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Some of the best leads (usually better than those generated through PPC or Google ads) come from organic SEO traffic. With an optimized site, you will appear on top of Google’s organic search results (for free). Your company should be the first thing prospective customers see before the competition, right? In just 3-4 months, our SEO agency in Chicago produces real, transformational results — in the form of improved leads and sales (which is probably the minimum any SEO agency can provide).

Service Card
Service Card

How much growth can you expect from SEO services?

Small local businesses with stable cash flow and nationwide eCommerce websites can both benefit from SEO. Search engine traffic can be increased by 175% in one year with dedicated SEO services from an agency.

ROI increase

Average ROI increase for our clients after 1 year of SEO is currently at +40% level.

Get a Competitive Advantage

You are not just getting more traffic, we also improve your brand’s reputation. That means that your website conversion rate should also go up and you will get more sales for each 1,000 website visits.

Cost of SEO Services

SEO solutions deliver meaningful results to your business, increasing traffic, conversions, and above all, revenue in a tangible way. Our SEO packages are uniquely tailored to meet your business objectives and range from $1,500 to $6,500+ per month, depending on how quickly you are looking to scale your business.

Featured SEO Case Studies

The International Kitchen
Luxury Culinary Service Reclaims Stake as Market Leader
The International Kitchen is a luxury agency focusing on gourmet culinary vacations throughout the world. Despite it being a pioneer in the industry, the International Kitchen had a lackluster website that negatively impacted sales. Comrade helped to complete a full marketing audit and implemented SEO and PPC campaigns. We also improved the content marketing efforts and completed website updates that resulted in a 118% increase in SEO traffic and a 62% increase in organic traffic year over year.
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in SEO Traffic
view case study
Savory Spice
Online Spice Vendor Achieves Top Google Ranking & Sees 55% Increase in Organic Traffic
Savory Spice is an eCommerce business in addition to having over 30 retail locations. The brand is responsible for supplying over 1,500 restaurants throughout the country with its unique, high-quality spice blends. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency implemented an all-encompassing SEO strategy, including on-page and off-page optimizations, to help secure a top Google ranking for Savory Spice. Organic traffic has also nearly doubled since working with Comrade and sales have seen a large increase.
Increase in Organic SEO Traffic
Increase in Transactions
view case study

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Our SEO Services

We’ll take a deep dive into your current strategy. We look for what’s working and what doesn’t, providing you with SEO professional services and actionable feedback, including goals for keyword research, meta-tags, and more.

Content is king in the age of Google SEO, and we make sure that you receive high quality, compelling, relevant content as part of our SEO services.

Technical SEO is very important to your website optimization. We will do everything to remove all inconsistencies and make your website run fast and smooth.

Many of the top ranking factors happen off of your website. We as website SEO agency make sure that you’re getting the right buzz, helping build links from high-quality websites in your industry.

We will use all the modern tools to determine what exactly are your website issues right now and present a plan of action. Our experts can make the most out of Google Analytics, different managers, estimations, and reporting.

Interested to see how Digital Marketing can work for your organization?

Talk to our website SEO consultant about your current situation, your challenges and goals and we will help you generate a strategy that is proven do drive your business upward!

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Get a Complementary SEO Audit

Get a Complementary SEO Audit

Our SEO professionals will look at where your website can improve SEO and provide a detailed report.

How Our Chicago SEO Company Gets Results

comrade digital marketing team


Step 0. What Do You Want From An SEO Agency?

The internet is full of blogs and videos where people almost scream at you that you need an SEO strategy, and you need to hire an SEO company right now. They tell you that you wouldn’t believe how much this company grew after they hired SEO experts, or that a search engine optimization company is crucial for your success. We know how hard it can be to find good people who are right for this job, and especially for what you want to do. A lot of people stumble across different scammers or simply inexperienced upstarts. But what do you really want from an SEO consultant?

  • You want your SEO company to work efficiently, to deliver results fast – in 3 or 4 months tops.
  • You want to understand what people are doing to your site. Full transparency is a really important part of building trust between a business and an SEO expert.
  • You want to not just be shown some numbers and unfamiliar metrics, you want your SEO consulting company to explain what all of these things mean.
  • You want SEO services to be affordable. No one wants to overpay for things they don’t really understand or when they don’t see actual results and improvements.
  • Your SEO company shouldn’t work for your competitors. Who knows what client they might prefer more? Maybe they are just going to use you to boost competition? There needs to be a sense of loyalty and trust.
  • And finally, you want your SEO expert to be an actual expert in your industry. No weird experiments, no first-time jobs. They have to know what they’re doing.

