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E-Commerce Web Development Services
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E-Commerce Website Development

Whether you’re selling shoes or HVAC equipment, our team of e-commerce web developers works to leverage your brand and deliver on the objectives of your e-commerce website.

We analyze your market landscape, unique business objectives and, target audience to create an eCommerce website that will increase your revenue.

We take your eCommerce web development project to heart and work in tandem with your team to deliver results. Comrade has grown from a local Chicago agency to a national and global leader in high-performance web development and digital marketing. Please be sure to view our case studies for examples of our work.



E-Commerce Website Development

E-Commerce Web Development Services

Looking to migrate your store to other e-commerce platforms, reshape your company's online brand identity, or develop a complex e-commerce experience? We specialize in delivering optimal e-commerce solutions.

E-commerce stores (both B2B and B2C)

E-commerce stores (both B2B and B2C)

We can help you create an e-commerce website that will drive conversions, find and engage new buyers, and ensure that your brand stands out. Get a complimentary growth plan from our experts and discuss your goals.
Legacy system upgrades

Legacy system upgrades

For businesses that have been "at it" for a while, legacy systems inevitably fall out of utility and need to be upgraded. Your Comrade e-commerce web developer can re-design or re-platform your e-commerce website to align with your goals and meet the demands of the ever-changing e-marketplace.
E-commerce site upkeep and maintenance

E-commerce site upkeep and maintenance

Custom e-commerce development projects require tweaks and maintenance along the way. We will keep your website up to date and ensure it remains optimized to function at the top of its game. This includes upgrades to the core ecommerce platform, functionality adjustments and elements optimization. All of these increase your reach and help you sell more products or services.
Working With Us on Your Ecommerce Project, You Get…
A Secured Store

A Secured Store

Your store must be a secure place for your business and your buyers. We take this requirement seriously and your store safety is our #1 priority.
Sales Features

Sales Features

Your sales channels can be strategically connected to track products, orders and customers in one place. No more administrative hassles, just sales.
Robust Reporting

Robust Reporting

Reports enable you to track your progress and ensure your business remains on an upward trajectory. We set up your ecommerce site with the best reporting tools that empower you with valuable sales, customer behavior and marketing data.
SEO for Ecommerce

SEO for Ecommerce

If someone is searching online for your products or services, they need to be able to find you. We optimize your ecommerce store for search engines, ensuring the greatest possible reach within your target market.

Cost of eCommerce Web Development Services

eCommerce websites can be quite simple or highly complex; they can house ten products or thousands of unique items and product descriptions. We have the skills and expertise to build high-performance eCommerce websites that deliver real revenue for our clients. Depending on your project specifications, eCommerce website design, and development start at $10,000 and range to $30,000+.

The E-Commerce Platforms We Work With

A consultation with us starts by assessing your current (or future) online presence, user-centric solutions and monitoring tools that drive your objectives. Your  customer reach can explode and revenue grow markedly with the right omnichannel presence designed for your business, your avatar and your KPIs.

Developing a Shopify store

Do you need a seamless online shop? Shopify is ideally suited for this purpose.

Designed to be simple and easy to use on the front end as well as the back end, Shopify is a stellar e-commerce platform. With Shopify, you have access to unlimited inventory, bandwidth, and customer data. Shopify’s built-in payment systems make it easy to integrate social media sales, including Instagram, Amazon, and Facebook Messenger. Plus, it’s fully customizable – and we’re here to help.

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Developing a Shopify store

WooCommerce Development

With WooCommerce, you can add sales capabilities to your WordPress website.

Do you have a WordPress website, or do you plan to build one? Do you plan to sell products on your website? WooCommerce allows you to do just that. With this plugin, you can configure WordPress to work with third-party applications. With so many great features, it can meet any need you may have. There are an array of great extensions, from PayPal payment processing and integration with MailChimp systems, to inventory management and ample shipping options.

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WooCommerce Development

Developing for Magento

For businesses that want complicated integrations or custom workflows, Magento is a good choice.

Custom websites with unique brand objectives can be developed with this e-commerce platform. Besides providing an omnichannel experience, Magento is also a great option for e-commerce business management, including product deployment and reporting. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B business, selling software or clothing, Magento can help your company achieve its goals.

