How to Measure & Improve Law Firm Website Performance

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Most law firms say their websites don’t help get more business. How do you measure website performance? Here's your guide on the best metrics to watch.

Effectively every law firm has a website.

And yet…the vast majority of law firms report that their websites don’t help them get more business.

They just act as digital brochures, showcasing the “practice areas” of the firm or the history of how they got there. The information that most prospects don’t care about.

Once you implement a new high-performance law firm website that has all the new things your website needs and start to get more calls, you’ll need to be vigilant and stay on top of your web design agency to make sure that they continue improving the results.

If you don’t measure, you won’t know how to maximize cash flow/revenue or how to continue improving the metrics that matter.

This article gets a little technical but will be your golden ticket to review expectations with your web design and digital marketing company. The experts will implement these tactics, but knowing what questions to ask will mean knowing where your money is going.

Let’s dive in.

Know these metrics and work with your marketing agency to improve on each of them. You need a plan, or your marketing vendor needs to come up with one. You need it to match your objectives, and you need it written down.

Start by downloading our checklist to see what that plan needs to be successful.

And always keep measuring along the way. Remember: “When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, then you know something about it,” Lord Kelvin.

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