The worst thing is, that with a lot of companies you sometimes have to choose between all those things! Here at Comrade Digital Marketing, we fully understand how you feel. With us, you will get the full package – a risk-free, client-first, success-oriented approach. But words don’t mean much here, let us prove it to you. How do you ask? Easy – contact us to schedule full complementary research, with no strings attached. Moreover, let us tell you what goes into it and what you can expect from our process.

SEO expert qualities


Step 1. Complementary Research

The first thing we do, the moment you contact us, is a full-scale audit. We will do the following:

  • Measure your website’s loading speed
  • Evaluate the quality of your backlinks
  • Analyze your search engine rankings positions (SERP)
  • Create a 20-point SEO performance evaluation checklist
  • Suggest several steps to optimize your SEO content strategy
  • Evaluate your web-design
  • Look at your website conversion rates
  • Evaluate the quality of content on your website

Our SEO professionals will present you with the full scope of your current situation and prospective work. This is all completely free, safe, and confidential. We are not familiar with any company that does the same amount of research with no commitment. If you decide to continue working with us after that, that is when the real deal starts.

See how SEO can help you stay ahead of the competition
See how SEO can help you stay ahead of the competition

Talk to SEO experts

See how SEO can help you stay ahead of the competition

Step 2. The Real Work Begins (1st month)

So, we signed the contract, did all the necessary paperwork and now our SEO consulting company can begin helping your business to improve. This is where the real work begins. Yes, our complimentary audit is pretty comprehensive, but it will look like snorkeling dive in comparison. The first month of our work is an actual, full-on, deep scuba dive into all the nooks and crannies of your website, its statistics and its analytics.

comrade at work

Our goal is to convert research into successful action. We start with researching your competitors and taking notes of what they do right and wrong. This part is crucial because a lot of industries require different SEO strategies and it is essential to see what works in order to avoid mistakes. Next, our SEO specialists present you with a short-term and long-term marketing strategy. This SEO strategy can include:

Keyword optimization.

This is one of the most common obstacles for a website’s SEO growth. Proper use of keywords can work wonders. While a lot of cheap SEO agencies try to cover a wide range of keywords but don’t get high results in any niche, professional SEO companies know the power of proper keyword optimization and can use it to facilitate good growth online.

Mobile optimization.

You may think that this should be a given these days, but a lot of people still overlook how their site performs on a mobile device. You lose a lot of website traffic and potential clients ignoring the technical SEO aspect of your business! Mobile traffic grew 68% in Q1 2021. People are on the internet, potentially looking for your services and if they can’t open your website properly they will go to your competitors, no matter how nice your site actually is.

On-page SEO.

on page SEO

This is how you actually get found online. With on-page SEO, search engines are able to determine if a user’s search is relevant to your website by analyzing your website content. Google updates its algorithm continually in order to fulfill the searcher’s needs and better understand the searcher’s intent. Your website should evolve along with Google’s algorithm. Whether your business is big or small, this type of SEO should be the backbone of your digital marketing strategy.

Off-page SEO and link building.

Off-page SEO is a different type of optimization that still affects your search engine rankings. This type of SEO is tremendously valuable because it lets search engines know that your site is highly valued by others in the online world. By gaining links from other sites, you are being endorsed by them as a quality website. For websites that perform other types of SEO equally well, external sources are used to break ranking ties so search engines know how best to rank websites on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Content (is king).

Content is king

Proper content strategy plays a big role in growing your organic search traffic. It is important to market content that answers the questions of your audience. The benefits of content marketing include better conversion rates, better customer connections, and more leads. Customers expect unwavering quality and consistency from their favorite brands.

Creating a high-quality website.

It is crucial that your website looks good since it is often the first impression you leave on potential customers. The first point of contact with them will be your website if they find you through a search or a link a friend provided them. That initial impression should be positive. A quality website has to look good, but it also has to work well. It is a good idea to browser test your website to ensure it looks and functions correctly across all of them. The quality of a website also depends on its polish. There can be no mistakes in spelling and grammar, no examples of 90s web design, no blurry images, and no loose ends. Websites are tools, so make them good from the outset.

