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Updated: May 23, 2022

Get Ahead With Ecommerce PPC Management

How can PPC help your business? Your ecommerce website is not the only place to sell your products online. PPC affords access to platforms like Google, Amazon, Bing, and others to reach potential customers. Best of all, 64% of people click on PPC ads over organic search results, which means PPC delivers a substantial infusion of traffic to your ecommerce website.

How Do Ecommerce PPC Campaigns Achieve Results?

PPC stands for Pay-per-click. It is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites. Unlike traditional marketing, the ecommerce business only pays when the ad is clicked. The aim of pay-per-click advertising is to lead the user to the advertisers’’ website where they can complete a valuable action like purchasing a product or service.

Does your ecommerce store have a plan for growth in 2022?
Does your ecommerce store have a plan for growth in 2022?

Let us help you create a growth plan


Data-driven content marketing

Ecommerce PPC marketing leverages the power of social media platforms, search engines like Google and Bing, as well ecommerce platforms, such as Amazon or Google shopping. Ecommerce PPC advertising campaigns are based on data-backed research, using appropriate keywords, as well as selecting the right assets for each platform and target market to attract referrals and increase click-through rates.

PPC tracking

A variety of ecommerce PPC tools can be used to track the success of your campaigns and analyze where they can be improved. Professional digital marketing teams monitor each campaign’s average ad position, click-through rate, cost-per-click, as well as leads, calls, and sales. Also, PPC strategies should attribute revenue to each paid campaign to assess your ROI and monitor these metrics regularly.

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PPC campaign management

Ecommerce PPC campaign management entails managing and tweaking bids, monitoring key search queries, rolling out a/b testing, and account restructuring. Achieving the best results requires continuous development, testing, and reporting on your campaign performance. Ecommerce PPC experts provide custom reports detailing your growth metrics and revenue goals. constant improvements will allow your business to unlock the right formula to keep your ROI high and spend low.

6 Reasons PPC is Extremely Beneficial For Your Business

PPC is a powerful tool every ecommerce business should learn how to leverage. PPC is a terrific complement to long-term strategies like SEO, as it generates results relatively quickly. Best of all is PPC’s cost-effectiveness. Businesses only pay when a prospect has actually clicked on their ads, meaning there’s no waste. On average, PPC and retargeting campaigns yield positive results for businesses, far outpacing traditional methods like print ads.

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Low entry barrier

Businesses that are just starting out often don’t have huge marketing spending. Entering digital marketing via PPC is relatively easy as it requires less time, effort, and money. If managed correctly, PPC can offer smaller businesses a higher ROI when compared to other forms of marketing and add tremendous value to others who already have a larger marketing budget.

PPC is driven by data-backed strategies, and everything is measurable through analytical tools and conversion metrics. Campaigns can be optimized and can spend adjusted accordingly, meaning that if data reveals a campaign to be successful, spending can immediately be boosted. A Low PPC budget opens a new way for businesses with limited finances to a significant degree of control because they don’t pay for ad impressions or reach, only clicks.

Accurate audience targeting

Through A/B testing it’s possible to only target the most relevant audience, i.e. those who search for the same keywords in advertisements. When someone clicks on an advertisement, it is intentional and never coincidental and proves they are further down the buyer’s funnel.

PPC advertising also provides greater control over advertising because marketers can choose when and where it appears, offering a wide range of influence on targeting an audience relevant to what a business offers. Once a business understands its target audience segments, it can optimize its campaigns to correlate with its audience’s online behavior.

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Supplement search engine optimization (SEO)

PPC campaigns help an ecommerce store with its long-term SEO strategies. A/B testing is a common PPC practice. It entails the process of comparing two variations of the same advertisement by testing the target audience’s response and concluding which of the two is most effective.

When done correctly, it shows which advertisements get the most interest both through clicks and impressions. These data points can help refine a marketing plan’s overall SEO strategy and point towards new possibilities.

Different campaigns and goals

With PPC, there are various campaign types to choose from to promote products and businesses. Campaigns can be tailored to drive sales, gather leads, send traffic to ecommerce sites, create product and brand awareness, and fuel app downloads.

These campaign goals can be achieved through different advertisement types such as; search and display, social media, local service, Google ads, Gmail sponsored promotions, and Instream ads, to name a few. With PPC, there are so many ways to promote brand awareness and increase leads.

