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Updated: November 10, 2021

How to Keep Your Caseload Full

Mike, a personal injury attorney out of Salt Lake City, emailed saying that for the past few years he’s been seeing decrease in his caseload and asked what he can do to prevent this from happening? Here is our answer...

Mike, a personal injury attorney out of Salt Lake City, emailed saying that for the past few years he’s been seeing decrease in his caseload and asked what he can do to prevent this from happening?

This is a common question, but the answer is right in front of them. Google. If you were injured in a car crash and have never before had a personal injury attorney, you would likely Google one. You would look through the top few results, which would be three firms that advertise, three firms that have put their resources into a map listing, and top 5 organic search results under the map listings. That’s 11 spots that really matter.

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So in order to get more business, where do you have to be? You have to be one of the 11 on the first page of Google.

Mike, it applies to thousands of other professionals in your industry. Everyone knows that they need to be there but for every major metropolitan area, there are maybe a dozen that are advertising and are rotating within these results. If you’re not in the top 11, you wait and hope for referrals.

What’s worse is that fewer and fewer people go through referrals. It’s easier to pull a phone out of the pocket and instantly find an attorney who has tons of reviews and call him/her using the same device. All within a couple of minutes.

Some of our clients come to us and tell us all the time, “We’ve tried it, but it didn’t work.” Well some of us have tried playing basketball but were never really good at it.

A lot of the time people give up when they don’t have the right coach, because they don’t see the possibility of what they could become.

When you’re in those top eleven results, ads, maps, organic five, it’s like being a baseball player that goes at-bat. The best guy in the history of MLB hit 406 but most guys will be somewhere in 300s range.

What that means is that the best player hit four out of ten pitches. An average player in MLB will do one out of three. You should expect about the same when you’re on Google. The difference between these hits is that it doesn’t guarantee that they will become your clients right away, it just means you got their attention and now they are on your website. If your website is a high-performance website, they will probably talk to you, and then one out of a few will become your client.

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The point is, if you were never part of those 11 websites, you will never even get a hit and be a part of the game. In order to be in the front, you have to pay to play. The firms that are in there consistently understand that they have to invest a certain amount each month in order to get something in return. If this hasn’t been your experience in the past then either you did it wrong, or the marketing agency that you hired did it wrong.

It’s time to start playing the big leagues. We can make your law firm website show on the first Google page.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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