Not happy with your website performance?

Talk to our SEO experts

Not happy with your website performance?

Implementing social media marketing.

Social media offers great marketing opportunities to businesses that are active on them. It increases brand awareness among prospective clients, builds relationships with your audience, and boosts your traffic and rankings, all of which can lead to higher conversion rates and bigger sales for you!

Creating ROI metrics and setting up analytical reports.

ROI and Analytics

We are fully transparent about all of the work we do. We will send you an extensive report each month, where we lay out everything we already did and what we are going to do next. But the most important part is that it wouldn’t just be a pile of numbers and graphs that you can’t read. We are going to explain everything to you. We want to help you understand what’s going on because this will ensure the success of the project.

An SEO campaign is a multi-faceted endeavor that requires a lot of experience to handle right. We can discuss plans, reports, search engine optimization, what we want to, and what we are going to do all day, but actions speak louder than words. So let’s take a look at a company that grew immensely after our SEO agency started working with them.

Step 3. First SEO Services Results and Analysis

We worked with an American Tent, which is a manufacturer and supplier of tents in the United States. They came to us with a slow, underperforming website, already burned by previous marketing agencies and wanting to rebrand. The issues were clear bad experiences with other companies accompanied by a drop in SEO rankings due to poor rebranding. So, what did we do? Exactly what we just explained!

american tent website

After doing complementary research, the first month of work was focused on isolating the pain points of their website and where other agencies went wrong. Fresh eyes can bring a new perspective to the problem and that is exactly what Comrade did.

Website redesign.

As we already mentioned, their website was slow, clunky, and underperforming as a conversion tool for potential clients. We decided to develop a completely new website on the Shopify platform, that would perform sales functions far more efficiently. We managed not only to create a fast and appealing website, but also to convey the brand’s aesthetics and reputation in the industry.

american tent content

Technical optimization.

The next step was creating the best user experience (UX) possible. We implemented substantial SEO and structural changes to enhance the site’s functionality and speed, especially on mobile. In addition, our team restructured the website framework and sitemap. Our experts added new categories and landing page,s facilitating a seamless buyer’s journey for all prospective clients.

Search Engine Optimization

That was just the technical side of things. On the marketing front, we also had a lot of work to do. To generate more inbound traffic we launched a robust SEO (and PPC) campaign as well as a reputation management campaign. We created a thought-out content marketing campaign so the company could attract more leads and rank higher on search engines. We didn’t just drop everything on American Tent – our experts provided constant SEO consulting to help the firm ensure its ongoing success. We created different ROI metrics and analytics to help them see what work is being done and what the results are.

american tent aquisition

This work was our priority. During our partnership, our digital marketing agency was fully transparent and clear. We sent analytical reports each month, explained all stats, growths and falls, and each and every graph. If our client had any questions regarding the overall strategy, its implementation or results, we were always ready to answer.

Step 4. Analytics and Corrections

So, what happened after all that? The company saw a big increase in clients and traffic and ranked fifth on Google among all relative keywords, going as high as third for some. Quality leads grew 177%, the company was making record-breaking sales week after week. Remember one of the American Tent’s original issues? The rebranding one. With Comrade’s marketing strategy, American Tent managed to mitigate the drop and after they saw their SEO rankings double in the next six months. This is how Comrade works. We deliver measurable results to our clients, it’s our top priority.

comrade client results

At the end of our contract we do another full-scale audit, this time focusing on the work we’ve done, the current state of things, and what could be improved. We use 35 different metrics to see where the greatest growth happened, what stayed unchangedб and where we should focus next. We also provide a full analysis of ROI increase, which is a guarantee we give when we start working.

Optimize your website, boost your business. Simple as that
Optimize your website, boost your business. Simple as that

Let us show you how


If you want to grow your business risk-free, with surefire results, trust, and transparency, while implementing both personal approach and modern technologies then contact us. If you are still not sure, then remember – you can always start by scheduling complimentary research with no commitment required.

Chicago SEO Services | Award Winning Chicago SEO Agency

Gillespie Productions has been a customer of Comrade Web Agency since 2019. They have done an outstanding job relaunching our website and optimizing our SEO. I highly recommend Comrade.

