HVAC Content Marketing Planning 101: How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Business

Achieve marketing success in the HVAC industry with our essential first step!

A routine question we receive from HVAC clients is: “How to get more customers for my HVAC business?” The answer is to have a strategic digital marketing strategy that includes an HVAC content marketing plan.

Content marketing improves conversions and leads to significant sales increases because it allows you to generate and connect with leads online. With the right HVAC content, you can attract, engage and retain customers.

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If you’re just starting out, it helps to have an HVAC digital marketing checklist. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at how to create a content marketing plan, as well as tried and tested content marketing approaches that compel customers to hire you.

What Is Content Marketing for HVAC?

Content marketing is a strategic form of inbound marketing used to attract, engage and retain target audiences in a way that drives profitable interactions.

What is content marketing for HVAC companies

In comparison to paid advertising, content marketing is a low-cost investment that makes it possible for potential customers to discover how your product or service solves their problems or helps them realize their desires.

Strategically publishing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, email newsletters, and other media establishes brand expertise, promotes awareness, and gives your business an edge over its competition.

Today’s HVAC businesses need a sturdy online presence underpinned by a strategy to increase visibility and brand loyalty. This is content marketing.

5 Steps to Create HVAC Content Marketing Plan

A content marketing strategy is an outline of your key HVAC business and customer needs, plus a detailed plan for how you intend to use content to achieve your business goals. The following steps can help you formulate the best content marketing strategy that nurtures leads and builds strong customer relationships.

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1. Finding Your Target Audience

Every piece of content you create should be tailored toward your target audience. Content marketing must nudge potential customers further down the sales funnel, but it won’t if you don’t understand your customer’s pain points, interests, and aspirations. Developing buyer personas (semi-fictional profiles of your ideal customer) ensures your content marketing strategy is correctly targeted.

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2. Figure Out What the Best Practices Are

Following content marketing best practices gets your marketing material to rank high on search engines. As does the use of targeted keywords. Your HVAC content should be meaningful, useful, and interesting, while simultaneously answering your customer’s common questions. Don’t use industry jargon and publish regularly to build a loyal following.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your content marketing efforts? Dive into our comprehensive guide and start implementing winning strategies today.

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3. Choose Your Platforms

Once you know who your HVAC content is for and what’s intended to achieve, you must consider which distribution channel is best. Don’t make the mistake of using every social media platform. For example, it won’t help publishing videos on TikTok if most of your customers use Facebook. Regardless of which distribution channels you choose, ensure they align with your customer preferences and behaviors.

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency can help you with the above if you’re unsure how to go about it. Schedule a free consultation.

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4. Create a Consistent Schedule

Rolling out content is a time and resource-intensive process entailing research, creation, reviews, and edits. It’s standard for most brands to create content at least a month ahead of schedule, which helps them stick to publishing deadlines and maintain consistency. Having a content schedule at the ready also guarantees your content is aligned with your marketing KPIs.

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5. Add as Much SEO Value as Possible

SEO (especially franchise SEO) and content marketing are connected and complement HVAC marketing strategies. Your HVAC business won’t benefit from content if it isn’t high-quality and by that, we mean implementing SEO throughout your marketing copy.

Using the right keywords that match with customer search intent is vital because they’re the linchpin between what your customers are searching for and the content you’re providing. You can learn more about the process of improving the quality and quantity of your website traffic by reading our HVAC SEO tips.

5 Common Content Types for an HVAC Content Marketing

Content types for HVAC companies

Ideally, your content marketing arsenal should consist of different content types, specially designed for reaching and connecting with customers across the sales funnel.

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1. HVAC Blog

Adding a blog to your website can increase its traffic by as much as 434%! Blogging has long been one of the top content marketing strategies because it develops consumer trust and improves search engine rankings.

Besides video, it’s often the main content type used because:

  • Effective blogging attracts and nurtures leads at every stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Blog content provides unlimited opportunities to rank for a range of keywords. (Far more than you can on your website alone.)
  • It creates high-quality content that helps build a strong backlink profile.
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2. Video Content

Statistical data about marketers

98% of marketers believe videos are now an integral part of their digital marketing strategies. The visual medium increases engagement on social media platforms, educates audiences, and is the most likely to be shared by consumers across digital channels like social media, email, and even WhatsApp.

Simply put: Most customers would much rather watch a video (with subtitles) demonstrating products and services or how a process/task is accomplished than reading about it. Videos are short, easy to follow, and often entertaining.

Video is the most popular type of content people consume online, with mobiles being the preferred device. Over 80% of the population own a smartphone, which provides all the more reasons to invest in video marketing.

Take your HVAC contracting business to new heights in 2024 with innovative video marketing techniques. Dive into our blog to learn how.

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3. Case Studies and Portfolio Cases

Case studies are used as social proof and are an excellent marketing strategy for an air conditioning company. Providing real-life evidence of successes persuades customers that your HVAC company is the best choice to solve their issues.

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Illustrate your HVAC company’s expertise with compelling case studies, showcasing real-life successes and building customer trust

They highlight expertise and showcase like-minded clients you work with, as well as let clients see how you solve their challenges. Case studies don’t have to be boring. A good example is Lloyd HVAC Services before and after post on Instagram where it displays the results of its work and offers a brief explanation in the caption.

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4. E-books and Manuals

In an ideal scenario, visitors would arrive at your website and immediately request a quote or call. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case in reality. Enter lead capturing. This process gathers information about potential customers (leads).

For example, when a customer arrives at your website, you might request their contact details using a lead capture form in exchange for an eBook (a lead magnet) on how to fix common HVAC issues. Lead generation is a top priority if you want your business to grow.

The best content marketing strategy will always generate specific marketing assets for lead-capturing efforts. Because eBooks and manuals are more substantial offerings than blogs or short videos, potential customers are generally more obliging with exchanging their contact details.

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5. Customer Checklists

Customers love checklists from experts because it ensures they complete tasks properly. This is especially valid when creating content that provides advice on how to fix HVAC systems or perform regular maintenance.

When it comes to content marketing for HVAC local businesses, experimenting with a few lead capture landing pages and content offerings will appeal to different segments of your target audience.

Therefore, A/B testing different content offers can reveal what types of services potential customers are interested in. For example, someone downloading a checklist may need an HVAC repair or maintenance work done.

Create a content marketing strategy, boost your business. Simple as that.
Create a content marketing strategy, boost your business. Simple as that.

Let us show you how



Having a content marketing strategy saves time and money and lets you maximize your marketing return on investment. As an HVAC digital marketing company, Comrade can take care of creating and implementing your content marketing strategy.

Our digital marketing experts will do all the work, so you can concentrate on running your HVAC company while reaping the benefits of content marketing. Whether you require content marketing for HVAC affiliates or your own business, we’re more than happy to help. Contact us to find out more about our HVAC marketing strategies.

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