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Developing for Magento

Featured Ecommerce Web Development Case Studies

Blackhawk Supply
Leading HVAC Vendor Relishes Huge YOY Revenue Increase
Comrade has worked with eCommerce HVAC supplier Blackhawk Supply for more than three years, and the results speak for themselves. As the result of a well-designed website that appeals to the consumer experience, Blackhawk Supply is now seeing exponential growth in revenue, traffic, and conversions while also seeing a decrease in customer acquisition cost.
increase in organic search traffic in 2 years
increase in revenue in 2 years
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Nut Stop
Established Nuts & Confections Supplier Sees 172% Jump in Qualified Traffic
Nut Stop produces over 100 varieties of products including, nuts, dried fruits and other bulk snacks B2B, B2C and wholesale. Because their business model is so complex, they needed a strategic, functional and beautiful website paired with smart SEO campaigns to help drive sales. Nut Stop notes that as a result, sales have increased and they have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback on their site.
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Recognized as a leading eCommerce development agency in Chicago

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Our e-commerce development team will provide recommendations on the proper tools, platform and approach to meet your business' KPIs.
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Our Ecommerce Web Development Process

  • Understand the goals and functionality requirements of your project
    Our ecommerce development process begins with a consultation. We uncover your goals and needs as well as assess your current market and competitive landscape.
  • Identify your ideal buyers and build their buyer journey
    Your ideal buyers have certain expectations when visiting your website. We work with you to identify and understand your target audience so your business can exceed their expectations. The result? A buyer journey that helps your potential customers find and buy what they want on your site.
  • Competition and industry research
    In the next step, our team researches your competition and industry landscape. This includes digital and traditional research to better position your business to stand apart from the rest. This research helps us make additional recommendations for the functionality, content and features of your website.
  • Website architecture and sitemap for your e-commerce site
    Next, we use all the information gathered through discovery to build an optimized website architecture and sitemap for your project.
  • Create high-fideltiy wireframes with clickable site prototypes
    One of the final steps in this phase is to create high-fidelity prototypes that outline the schematic content and function of all major pages of your e-commerce site. You receive a clickable first-look at your site's user experience.
  • SEO research and architecture for the full site
    If any industry benefits most from search engine optimization, it's e-commerce. We ensure that prospects who are online looking for the same products you sell, or at even just information related to them, will find your site first.
  • Create your project style guide
    We create a project style guide for your e-commerce website to serve as the "rule book" for its look and feel. This guide is built around the design elements unique to your brand so that your site will be unmistakably "yours."
  • Design your online store
    Once the style guide is set, we work to design the major pages of your store. This starts with the most essential pages like your homepage and shopping cart, followed by product pages. These designs ensure that your site is optimally usable with a crisp, minimalist design that makes your calls to action clear.
  • Design your mobile-friendly site
    As we work through the step above, your project will also be fully scaled for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • E-commerce platform implementation
    We launch the web development phase of your project in parallel with the web design phase, above. The first step in development is to set up the chosen platform for your project.
  • Design implementation
    The next step in web development is where we take all the approved page designs and elements to slice and code them into your website. This code will be connected with your e-commerce platform once this is done. The result? Your website elements will all be easy to update via the user-friendly admin panel of your e-commerce platform.
  • Website integrations are fully set up
    Once all of those attractive, front-facing design elements are built on the frontend, we work on the functionality of the site on the backend. This includes setting up your e-commerce inventory, connecting shipping and payment methods and developing all the necessary logic for transactions.
  • Add content and products to your website
    In the final stage of web development, we fill the e-commerce site with your product inventory and website copy.
  • Pinpoint and set up proper SEO priorities
    Our team works with yours to identify SEO priorities and tools that provide long-term insight into your progress.
  • Onsite SEO performed
    Our SEO team then prepares your website for a successful SEO launch. This involves many technical aspects and functionality to determine whether your website will show up on Google. As a Google-certified agency, we know what works and apply our high SEO standards to every project.
  • Review your website for embedded SEO keywords
    In order to reap the full benefits, all SEO keywords on your e-commerce site have to be "readable" by Google. At this stage we run a full sweep of your website to check for embedded SEO keywords, ensuring Google can understand every optimization we've built in.
  • Set up your site for Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and other monitoring solutions
    At this point, we set up your website monitoring tools, which track the site's performance over time. We even build in all the event triggers and explain the entire system to you and your team. This valuable data can be leveraged to ensure your business remains on an upward trajectory.
  • Testing for website functionality and performance
    At this stage, everything has been built and optimized in your e-commerce project and will run through a final test for functionality. We test all the essential components including payment processing, shipping and order tracking.
  • Website project approval
    After all testing is complete, the website is shared with you for review and approval. Once approved, we launch your new e-commerce site live.
  • Initial tracking of performance
    Once your e-commerce site is live, Google finds and indexes it. We watch this process unfold and immediately monitor initial site performance to ensure it is truly optimized—both for findability and function. We then review share the initial performance review with you.
  • Comrade trains you and your team
    We train the people on your team who will be in charge of the website. We walk them through website monitoring, managing, and updating the e-commerce platform.
  • Technical support (as needed)
    Even after we've finished a project, Comrade doesn't disappear. Our e-commerce website development comes with a set warranty period. During this time, we monitor your online store and make any necessary adjustments. Further to this, we offer stellar maintenance packages that allow members of our team to continue making updates and optimizations over time.

