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At first, you did it yourself
Next, you hired a SEO company overseas
Then you met a "digital marketing guru" and...
DAMN! Your website still isn't driving sales!
We create strong online brands
Our websites dominate local markets. We deliver thousands of online leads for our clients every month.
Case Study
We met Paul

Paul's company,, designs and installs new granite countertops for people throughout Chicago. Luckily, Paul’s background in programming allowed him to build his own website; and focus on advertising ($5K - $10K / month) on Google adWords. His team provided great service, but had to cut their pricing way down, just to compete with companies who offered cheap discounts, and blurred the line of “quality” in customers’ minds. Marketing was expensive, complicated and very time consuming.

We met Paul

We did the research, analyzed Paul’s competition, created SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound) Goals and agreed to Revolutionize his Brand.

Brand and Website

We created a new brandname, logo, sales funnel and website - - to target local Chicago customers seeking quality craftsmanship, a large variety of stones and professional treatment. Instead of being known as the cheapest company around, we consciously positioned Paul and his company as the best in the region. We transformed nickle-and-dime pricing into "All-Inclusive" packages - with no hidden fees.

Brand and Website
Paid ads

Upon launching the fresh, new website, we updated Paul’s adWords campaign targeting. Using the same budget as before, we improved Paul’s volume of monthly leads by 120%!!!

Paid ads
Organic SEO

In just 6 months, we took from nowhere to regularly achieving Top-5 Google search results for the most competitive keywords in Chicago (ex: "granite countertops chicago"). Our domination plan was working!

Organic SEO
Overall results

After six months of running a consistent SEO effort, Paul asked us to pause his adWords campaign because the company was getting make this type bold. Rather than disappoint new clients with less-than-perfect service, Paul is in the process of refining systems, hiring and training new people.

Overall results
Client Review
"I know that our clients love our website. I highly recommend Comrade Web Agency, they did what they promised and provided great customer support."
Paul H
Paul H., President
What you will achieve with our Local SEO + Digital Marketing service package?
  • Dominate local search in your industry in 6-12 months and get hundreds of search leads in your city.
  • Own the best website in your area to effectively sell your products / services!
  • Generate growth profits that easily pay for your local SEO and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Cross- and up-sell for improved profit margins, and begin converting existing customers into brand ambassadors.
  • Enhance your brand reputation, generate online reviews, by better understanding and engage with your existing clients’ and anticipating their needs.
  • Achieve residual, stable sales growth, via sustained Local SEO.
  • Get a stable sales partner (Comrade Web Agency), remove stress, and use time more effectively to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Reach that “next level” that you’ve watched others achieve before you.
Why choose Comrade Web Agency?
  • Nearly 9 (nine) years of hands-on experience with local SEO and digital marketing services.
  • Dedicated team consists of a Brand strategist, Local SEO experts, Graphic Designers, Paid-ads Specialists, Web Developers and Project Managers who work collaboratively, meet deadlines, and measure success.
  • Real-world case studies, happy clients and online reviews.
  • We concentrate on achieving projected sales – not on billing by the hour.
  • Complementary consultation, project research, knowledge sharing and goals setup for qualified companies.
Marketing channels
Here at Comrade Web Agency, we treat Online Marketing as an extremely sophisticated art.
We develop custom strategies for each website based upon individual needs, business goals, industry rules and available resources.
Organic SEO
  • 9 (nine) years experience
  • Thousands of partner websites
  • Only “white-hat” techniques
  • First page results in 6 months (most cases)
Social Media Marketing
  • Out-of-box strategies
  • Local Directories and Popular Social platforms
  • Industry-related websites and blogs
  • We create contests, games and other engaging web components
  • We build "Competition-killer" landing pages and attract leads rapidly.
  • Experienced in Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Re-marketing experts on staff
  • Precise results tracking and consulting
Consulting & Analytics
  • Brand Strategy development
  • Sales funnel development
  • Conversion and leads tracking
  • Dedicated Project Manager provided
Local SEO
  • Directory submission and optimization services
  • Google Maps
  • Organic SEO results
  • Landing page promotion
E-mail Campaigns
  • Custom graphic design
  • Development and optimization
  • Reporting
Inbound Marketing
  • Clients reach out to you first
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Automatic emails to segmented audience
Content Marketing
  • Blogs that attract big organic traffic and Top SEO results
  • Landing Pages
  • Strategy to attract Reviews
  • Case Studies
"We take one ambitious company per industry, per city. We go very deep. We analyze everything; then connect the dots. We destroy the past. We revolutionize it. We build a new foundation based upon SMART goals. We make “Kings” and “Queens” of the hill in 6-12 months. One by one by one."
Stan Bogdashin
Stan Bogdashin, Co Founder