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Updated: August 25, 2021

Here’s What Clients Need to See on Your Law Firm Website (And Why You Shouldn’t Disappoint Them)

Most websites for lawyers underperform, which means you might be losing tens of thousands of dollars every month in missed opportunities. The average website conversion rate for the legal industry is 2% and half the websites convert less than that. The reason why most websites do not convert at higher rates, aside from highly-competitive environments, often lies in the website itself; or, more specifically, in the difference between what clients expect to see on the site, versus what they actually see. In order to get more clients, your website has to match visitors’ expectations. Here is what they expect.

What is a conversion? It is a web visitor who has called you or has filled out the contact form on your website, so you’ve converted them from a website visitor to an opportunity for your firm to serve them.

Now, while the average conversion rate for the industry is 2%, high-performance websites convert at a much higher rate. We have clients whose websites consistently convert 5-10% of all visitors. Imagine the difference! If you’re at industry average, for every 1000 web visits, you’d get 20 phone calls. If you’re working with an expert digital marketing agency for attorneys, you’d get 50-100 phone calls for the same amount of visits.

The reason why most websites do not convert at higher rates, aside from highly-competitive environments, often lies in the website itself; or, more specifically, in the difference between what clients expect to see on the site, versus what they actually see.

In order to get more clients, your website has to match visitors’ expectations. Here is what they expect:

Provide a great user experience on your law firm website

There are multiple factors that define a website user experience, but here are the main ones.

Speed. How to make your law firm website load faster

3 seconds or they are done. That’s right, either your website loads fast, or the visitor will go to another site, fast.

Get a great hosting service set up by your marketing agency and have them optimize the site for speed. You can always check here how well your site performs https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

If you see “slow”, call your agency and demand that they optimize the site and hosting for speed. If the site is older, this may cost you money, but it is worth the investment.


Google pagespeed insights

Remember that your client wants to solve his problem as fast as possible, so a good website page speed score is a key to give a good user experience.

Readability. How to make your law firm’s website content client-friendly

Post your content in a way that makes it easy to consume. No one will read long paragraphs, especially on mobile devices, and that’s what most people use to browse the internet nowadays.

Pictures and videos should fit well on the page; the menu should make it effortless for anyone to navigate your website.

Be careful about using pop-ups; they are annoying and worsen the user experience.

Make sure your contact details are visible.

Readability Indices

To get more clients for your attorney firm you need to show your experience. Describe some difficult professional information in simple words to show your competence.

Useful content for law firm website

Talk in layman’s terms and explain the problems you solve. Your potential clients aren’t lawyers and they don’t understand your industry jargon. They may also have a hard time associating “practice areas” with the problems they have. Make it simple!

Useful content

Offer advice and make it easy for web visitors to stay on your website and get all the information they need by connecting relevant content to each other via links (think of this as a series of information relevant for a prospect with a specific problem) in the text and featuring an obvious call to action tab.

Competitive web design for attorneys

Here’s a simple rule: your website should look at least as good as your top competitor’s website. If it doesn’t, visitors may choose them over you, because no matter what, we still judge a book by its cover.

Your website creates a perception about your company. Your potential clients will hit the back button if your website looks old and abandoned, or if it just looks poor in comparison to your competitors. After all, you don’t go to a client meeting looking unkempt, why should your website look out of date?

Competitive web design for attorneys

Poor appearance means more than just lost opportunities. A higher bounce rate (people visit your site and leave without so much as clicking on another page), affects SEO rankings, which leads to lower positions in Google, and, if you are advertising, leads to a higher cost per click.

Good website design for law firms enhances credibility, is easy to navigate, and makes it easy for people to contact you. And it should help you make more money. Top law firm web design companies always know how to create a user-friendly website so that you could get more clients. Attorneys web-site design should make a client confident that you will solve his problem.

Give prospects about what they want

We already mentioned that your content should be written in layman’s terms describing the problems you can solve, instead of being just a list of practice areas. This will allow you to develop an emotional connection with your target audience, which should result in more phone calls.

Another important aspect of a lawyer’s website content is building credibility. Ideally, you’d be able to post testimonials on your website, but if your Bar association doesn’t allow it, you can use badges from online directories that link to your profiles. If you consistently work on getting reviews on Google, Yelp, Avvo, Super Lawyers and other directories for lawyers or even Facebook (yes, Facebook marketing works for lawyers too, especially because of the reviews), just link your website to these platforms and people will be able to click there and read all the great things your previous clients have to say about working with you.

Give prospects what they want

So, if you have a website that meets all these criteria, you will get more clients. If you need help with implementing any of these, do not hesitate to reach out and ask us for more information on [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do lawyers get corporate clients?

As usual, corporate attorneys get clients by networking, referrals, and publishing their law office's accomplishments. But before proceeding with marketing efforts, attorneys should learn as much as they can about their corporate clientele.

What makes a law office successful?

Successful law offices should have a focus or raison d'etre. It's also important that every attorney develops particular expertise consistent with the law firm's main goal. Focused law offices have significant marketing benefits since they understand what they are marketing.

Why is client service important to a law firm?

A law firm's clients expect to be served at a high level. As a trained attorney, you play a key role in maintaining client care standards. When you take an interest in your law firm's services, you provide your value to both the firm and its clients.

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