10 Tips for Effective Local SEO

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10 tips on how to attract new clients from the Internet if you’re a local Chicago company with a tight marketing budget.
  1. Investigate current conversion rate, optimize website design. Look at your Google Analytics data for website traffic; then look at your checking account. Figure out your current conversion rate. Compare it to industry standards (most industries range between .1% and 6%). If you have 5,000 targeted visitors per month and no phone calls, most likely you will need to redesign your website; as it is not effectively selling your product(s) / service(s).
  2. Identify  issues and opportunities. Look at Google Webmasters, and use a variety of SEO tools (ex: SEMRUSH, Majestic SEO etc) to ensure that your site does not suffer from any serious SEO problems. Analyze your top competitors, investigate what exactly they are doing to win the Search Engine game. Define realistic goals.
  3. Develop a strategy. SEO is a very sophisticated process. Some things you can do by yourself while others require you hiring an SEO company Chicago. Regard this expenditure as an investment in your future success, and understand that professionals have tools and experience that you do not. You should have realistic expectations and understand that it is a long-term process that will bring you residual results (customers as well as brand exposure) in the future.
  4. Local Directories. Most companies have terrible SEO rankings because they have inadvertently neglected to ensure matching Name, Address and Phone (NAP) in different directories. As a result, Google cannot determine if all your pages truly belong to the same company (For Example all three of these names are viewed as “different” by Google: Comrade Web, Comrade Web Inc, Comrade Web Agency). Spend as much time as needed to fix your NAP presence on all major directories and online platforms such as Yelp, Google Places, BING, Angies List, Facebook, FourSquare etc.
  5. Reviews. People will look for your company reviews online while shopping around. Bad reviews significantly decrease your conversion rate. Encourage your clients and partners to leave good reviews on multiple online platforms. Be creative about it. Be responsible. It is a very serious project for your business.
  6. Content strategy.Google will increase your SEO rankings as a result of you generating quality SEO content on a regular basis. Studies (and common sense) show that your potential customers love to find recent case studies, industry-related articles, relevant, interesting blogs and FAQ’s. Demonstrate that you know your industry, you have experience and you’re successful. Highly recommended to have a smart content strategy.
  7. Backlinks and Social Media Marketing. Distribute articles that you create for your website through social media channels. Link them back to your website. Add subscribers, likes and followers. Optimize your micro-sites. Be a Guest-Blogger. Find trusted industry-related sites and figure out methods for placing backlinks to your website. Google increases your rankings when its robots “see” and catalog them. Backlinks can still cast magic!
  8. PPC. In many cases paying for clicks is the best short-term marketing strategy Paid clicks deliver visitors to your site, right away. If your offer is good, people will buy. For added success, you can spend more time optimizing your PPC campaign on Google, Yelp, BING, Facebook, etc.
  9. Onsite SEO. Must use the following techniques:
    • a. Schema.org integration;
    • b. Optimize meta information (title, description tags) as well as overall URL structure;
    • c. Create 301 redirects from dead pages;
    • d. Fix 404 errors;
    • e. Optimize site load speed;
    • f. Integrate sitemap;
    • g. Optimize overall SEO architecture (SEO plugins, server-side optimization, use proper CMS);
    • h. Place multiple Calls-to-Action elements (very important!). Integrate a social media bar or a reputation management section;
  10. Be on top, optimize it. Constantly monitor your results (i.e., “targeted“ traffic (- not ”total” traffic), bounce rate, average time on site, ranking reports, conversion rate, SEO stats, new subscribers, reviews etc. If something doesn’t work today, it might work tomorrow, Don’t give up too fast. Learn the process and consult with local Chicago SEO professionals.
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Comrade Web Agency

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