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Updated: September 27, 2021

How Can Attorneys Effectively Setup a Call-Only Campaign?

How Can Attorneys Effectively Setup a Call-Only Campaign?

Why Are Call-Only Campaigns for Lawyers So Important?

Rapid worldwide smartphone adoption has prompted Google to equip businesses with call-only campaigns. Today, 70% of mobile users call a company directly from the link in search engine results, steering them further down the sales funnel, so it’s no surprise that call-only campaigns provide high conversion rates between 30-50%.

Clients who search for lawyers online are likely looking to speak directly to someone who can help them rather than reading copious amounts of text. Call-only campaigns for attorneys are easy to track but require a specialized strategy. Here are five call-only tips for law firms wanting to utilize this revenue-generating option. 

5 Tips for an Attorneys’ Call-Only Campaign

Take Advantage of Targeting

Target marketing is the process of breaking a business’s target market into segments and then concentrating marketing efforts towards those specific segments. The advent of Google AdWords allows companies to use specific keywords to reach their ideal market online. 

For example, a divorce attorney might create ads with the words “divorce lawyer in Chicago” because they know that their clients search using these keywords. By adding them, they will rank in search engine results and have a higher chance of discovery online. 

The sophistication of Google AdWords allows call-only campaigns for law firms to target not just cities but market segments with specific zip and postal codes. Some of your cities’ areas will be more densely populated or affluent than others and better suited to your legal services. Be sure to use a local number and increase bids in areas that have higher quality calls.

Focus on Call-Centric Keywords

When it comes to call-only tips for attorneys, the correct use of keywords should never be underestimated. Using words like “lawyer” or “attorney” is problematic because they are general and popular (at $42.5 per click), which can lead to wasted spending. For increased profits, focus on a combination of the head, body, and long-tail keywords. 

Head keywords are single-word general terms, body keywords contain two or three words, and long-tail keywords contain four words with greater specificity. For example, “divorce lawyer cost Chicago.”Long-tail keywords make it more likely that you’ll attract potential clients interested in specific, as opposed to general services. They may also make bidding cheaper as they’re less popular than the head keywords that most vie for.

Invest in Comfort for the Caller

To make the most out of attorney-call ads, it’s important to keep your client’s comfort in mind. Most are familiar with frustrations wrought through calling large institutions like banks, for instance. Avoid long and confusing phone menus, and be sure to direct potential clients to the right location and customer service representative. This can even be personalized based on your keyword campaigns. 

It’s also a good idea to have a 24/7 answering machine in place. It’s also worthwhile to route calls to lawyers on standby during off-hours. Any potential client that’s calling at that time obviously requires urgent help, and it would be a wasted opportunity not to accept the call as soon as possible.

Monitor Everything about Your Calls

Lawyer call ads need to be properly monitored to improve bidding and increase ROI. Each call should be tracked back to its source to learn about the location of your customers and improve targeting. Third-party software and digital marketing companies can help to measure and manage these data sets.

You’ll want to know how many calls came through AdWords versus organic traffic, as well as which of those calls converted into leads so you can forecast bidding on specific keywords. While volume is commendable, the ultimate goal is to attract high-quality leads, which is why it’s critical to know how much monetary value each call converts to.


Algorithms and online client behavior constantly change, so too should your call-only campaign. By that, we mean you should be open to running experiments like A/B testing to help further optimize your call-only campaigns. Google AdWords has built-in functionality for campaign testing. For accurate results, always let your experiments run for a few weeks and monitor them carefully to track changes. 

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