“Your business is only as strong as your team and Comrade simply has the best team in the industry. Hands down. Best of all, when you hire us, our team becomes YOUR team.”

CEO, Partner
Why Choose our eCommerce Web Development Agency

Why Choose our eCommerce Web Development Agency

We believe in investing in our clients, so when they succeed, we succeed. Building an eCommerce website that performs the way it should requires experience and dedication. Here’s how Comrade ensures your eCommerce web design and development project is flawless:


Simply put, our team is among the most knowledgeable in the eCommerce industry and will implement robust, effective web design and development solutions to ensure your e-store’s success. What’s more, we’re experts in all major eCommerce platforms, helping you select the one that’s right for your needs.


We believe in transparency. That’s why you’ll receive regular performance updates on your project. We’re always available to address your needs and promise an eCommerce website. We’ll always be available to address all of your questions along the way.


We believe traffic is great, revenue growth is king. We measure the success of your eCommerce website by the number of visitors converting each month and we build your website for this sole purpose.

eCommerce Web Development Services in Chicago

Can’t say enough good things about this team! After getting a top-level introduction to Comrade’s capabilities in terms of e-Commerce development, I scoped a major project with them that had been several years in the making. With any ecommerce development project of this scale and visibility, I wanted to make sure I was investing wisely; and I was frankly nervous about using an agency I had never worked with before. Comrade’s team really impressed me in the pitching process and even more so once they were awarded the project – making me feel as if the quality of the end product was as important to them as it was to me.

Every step of the way, they beat me to the punch in organization, timeliness, responsiveness, best practice auditing, etc. etc. I was amazed at how quickly they tuned into the specific business challenges we needed to address with the site and how nimble and solution-oriented they were throughout the planning and development phases. I’m in the process of scoping another project with Comrade now and plan to use them again and again. My experience was that good.

Amanda / VP of Marketing / Europa Eyewear
Amanda / VP of Marketing / Europa Eyewear
eCommerce Web Development Services in Chicago

Worked with them on two project for two of my businesses: Chess Wizards and Kumba Toys. They did a great job on both. Very easy to work with and the end product is great.I can recommend them.

Artem Ishchenko
eCommerce Web Development Services in Chicago

We worked with Comrade on a both a corporate and product specific e-commerce development site over the last year. On our corporate site we particularly appreciated their design talent as they helped us to update the look and feel of our corporate site and company image. Comrade worked collaboratively with us from discovery and design, to implementation and training. They worked through a methodical process which eliminated over or under scoping and kept expectations in alignment. Throughout the website ecommerce development process they provided valuable design feedback and patiently steered us toward best practices. Their expertise in custom coding web design elements really brought our vision to life. When our site go-live day arrived, the transition was seamless and we appreciated Comrade being ready and available to address any problems. They were able to create and customize several instances of complex functionality that we needed to showcase our products and results and in the end create a seamless experience for our customers. Overall a very positive experience and we would recommend them to other companies.

Megan Moser / Operations Manager / AMP Corporate
Megan Moser / Operations Manager / AMP Corporate

If you’re ready to discuss your eCommerce development plans, our expert team is ready. To help.

Our team will assess:

  • Your revenue goals
  • Conversion rate
  • Platform functionality
  • Backlinks and content
  • User Experience and more

We’ll deliver a personalized eCommerce web development or marketing strategy tailored to your unique market and goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About E-Commerce Web Development

How much does e-commerce development cost?

The cost for e-commerce website development will depend on multiple factors including the site's objectives and complexity, the technical aspects of its performance, its functionality and the timeline for development. The average cost for high-performance e-commerce web development usually ranges from $15,000 to $30,000+.

How long does it take to develop an e-commerce project?

Most high-performance e-commerce website development projects take between two and four months. And just like the cost for e-commerce sites, the timeline for development varies based on functionality, the project's structure and complexity and the number of products sold. The client's availability to approve key elements of the site or provide information or feedback when needed, is also key in the ultimate turnaround time. If your assets are ready and you have the time needed to devote to the project, your project can be finished sooner.

Can an existing e-commerce website be enhanced or supported by Comrade?

If you already have an operating e-commerce site, it can sometimes be updated to meet your needs. This option comes down to your specific business objectives. Was your existing online store designed with those objectives in mind? Has it lived up to those objectives? Was it properly set up and optimized? What sort of technological platform was it built on? To explore whether your e-commerce website can be updated and supported, our team starts with an assessment to review the site's strategy and technology used. We then present you with our recommendation.

How do I choose an e-commerce web developer?

The most important consideration to weigh is whether the agency you choose has experience. Has the company you're considering worked on e-commerce solutions like yours? If they have, can they prove positive results with their portfolio and case studies? If you see similar e-commerce sites in their portfolio, how successful are those clients now? Don't be shy. Ask these questions when you speak to any e-commerce web development company, including ours!

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