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Updated: August 29, 2022

Top 12 Best Roofing Websites [2022 Edition]

There are over 1.93 billion websites online. Those successful at converting website visitors into paid customers excel at two things: form and function. A roofing company’s website design is important because, in real life and online, people are naturally drawn to good design.

In fact, 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. Most people think design is about color schemes and graphics, but this is only one part of it.

Technical aspects are equally significant, such as a fast loading time, having a robust host, and intuitive navigation. When developing your roofing website design, you’ll want to think about:

  • UI and UX
  • Graphic Design
  • Loading speed
  • SEO
  • Unique solutions

Since your website is the digital face of your roofing company, it’s essential to create it with care and consideration. Lacking in any aspect will affect your brand’s online reputation and lead generation.

From graphics to SEO, there is a lot to consider when updating an old website or building one from scratch. Below is a list of great roofing websites for inspiration, as well as some significant design aspects to incorporate into your roofing web design.

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Best Roofing Website Designs in 2022

These roofing websites have incorporated some notable design principles that help with search engine optimization and generating leads. We’ve touched on a few main advantages to illustrate key design elements and how they work.

top best roofing websites

#1 Force Field Roofing

This roofing website offers an excellent example of how to create a clear value proposition that immediately informs visitors of what they can expect by hiring this roofing business. The overlay of the text “Creating an experience worthy of your expectations” is the first thing potential customers see, along with a slide show of images that substantiate this claim.

Below this is a call-to-action button to help potential customers get finance, as well as a brief bio about the company that provides further elaboration on its value proposition. When you scroll further down, you’ll learn more about their specific services and their processes, followed by a lead capture form. This is a good example of how to transfer visitors into leads.

top best roofing websites

#2 Quantum Roofing

Quantum Roofing’s horizontal menu provides all the information prospective customers need to find out more, read reviews and contact the company. Having this on the homepage ensures effortless navigation, while the call-to-action buttons “Get started” and “Make payment” decreases the number of clicks required by visitors to get to where they need to be.

When a customer enters a roofing contractor’s website, the suggested number of clicks it takes to navigate and search for information should be no more than three, which Quantum Roofing definitely achieves. And, if visitors don’t click on the “contact us” button, they can always call the numbers at the top of the page, which eliminates all pain points involved in finding relevant contact details.

top best roofing websites

#3 Christian Roofing and Remodeling

Unlike the previous two roofing contractors’ websites, Christian Roofing and Remodeling’s homepage cuts straight to the chase with a lead generation capture form, with which visitors can request a quote.

Instead of offering a text explanation of what they do, the company has an introductory video that is more compelling and personal. According to HubSpot, 86% of video marketers say video has been effective in acquiring more leads.

Adding subtitles would further improve the video’s effectiveness, as 80% of people watch videos to completion when subtitles are added.

top best roofing websites

#4 Hans Nombach Roofing and Remodeling

While the navigation is a little cluttered, this roofing website excels at streamlining the customer’s journey. Directly underneath its value proposition, “Big enough to get the job. Small enough to care,” is a drop-down menu for visitors to select what they need help with.

This accomplishes two things. Firstly, it reduces friction within each customer’s buyer journey, and secondly, it immediately makes visitors aware of the company’s comprehensive services.

The roofing websites’ strong color scheme (white, black, gray, and red) also makes various design elements stand out, drawing the viewer’s attention to calls-to-action and important contact details.

top best roofing websites

#5 Phil DiBello Family Roofing

A simple and effective roofing website that communicates exactly what’s required about the company and its services with minimal fuss. On the top right-hand side is a telephone number and link to request a quote.

Below that is the hero image of key business members and another call to action to “request a free estimate.” There are two “request a free estimate” buttons on the homepage alone, making it effortless for customers to get in touch.

Moreover, the client testimonials offer social proof of the company’s high-quality roof repair, which further convinces visitors to hire them.

top best roofing websites

#6 Metro NYC Builders

Metro NYC Builders’ roofing website design has one of the strongest calls to action. Its header states, “Call now and receive 100% free on-site estimate.” As you scroll further down, you learn more about their services, which are complemented by customer reviews.

What’s interesting about this website is it doesn’t have a horizontal menu. It’s literally a single landing page, which goes to show that not all websites need an extensive menu to be user-friendly or attract quality leads. Sometimes, less is more.

top best roofing websites

#7 South Side

South Side has added motion to its website’s hero image, which grabs a viewer’s attention and makes it a little more engaging. The use of color also makes the call-to-action buttons stand out. For example, the “Get a Free Estimate” is a red block, which immediately draws a visitor’s eyes to the top right-hand side of the page.

When you scroll down, the four black blocks below the hero image clearly and succinctly communicate to website visitors what the company’s main service areas are. Scroll a little further, and you’re met with more information about the company and a call-to-action button to contact the company, making it easy for leads to get in touch.

top best roofing websites

#8 First Quality

Despite there being a lot of text on the homepage, this roofing web design has ensured the layout is balanced and easy to navigate. Additionally, First Quality has a large testimonial banner that provides visitors with ample social proof of their superior services, below which you can see its Angie’s List Super Service Award.