Retarget marketing

It’s normal for some target audiences to leave ecommerce websites without taking action. PPC makes it possible to retarget these users and show them revised advertisements that may pique their interest. Being exposed to another advertisement gives an ecommerce store another chance to convert leads into customers.

Retargeting is effective because users are already interested in the business’s products or services but might need more time to decide. It allows marketers to retarget advertisements that are specific to users, yielding higher conversion rates.

Conversion tracking

Every aspect of pay-per-click advertising can be tracked and measured, which makes calculating ROI easy. When advertisements can be measured, they can be improved and optimized. PPC offers a wealth of valuable data like impressions, clicks, and conversion rates for each keyword.

They allow ecommerce businesses to understand exactly what their customers are looking for and what makes them most likely to convert at every stage of the buyer’s funnel. PPC provides instant results and feedback, so landing page copy, keywords, and visual assets can be constantly tweaked to reach the best results.

Ecommerce PPC Management Components Designed To Achieve Results

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As an ecommerce PPC agency, we help businesses increase ecommerce sales and online orders with strategic PPC campaigns. Data-driven and cost-effective, our ecommerce PPC campaign management provides positive results for ecommerce businesses, improving their conversion rate and increasing their revenue.

We’ll conduct a comprehensive audit of all your accounts, followed by complete market analysis and competitive research of your ecommerce areas and industry to find local competitors with a higher ad positioning and key phrase insights. We’ll review your current ads and provide recommendations based on their current performance. When it comes to analytics, we check that yours are properly configured to ensure the metrics we measure correlate with your KPIs. Lastly, we provide ready-to-implement solutions as part of our ongoing ecommerce PPC strategy.

Goal-oriented ecommerce PPC services

Most ecommerce businesses understand that competition is fierce. Often, there may be many companies vying for the same type of keywords in their ads. This can create a costly situation. Competitive research into your market landscape helps out experts determine the most cost-effective PPC paths available. Being goal-oriented, we consistently refine our PPC campaigns to ensure ever-increasing, tangible results and revenue growth.

Creative display advertising services for ecommerce

Our veteran copywriters and ad specialists understand what it takes to craft a compelling ecommerce advertising campaign that will move potential customers to action. Whether it’s Google AdWords for ecommerce, retargeting, social media ads, or just online advertising in general, we know the language of your customers.

Cost-effective ecommerce PPC management

ppc for ecommerce benefits

Our mission is to craft and manage PPC campaigns that are affordable, relevant to our client’s target audience, and deliver results. Simple as that. We’re pros at leveraging all tools at our disposal to keep ahead of the latest algorithms, bid effectively for the right keywords, and ensure smooth management of your campaign.

Cross channel ads & Retargeting ecommerce services

We are more than an ecommerce PPC agency. Guided by your unique selling needs and market research, we will set up and manage your PPC campaign across all major search and social networks including Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Display, Shopping campaigns, or Bing, to name a few.

Ecommerce PPC management & A/B testing

As part of our ongoing ecommerce PPC management, we’ll constantly test ad copy, calls-to-action, targeting, and destination pages until we lock in the right formula to maximize conversions and keep your PPC spend to a minimum. The goals of the ecommerce business are the main point to decide which type of paid advertising we will use.

Ecommerce tracking and measuring success

We believe in transparency and accountability. Every step of your ecommerce PPC service with us will be monitored to ensure progress. You’ll have access to custom reports measuring your PPC results alongside your unique growth metrics and revenue goals. We think that analytics is key to successful marketing services for ecommerce businesses.

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Comrade’s ecommerce PPC services have a proven track record of generating a meaningful return on your investment. In fact, our PPC campaigns average a $4.50 return on every $1 you spend. Want to get ahead of the competition? Then call us on (312) 265-0580 or contact us here.

I've never had a PPC campaign setup before. Can you help?

Absolutely. Our digital marketing team has vast experience in executing highly successful paid advertising campaigns. Let’s start with an assessment of your business goals and walk you through how PPC works. Setting up an effective campaign is painless and cost-effective!

Is paid search effective for eCommerce stores?

Without a doubt, it is highly effective. Research indicates that 64% of people click on PPC ads (and thereby land directly on your website) over organic search engine results. That’s an impressive number. What’s more, you only pay for those clicks, making PPC a very affordable option that delivers a substantial return on ad spend. Our PPC campaigns average a $4.50 return on every $1 spent.

How long does it take to generate results with eCommerce PPC management service?

Most of our clients start seeing meaningful results within the first month. For some clients selling more complex products or services, it may sometimes take two months to generate those results.

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