Analytics and competitive research data
  • SEO and keyword research
  • Conversion rates

We’ll provide a custom content marketing plan to elevate your digital marketing efforts and drive sustainable revenue growth.

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Other Services to Go With Your Content Marketing Strategy

Web Design & Ux Web Development
Comrade provides a combination of Digital Marketing Services geared towards achieving best meaningful results.

Frequently Asked Question About Content marketing

How much does it cost?

For all of our services, we charge a monthly retainer. This fee is calculated from the hours worked on your campaign. We then generate the fee, which is due at the beginning of the moth to retain our services.

How much digital content do I need for SEO?

Every industry has different needs out of a content strategy. Our experts make a custom strategy for your business, making sure that you’re business is getting the best ROI. Nearly any strategy will revolve around emails, landing pages, and blogs, and we find out what works best.

What if we don’t have a blog?

A professional blog is one of the fundamental components of content marketing. They engage and inform your leads, and demonstrate your expertise in your field. We can help build a blog from the ground up, mixing in news, evergreen content, and more.

Can you audit our current strategy?

Our content experts can take a look at your existing blogs, emails, landing pages, and more, and find out how to move forward. From revising your current blog posts to redirecting and updating your strategy, our team can audit and take over any existing campaign.

Is it possible to measure the ROI from content marketing?

There are a number of critical KPIs that can test how effective content marketing spend is. Blog posts can get shared on social media, while landing pages and web content can drive leads to convert. Measuring the returns from content marketing is reliable and effective.

Do I really need a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is one of the most powerful, well-rounded aspects of digital marketing. It builds trust and value for your brands, attracts and informs leads, and creates an effective conversion funnel, making it indispensable for your online presence.

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