John Gillespie / Gillespie Productions
Chicago SEO Services | Award Winning Chicago SEO Agency

Before I worked with Comrade, my site was completely ignored by google crawlers. After first 2 month I was on page 3, and by the end of month 3 I was #1 on google in my category !!! Thanks folks for such a great job!

Kristina G.
Chicago SEO Services | Award Winning Chicago SEO Agency

This SEO company is a mixture of enthusiasm and professionalism. I strongly recommend it to everyone who needs to create a website or who is looking for SEO services. These guys are talented and creative. Moreover, they take a personal approach to every customer! I’m sure you won’t regret choosing them!

Alicia Peterson

Our SEO services deliver results:


Average SEO traffic increase after 1 year


Average ROI increase from SEO

100+ SEO projects

completed in 12 years

Deep experience in 30 industries

comporate, finance

industrial equipment

senior living facilities




professional services

construction and remodeling




local services

Average time before our clients see first top SEO results and significant traffic increase.

Number of quality
backlinks generated in 12 years
of SEO experts in our team
Number of articles,
landing pages created

“We’ve been providing SEO services in Chicago since 2006 and have completed nearly 300 projects since then, most of which were very successful. Through the handful of projects that didn’t deliver the results expected, we learned the importance of due diligence when taking on a new project. That’s why we’re very selective and never take on a new project unless we can verify, with hard data, how we will deliver results. It’s good for our full service SEO agency’s business and even better for our clients because they know, without a doubt, that if we’re taking them on, we WILL deliver them the results they need.”

Marketing Strategist, Partner
Why Choose Us as Your SEO Company

Why Choose Us as Your SEO Company

Through carefully analysing your data our SEO experts create a clear SEO growth plan to help you capture top rankings on the search engine results and dominate your market with complete SEO services from our company.


  • The only web design and SEO company in Chicago to guarantee its results
  • Proven results in elevating organic traffic for our clients
  • Track record achieving top Google rankings for our clients, often within the top three and five results
  • We have over a decade of SEO experience and have delivered results for 100+ clients
  • Progress is transparent and tracked against our own 12-month SEO plan for target numbers revenue goals
  • We’ll work by your side to prove that we’ll be your long-term outsourced marketing team who will provide you not only the result but also SEO consultation services

Reach out to our team to schedule your no-strings-attached SEO audit.

This assessment includes:

  • Check of your website load speed
  • An audit of your backlinks to ensure they are high quality
  • A 20-point SEO performance evaluation
  • Backlink review
  • A website SEO content strategy and suggestions
  • Your overall conversion rate to help pinpoint areas where you can improve

In addition, you’ll receive a high-level SEO strategy tailored to your business completely free of charge.

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Comrade provides a combination of Digital Marketing Services geared towards achieving best meaningful results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our SEO Services

How Do You Price SEO Optimization?

We calculate a monthly retainer fee based off of the hours required for your project. Once the total number of hours for the lifetime of your campaign is calculated, our search engine optimization agency converts them into a retainer fee. Fees are due at the beginning of the month.

When Do I See Results From Your SEO Services?

SEO is a long-term strategy, and can take anywhere from 3-4 months before you start to see real results. But the growth is durable, sustainable, and cost effective, ensuring that your business is being shown to your customers first.

Does Your SEO Agency Guarantee Results?

We make sure that all clients we work with see the growth that their business deserves. Through our web SEO company's smart strategies, it’s our goal to see your business rise to the top of Google’ search results.

What Do Your SEO Services Include?

For our clients, we provide a full set of SEO optimization services. From the initial SEO audit to ongoing support, we handle it all. Besides providing a detailed strategy for SEO both on and off page, we also create compelling and engaging content.

How Can an SEO Firm Help My Business?

There are many facets to SEO, and it constantly changes. The highest quality and most current SEO services are available when you work with SEO consultants such as ours. Our guaranteed SEO services help customers grow over the long haul as well as save money by avoiding in-house campaigns that aren't optimized for search engines.

Can you help me with local SEO?

The Majority of small businesses aren’t optimized for local SEO. We not only provide broad organic SEO services, national SEO campaigns but also offer local SEO services. This means that even brick-and-mortar businesses can see real growth from our SEO consulting company services.

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