On the website’s horizontal menu, the tab “why choose us” effectively communicates the company’s unique value proposition. Each sub-category offers yet another reason why First Quality is one of the best roofing repair companies. A prospective customer can see right away why they’re a reputable company and click on the drop-down options if they wish to find more.

top best roofing websites

#9 Moss Roofing

Moss Roofing ticks all the website design basics. A chatbot, clear navigation, limited color palette, and reviews are the marks of an effective website that’s designed to generate leads. This roofing website also has a blog, created to boost brand authority.

When you land on the homepage, its clear calls to action make it super easy to get a free quote. The fact that the company mentions they have virtual inspections further encourages visitors to make contact. The added convenience eliminates customer pain points while reducing company overheads.

top best roofing websites

#10 Piney Orchard

The two things that make this website stand out are its Google reviews and contact buttons. On the lower left-hand side, we can see that Piney Orchard has a 5-star review rating on average. Displaying reviews on a roofing site has become increasingly important, as 95% of consumers read reviews before purchasing products and services.

Then, on the bottom right-hand are two buttons to call or SMS. The SMS function is perfect for customers who perhaps don’t want to initiate a phone call, but still wish to contact the company, meaning the Piney Orchard has considered its target audience’s communication preferences.

top best roofing websites

#11 D&L Roofing

A sleek modern design with a limited palette of white, gray, and green makes D&L Roofing’s website stand out. Moreover, its customer service chatbot provides 24/7 support. Today’s chatbots can answer as much as 80% of all standard questions, which not only improves customer service but also reduces customer-service-related costs.

D&L Roofing also has a blog, which plays an essential role in digital marketing strategy. By providing prospects with valuable information, the company establishes itself as a roofing industry leader. According to the Digital School of Marketing, blogs increase leads by 67%.

top best roofing websites

#12 Cape Roof

Cape Roof has strategically used the color blue to draw attention to its navigation bar, making for a neat and simple website design structure. Its hero slideshow suitably showcases the scope of the company’s services without cluttering the page with visuals.

This roofing website design is a good example of how to use “negative” or white space to balance different design elements. The effective use of negative space can increase readability by 20%.

What’s also noteworthy is the benefits section of this roofing website. Instead of providing a long explanation, the company has neatly summarized it into six points with illustrations, which are far more visually appealing.

What Makes a Good Roofing Company Website Design?

Usability and utility (not the visual design) will ultimately determine the success of a roofing website design. Developing a user-centric website is a standard approach website builders use when creating a new roofing website.

While there may aesthetic and technical aspects that make for a great website, you’ll want to start with the ones below.

UI and UX

While UX and UI are frequently used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. UI design focuses on how the website looks and functions, whereas UX looks at designing how a visitor feels when they interact with a website.

Simply put: UI makes a website experience enjoyable, whereas UX concerns ease of usage. They’re both needed to win customers’ confidence and to ensure your site’s performance is of standard. Investing in UI and UX improves customer experience and website rankings, as well as sales!

Graphic Design

Arguably, one of the most impactful design tools a roofing webmaster has is color. If you want to convey a certain tone or message in a design, a consistent color scheme is a must. Colors carry a subconscious message that affects buyer psychology. For example, blue connects to water, implying freshness, whereas red reminds us of heat, passion, or danger.

Optimizing typography in your roofing site is also important because it improves usability and graphic balance. Try not to use more than three different fonts; otherwise, your website might look unstructured and unprofessional. Hiring a design company is highly recommended as they will ensure your website is mobile-friendly, and its aesthetic appeal converts visitors.

Loading Speed

A roofing website that loads quickly will receive more traffic and a higher ranking in search engines. Most eCommerce websites load in two seconds, which is Google’s recommended time. Anything more may cause potential customers to leave your site and hire competitors.

You can use Google or Pingdom to test your website’s speed. If it’s too slow, you might consider compressing images, decreasing pop-up advertisements, switching web hosts, as well as minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Bear in mind that the latter is more technical and may require technical expertise.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is made up of multiple elements such as on-page, off-page, technical and local SEO. Implementing a robust search engine optimization for roofers‘ strategy is vital because it makes your roofing company website more visible, and that means more traffic and more opportunities to convert visitors into leads.

Common tasks associated with SEO include creating high-quality content and optimizing said content around specific keywords. The best roofing websites use SEO to improve their rankings in the organic (non-paid) section of search results.

In fact, over 50% of marketers say growing SEO and organic presence remains a top marketing priority.

Unique Solutions

Almost all the roofing websites listed here clearly state the unique solutions they offer customers. The internet is a competitive and overwatered place, where to stand out, you need to make enticing offers to visitors. Most of the roofing websites on our list have clear value propositions that promoted their quality service or competitive pricing—often on the homepage!

Identifying your unique value proposition compared to your competitors is the main pillar that establishes your success in digital marketing for roofers and sales. It articulates why a potential customer should hire your company instead of a competitor. Even if it’s not on your homepage, it is still important to mention what makes your roofing company unique on your website.

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Website Design for Your Roofing Business

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